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The Pacific Association’s Officials Committee is responsible for all aspects of providing certified officials for USATF sanctioned events: recruiting, training, certifying, and scheduling. This group of inspiring and dedicated volunteers work hard to keep the playing field level so the sports of track and field, long distance running and race walking are fair for all. PA Officials have achieved top levels of certification and have traveled the state, the nation and the world to help officiate at top-level championships, always with the “best seat in the house”! Learn much more by visiting the pages accessed with the links to the right. Find more details in the “About Us” section in the Officials Info Links to the right..

First Steps to Become an Eligible Official

1st Step – Become a member of USATF; $40 annual or $140 for 4 years, USATF Officials Membership Link

2nd Step – Complete the U.S. Olympic Committee and USATF mandated NCSI background check. Your NCSI background check requires $22 investment every two years. Background Screening Procedure Link

3rd Step – Complete the U.S. Olympic Committee and USATF mandated SafeSport Training. This needs to be accomplished on-line and takes 90-120 minutes. Safe Sport Training Link. Have your current USATF number at the ready.

Use the links in the menu to the right (especially the CERTIFICATION PROCESS link), for more details.

USATF 2021-23 Pacific Officials’ Committee Officers

  Phil Leake, Chair   John Lilygren, Vice Chair   Tori Busto, Secretary
  Dr. Leon Glover, Awards   Mike Bower, Past Chairman   Bill Hawkes, Calendar
  Bill Bartel, Training   Ajay Padgaonkar, Certification   Scott Kostka, At Large Rep.
  Bruce Makinson, At Large Rep. VACANT, Newsletter   Dennis Boyle, Mentor Chair

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  • CLICK HERE to view tributes to Officials like Jim Hume’s Celebration of Life page.