Pacific Assocation of USA Track and field

PA Association Committee nominations are now open

The following USATF Pacific committee positions are open for nominations from 1 April until Tues, 21 May at the end of the Board of Athletics Conference Call:

Athletes Committee

Coaches Committee
Youth-High School Division Rep
Open-College Division Rep
Coaching Education Rep

Long Distance Running (includes Cross Country and MUT)
Open Women’s Chair
Open Men’s Chair
Master’s Chair

Masters Track and Field

Women’s Track and Field

Men’s Track and Field

Para Athletics
(Chair appointed by Assoc President)

Officials (revised 8 April)
Vice Chair

Race Walk

Youth Committee
Vice Chairperson
Officials Chairperson
Race Walk Chairperson
Cross Country Chairperson
Records Chairperson
Communications Chairperson
Multi Events Chairperson
High School Chairperson

Nominee requirements/time line:

  • Nominees must be a USATF-Pacific member of their respective committee in good standing, and at least 18 year of age at the start of their term of office which is 1 July.
  • Committee members may nominate or self-nominate. All nominations must have a second from a committee member and a confirmation for the nominee that they want to run for the position in order to be considered a valid nomination.
  • All successful individuals must be able to pass the USATF NCSI background check and complete SafeSport Training prior to assuming their position 1 July.
  • All nominations, second and confirmations must be sent to Association Secretary Stephanie Trafton at [email protected] no later than the close of the 21 May BoA Conference Call when nominations will close.
  • If there is more than one candidate for a particular position, the Association Secretary shall email ballots with a minimum of a 30 day minimum voting period.
  • Successful individuals assume their positions 1 July for a two year term.

For further information, refer to our Pacific Bylaws: Article 5(I): Elections (pages 4-6), and your committee operating procedures often linked on your sport/committee webpage.