USATF Pacific

Background Checklist by Team

Pacific Association Background Check List by Team

Below are listed Pacific Association youth coaches, officials and volunteers, by last name, who have been approved by the Pacific Association’s Background Investigation Process. For questions about this process not answered here, contact George Paddeck. Email [email protected]; phone: 916-660-3850

Membership Requirement for Livescan Background Checks

  • California State Law requires that Livescan background checks can be performed only on current PA/USATF members, and you must renew your USATF membership by March 31!
  • Due to this law, if you did not renew your USATF membership by March 31, you will not be cleared for the current year until you:
    • Renew your USATF membership and
    • Get another background check at your own expense.

Background Checks Required for ALL Coaches, Officials, Volunteers involved in ALL Youth Activities

  • PA/USATF requires the Livescan procedure, and…
  • As of November, 2013, the USATF National Office also requires TCIlogiq background checks.
  • Click here for complete information, forms, and links for these background check procedures.

Background Check Clearance List by Last Name
Background Check List by MEMBER LAST NAME
This list was updated November 15, 2014

Affiliation Last Name First Name Coach/Volunteer USATF Number National Clearance
100 Blackwings Turnage Nola Coach 1404150219 YES
2ndWind Athletics Kao Lewis Coach 1402341125 YES
3M TC Harvey Stanley Coach 1401338858 YES
3M TC Pittman William Coach 1401338841 YES
3M TC/OFFICIAL Hammerquist Michael Coach/Official 1401338932 YES
3M TC/OFFICIAL Harvey Debra Coach/Official 1402483471
3M TC/OFFICIAL Parker Steven Coach/Official 1401338924 YES
Acalanes Vault Club Olsen Robert Coach 1401605686 YES
American Canyon Striders Evans Richard “Hoy” Coach 1404576389 YES
Angels TF Club Harding Tabari Coach 1406490324 YES
Angels TF Club Harding Takibakira Coach 1407585528 YES
Angles TF Club/OFFICIAL Harding Don Coach/Official 1404447482 YES
Angles TF Club/OFFICIAL Simms Virginia Coach/Official 1405813633 YES
Asics Aggies RC Dix Roger Coach 1404637983 YES
Asics Aggies RC Grove Robert Coach 1401961501
Asics Aggies RC Jackson Allan Coach 1400875736
astro Valley Track Club Cochrane Shawn Coach 1406872471 YES
Audience Of One TC Craft Jerry Coach 1403590290 YES
Azynde Youth Burney Alethia Coach 1408066353 YES
Bay Area Ultra Runners Sawchuck Kevin Coach 1402598443 YES
Beast Athletic Performance Williams Theodore Coach 1401672371 YES
Berkeley Blaze Galbert Vicky Coach 1405263532 YES
Berkeley East Bay TC Walker Ralph Coach 1405917582
Berkeley East By TC Boston John Coach 1404145102 YES
Big Dog Track Club Avellar Andrew Coach 1405874502 YES
Big Valley Track Club Raura Emosi Coach 1405233139 YES
Blaze All Our Sports League Antonio Alfred Coach 1406974673
Blaze Our Sports League Maldonaldo Michael Coach 1407043031 YES
Blazin Jaguars TC Shelton Debonaire Coach 1404722868 YES
Breakers Track Schramm Richard Coach 1404731927 YES
Buffalo Chips RC Frazier Linda Coach 1402390692 YES
Buffalo Chips RC Frazier Susan Coach 1400937502 YES
Buffalo Chips RC Nekota Kay Coach 1404638593
C.A Track Club Cooks Jamal Coach 1406406452 YES
CA Track Club/OFFICIAL Dibrell Aliya Official 1402568230 YES
Cardinal TC Nelson Steven Coach 1401375330 YES
Castle Rockers Brewer Peter Coach 1403644436 YES
Castle Rockers Steben Daniel Coach 1407608924 YES
Castro Valley TC Brusco Helen Coach 1405866292 YES
Castro Valley TC Jones Miflin Coach 1404804039 YES
Castro Valley TC Lunt Rachel Coach 1406872497 YES
Castro Valley TC Phillips James Coach 1402462640 YES
Castro Valley TC Sachs Tina Coach 1407568318
Castro Valley TC Tanabe Robin Coach 1407026465 YES
Central Coast Runners Ricketts Sean Coach 1405226737 YES
Central Coast TF Club Smith Jason Coach 1400673222 YES
Central Valley Road Runners Avilla Robert Coach 1404604025
Central Valley Road Runners Bryant Carl Coach 1405804152 YES
Central Valley Road Runners Cooley Tyrone Coach 1407116688
Central Valley Road Runners Drew Darnell Coach 1406446102
Central Valley Road Runners Jackson Ephion Coach 1407623212
Central Valley Road Runners Moore Robert Coach 1405262377 YES
Central Valley Road Runners Stank Thomas Coach 1407645447 YES
Central Valley Road Runners/OFFICIAL Wolterstorff Duane Coach/Official 1405230457 YES
Christian Team Ministries McShane Timothy Coach 1407288644 YES
Christian Team Ministries Vogt Nicholas Coach 1400287254 YES
Davis Community TF Club Elloit Rhonda Coach 1407561206 YES
Davis Community TF Club Groth Timothy Coach 1405531516 YES
Davis Community TF Club Nelson Derek Coach 1406376192 YES
Delta First Strike Anthony Les Coach 1403568445 YES
Delta Limitless Morford Eric Coach 1406867257
Diablo Valley TC Neutz Darrin Coach 1404575092 YES
Diablo Valley TC Thomas Jeffery Coach 1403624131 YES
Diablo Valley TC/OFFICIAL Hollshwandner Edward Coach/Official 1405280338 YES
Dynasty T&F Brown Roscoe Coach 1406481232 YES
East Bay Elite TC Dunkley James Coach 1407627874 YES
East Bay Elite TC McCarthy Dante Coach 1406967966 YES
East Bay Elite TC McCarthy Tina Coach 1406970358 YES
East Bay Heat Johnson Tamicka Coach 1407551298 YES
East Bay Heat Track Club Blackwood Devin Coach 1407571544 YES
East Bay Heat Track Club Clark Russell Coach 1405265438 YES
East County Cheetahs Adams Joyce Coach 1407670346 YES
East County Cheetahs Houston Crispus Coach 1406126720 YES
East County Cheetahs Sneed Charlotte Coach 1407632320 YES
East Palo Alto Greyhounds Stuart Eric Coach 1407695004
East Palo Alto Greyhounds/OFFICIAL Jones Sylvia (Carol) Coach/Official 1404217083 YES
Eastbay Heat TC/OFFICIAL Williams Traevon Coach/Official 1404660480 YES
Efast Run Team Evans Ryan Coach 1407546090 YES
Efast Run Team Hodges Caitlin Coach 1407560018 YES
Efast Run Team Tomory Lauren Coach 1405182542 YES
Elk Grove PAL Jefferson Brianne Coach 1407202959 YES
Elk Grove PAL Jefferson Kenneth Coach 1407202942 YES
Elk Grove PAL T&F Team Lewis Julius Coach 1405542364 YES
Empire Throwers Davis John Coach 1407904539 YES
Empire Throwers Troppy Paul Coach 1406202448
EOYDC Gwi Sean Coach 1404657304 YES
EOYDC Simmons Dolton Coach 1404687434
EOYDC/OFFICIAL Castillo Maria Official 1404741462 YES
Excelsior Running Club Tuff MaryJane Coach 1402662207 YES
Fast & Fierce TC Johnson Robert Coach 1404208421 YES
Fast Forward VPAL Banks George Coach 1406502235 YES
Fast Forward VPAL Stewart Eric Coach 1407716107 YES
Fast Forward VPAL Stewart Gwendolyn (Qwen) Coach 1406502169 YES
Fast Forward VPAL Sykes Charles Coach 1406502946 YES
Fast Forward VPAL Sykes Dayana Coach 1407724853
Fleet Feet Racing Janice Tara Coach 1406364487 YES
Fleet Feet Racing Mellick Christine Coach 1404527309 YES
Fleet Feet Racing Worthen Chad Coach 1400800676 YES
Fleet Feet Racing Worthen Stacey Coach 1402894099 YES
Fleet Feet Racing/OFFICIAL Mellick Kurt Coach 1404791665 YES
Flying Jaguars Tezeno Granada Coach 1404492652 YES
Foothill Area Speed Vukovich Donene Coach 1405781970 YES
Foothill Gold Land Ryan Coach 1407085016 YES
Fox Athletics Barth David Coach 1402260697 YES
Full Stride Benford Janet Coach 1407216272 YES
Full Stride Ford Quentin Coach 1407723806
Full Stride Horner Courtney Coach 1407627833 YES
Full Stride Parks Deshawn Coach 1407615572 YES
Full Stride Parks Latoya Coach 1407701414 YES
Full Stride TC Jackson Da’Fona Coach 1405309699 YES
Full Stride Track Club/OFFICIAL Broussard Donna Coach/Official 1402489312 YES
Full Stride/OFFICIAL Kelly Juliet Official 1404212787 YES
Fullstride TC/OFFICIAL Kelly James Official 1404212795 YES
Golden State Throwers Curry Michael Coach 1405499805 YES
Grizzly Track Club Karbo Mark Coach 1402509044
Hampton Phillips Classic Kerr Gaylon Coach 1406102028 YES
Hampton Phillips Classic TC Camargo Mario Coach 1407000288 YES
Hampton Phillips Classic TC/OFFICIAL Camargo Anthony Official 1403153081
Hampton Phillips Classic TC/OFFICIAL Camargo Joanne Coach/Official 1402466617 YES
Hampton Phillips Classic TC/OFFICIAL Wright Daniel Coach/Official 1401447642 YES
Hampton Phillips Classic YC Newman Gregory Coach 1407027257 YES
Hercules Running Rebels Moore James Coach 1405262500 YES
High Speed TC Edgerly Myiesha Coach 1407616810 YES
Hilltop Speed Burns Samuel (Sam) Coach 1403635640 YES
Impala Racing Team/OFFICIAL Herman Irene Official 1400289383
ISC International Robinson Chioke Coach 1407282191 YES
Lodi TC Pile Shannon Coach 1406436806 YES
Lodi Track Club Rodriguez Anthony Coach 1403079492 YES
Los Gatos Athletic Assoc. TC Dorighi Mark Coach 1406600260 YES
Los Gatos Athletic Assoc. TC Lanovaz Nancy Coach 1406759946 YES
Maccando Tenderloin Youth TC McDaniels Robert Coach 1401836489 YES
Maccando Tenderloin Youth TC Villadolid Joseph Coach 1406225522
Maccando Tenderloin Youth/OFFICIAL Hayashi Yuko Coach/Official 1403081860 YES
Manteca Heinze Michael Coach 1405634989
Manteca TC Hauck Kurtis Coach 1406200822 YES
Manteca TC Hauck Terri Coach 1405979160 YES
Manteca Track Club Montalvo John Coach 1406716710 YES
Marin Race Walkers/OFFICIAL Backer Sandra Official 1400288047
Marin Race Walkers/OFFICIAL Matthieu Liesbeth Coach/Official 1402564205
Marin Waves TF Club Hay David Coach 1402915274 YES
Marin Youth TC Oliver Don Coach 1402973315 YES
Mecury Running Club Pappadakis Clifford Coach 1405331628 YES
Menlo Greyhounds Chen Jorge Coach 1404312181 YES
Mission Multisport Hennelly Catherine Coach 1403786716 YES
Mission Valley T&F Vatturi Arun Coach 1406409480 YES
Mission Valley TC Webb Lee Coach 1403611310 YES
MP Striders Carley Mark Coach 1403687260
MP Striders TC Aubert Ladonna Coach 1406346690 YES
MP Striders TC Lawson Bradley Coach 1406452936 YES
Mt. Diablo Heat McCarthy Kevin Coach 1400961866 YES
Napa TC Smith Brian Coach 1406399897 YES
Napa Track Club Augustus David Coach 1403708751 YES
New Balance Excelsior McMullin John Coach 1400650394 YES
Nor Cal Faith Hayson Allen Coach 1407101201
Nor Cal Pacesetters Clanton Rosemary Coach 1407120607 YES
NOR CAL Pacesetters Dexter Noel Coach 1407120615
North Coast Vaulting Association Loraine Keith Coach 1401931082 YES
Oak Hill Racing Barnes Douglas Coach 1407409851 YES
Oakland PAL Blackwell Diane Coach 1402472805 YES
Oakland PAL Brasil Dina Coach 1407635935 YES
Oakland PAL Dixon Evangela Coach 1405833193 YES
Oakland PAL Dixon Margaret Coach 1405267731 YES
OFFICIAL Benoy Robert Coach/Official 1403081589
OFFICIAL Bowen Derwent Official 1401363997
OFFICIAL Bowen John Official 1401363989
OFFICIAL Bower Michael Official 1404688648 YES
OFFICIAL Colman Bruce Official 1400280044 YES
OFFICIAL Connors Shirley Official 1400280077
OFFICIAL DesJardins Charles Official 1400280374
OFFICIAL Hanratty James Official 1405705870
OFFICIAL Hayes Theodore Coach/Official 1401412182
OFFICIAL Heberle John Official 1402517476
OFFICIAL Hernandez Humberto Official 1403041195 YES
OFFICIAL Hume James Official 1401369424
OFFICIAL Iwamiya Dickie Coach/Official 1400282149
OFFICIAL Kleeman George Official 1400282651
OFFICIAL Laughlin Sean Official 1400282826
OFFICIAL Leonard Michael Official 1400886998
OFFICIAL Ligon Lucille Official 1403034729
OFFICIAL Manha Jim E. Official 1405779891
OFFICIAL Milam Leroy Coach/Official 1400657837
OFFICIAL Miller William Coach/Official 1400284335
OFFICIAL Murray John Official 1402427544
OFFICIAL Murray Mary (Susan) Official 1400290696
OFFICIAL Nemeth Joseph Official 1401364193
OFFICIAL Padgaonkar Ajay Official 1401407794
OFFICIAL Pfeiffer Jerry Coach/Official 1400285076 YES
OFFICIAL Pretto John Official 1400886006
OFFICIAL Rauch Robert Official 1404151811
OFFICIAL Rush Robert Official 1404650952
OFFICIAL Sheehan Margaret Official 1400518971
OFFICIAL Sheppard Charles Official 1402451981
OFFICIAL Sherrard Cherrie Official 1402091373
OFFICIAL Shirey John Official 1401287857
OFFICIAL Shrock Dave Official 1400215248 YES
OFFICIAL Siegel Jonathan Official 1401375397
OFFICIAL Soeth David Official 1401375348
OFFICIAL Taylor Tyrone Official 1405787977
OFFICIAL Thompson Robert Official 1400286959
OFFICIAL Tinnel Daniel Official 1406972941
OFFICIAL Wise John Official 1400797443
OFFICIAL Yee Karl Coach/Official 1404093252 YES
Original Richmond Half Steppers Avery Eric Coach 1406487882
Pacific Bay TC Swan David Coach 1401393507 YES
Pacific Racewalkers Mears Susan Official 1403064395
Pacific RW Association/OFFICIAL Price Elisabeth Coach/Official 1402448417 YES
Pacific RW Association/OFFICIAL Price Jonathan Coach/Official 1401923816 YES
Pacific United Lawrence David, Jr. Coach 1405857937 YES
Pacific United Stroiney Dennis Coach 1405564558
Palo Alto Lightning TC Wiley Scott Coach 1403104324
Pamakids Chan Andrew Coach 1404147470 YES
Pamakids Rehemet George Coach 1401382443
Peninsula Flyers Davidson Michael Coach 1405254093 YES
Peninsula Flyers Vernueil Virginia Coach 1405870898 YES
Phoenix Gliders Strickland Darius Coach 1404681940 YES
Piedmont Pole Vault Garoutte Christopher Coach 1403512419
Piedmont T&F Smith Christopher Coach 1401838808 YES
Pii TC/OFFICIAL Kinimaka Lisa Coach/Official 1403643826
Pleasonton Heat Randazzo John Coach 1401158082
Quicksilver RC of San Jose Klemencic Marc Coach 1406965762 YES
Quicksilver RC of San Jose Tybor Letia Coach 1408073060 YES
Rail City Striders Moss Dale Coach 1406360899 YES
Raise the Bar Pole Vault Bryant Randal Coach 1406545333 YES
Raise the Bar Pole Vault Mudd Anthony Coach 1407408580 YES
Raptors Holtzman Richard Coach 1405475318
Reno Tahoe Athletics Heglar Paul Coach 1400624308 YES
Reno Tahoe Athletics Parisa Edward Coach 1406204675 YES
Revolution Express TC Hawley David Coach 1406978948 YES
Revolution Express Larson John Coach 1407570520 YES
Revolution Express TC Barr Adarian Coach 1405241579 YES
Revolution Express TC Creighton Susan Coach 1406453272
Revolution Express TC Grotengeer Bernard Coach 1407587599 YES
Revolution Express TC Hansen Dawn Coach 1407645264 YES
Revolution Express/OFFICIAL Gray Alexander Coach/Official 1404652453
Revolution Express/OFFICIAL Kent Maura Coach/Official 1402032906 YES
Revolution Express/OFFICIAL Kent Roosevelt Coach/Official 1403632134 YES
Revolution Express/OFFICIAL Kostka Scott Coach/Official 1404737536
Rivals United TF Reid Layman Coach 1406212710 YES
River City Rebels Kehoe Carla Coach 1402579815
River City Rebels Mansoor John Coach 1401913965
RPM Legacy Beasley Anthony Coach 1406363323 YES
RPM Legacy Ward Byron Coach 1406990695
RPM Legacy Williams Cecil Coach 1405840867 YES
RPM Legacy Woods Jessie Coach 1405379775 YES
Sacramento Speed Factory Early Terrance Coach 1405931096 YES
Sacramento Speed Factory Knowles John Coach 1404726802 YES
Sacramento Speed Factory Martinez Dante Coach 1407601861
Sacramento Speed Factory Stansbury Alicia Coach 1406511541 YES
Sacramento TC/OFFICIAL Colman Jerry Official 1401398605
San Leandro TC Johnson Stephen Coach 1404857169 YES
San Louis Distance Club Harrison Heidi Coach 1403553942 YES
San Louis Distance Club Wright Ralph Coach 1404068809 YES
San Luis Distance Club Barodte James Coach 1402569493 YES
San Luis Distance Club Cooper Mary Coach 1401253347 YES
San Luis Distance Club Rosenfield Stanley Coach 1400285837 YES
Santa Cruz TC Kammer Joseph Coach 1404235101 YES
Santa Cruz Track Club Disperati Ramon Coach 1403021692 YES
Santa Rosa Express Derammelaere Stephanie Coach 1408065025 YES