Pacific Assocation of USA Track and Field

Officials Committee Chairpersons List

USATF Pacific 2021-23 Officials’ Committee Officers

  Phil Leake, Chair   John Lilygren, Vice Chair   Tori Busto, Secretary
  Dr. Leon Glover, Awards   Mike Bower, Past Chairman   Bill Hawkes, Calendar
  Bill Bartel, Training   Ajay Padgaonkar, Certification   Scott Kostka, At Large Rep.
  Bruce Makinson, At Large Rep. VACANT, Newsletter   Dennis Boyle, Mentor Chair

USATF  Pacific Archive of Past Officials’ Committee Chairpersons

ChairpersonTerm of Office
Phil Leake2017 - Present
Mike Bower2015 - 2017
John Murray2009 - 2015
Bruce Colman2005 - 2009
Dick Connors1993 - 2005
Gail Wetzork1991 - 1993
Dick Connors1989 - 1991
George Newlon1978 - 1989