SENIORS 50 -59

Updated 01/19/07

NameDate Bio
Tom Bernhard2/17/09
Jim Bordoni1/21/04
Jim Gorman1/11/04
Les Ong2/10/04
Don Paul1/09/04
Don Porteous1/20/04
Joe Schieffer1/19/04

NameDate Bio
Heidi S. Helvestine01/20/04
Irene Herman01/11/04
Claire Malonson Fry02/14/04
Melinda Morse01/13/04
Kat Powell01/13/04
Hazel Wood02/14/04

Tom Bernhard (02/17/09) Tom Bernhard (01/19/04) Birth Date: 07/09/51 Birth place: Cadiz, OH Resident City: Fremont, CA Club: NB Excelsior Education: BS & MBA in Marketing - CSUH Job: Marketing Director Years Running: 13 High school: Cadiz High School HS Running: Outran most of the bullies College: Cal. State Hayward College Running: Usually made it to class on time. Personal Records: Mile: 4:55.12 (age 55) at Johnny Mathais Invit, 2006 5K: 16:55 at Merced Classic, 2002 10K: 34:48 at Pac Sun, 1997 Half Marathon: 1:17 at Humboldt, 1997 Marathon: 2:48 at CIM, 1998 Other: 58:24 10M at Cal 10, 2002 Other: 27:24 8K at 50 Plus Org, 1999 Other: 42:40 12K at Houlihan's, 1999 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: 58:24, 2002 Across the Bay 12K: 42:40, 1999 HP 10K: 35:09, 2002 BigSur 5K: 17:01, 1999 Zippy 5K: 17:04, 2007 MMD 10K: 34:48, 1997 Shriners 8K: 28:38, 2006 Fleet Feet Mile: 5:00 2007 Banana Chase 5K: 17:08 2007 Heritage Oaks 10K: 35:22, 2001 Humboldt Half: 1:17:19, 1997 Clarksburg 30K: 1:55:40, 1998 Cal Internl Marathon: 2:48:19, 1998 What got you starrted running?: Milestone - finally got comped Obstacle - had to write this stupid bio Top Races: 50 Plus Org 8k, 2002, 27:48, 1st (in a downpour) Great Race, 1999, 21:44 (4 miles), 3rd master Accomplishments: 5 national age-group championships (4-track, 1-road) Other accomplishments: Getting up every morning. Goals: Keep running til I die Role Model: Sir Roger Bannister Favorite Races: Zippy 5K MMD 10K Fleet Feet Mile

Jim Bordoni (01/21/04) Birth Date: 01/08/53 Birth place: San Francisco Resident City: Los Altos Club: West Valley Joggers & Striders Education: Stanford BS '75, AM '76; Penn DMD '80 Job: Winemaker/grape grower; retired dentist Years Running: 38 High school: St. Patrick, Vallejo, CA HS Running: 440 yards: 50.0; 49.3 relay; long jump 22' 2"; triple jump 43' 4" College: Stanford University College Running: 880 yards: 1:52.9; "Most Improved" award senior year Personal Records: Mile: 4:26 at practice @ Stanford, 1975 1500: 4:15 at PA-TAC (Los Gatos), 1989 5K: 15:49 at Einstein-Daroff 5K (Phila), 1979 10K: 33:11 at Alameda Run for the Parks, 1989 Half Marathon: 1:13 at YMCA-Inquirer Half (Phila), 1979 Marathon: 2:34 at Provident Marathon (Phila), 1979 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 4 times, 56:33, 1983, 107th in 2001 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:05:39 for 83rd, 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran once, 45:07 for 106th, 2003 HP 10K: ran 4 times, 33:56, 1989, 20th, 1990 BigSur 5K: ran 4 times, 17:39, 2000, 44th , 2003 Zippy 5K: ran once, 17:43, for 71st, 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran once, 36:55 for 88th, 2003 Shriners 8K: ran once, 29:33 for 80th, 2003 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 4 times, 4:56, 2000 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 17:43 for 105th, 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran once, 37:46, 2003 Humboldt Half: ran once, 1:25:42 for 61st, 2003 Clarksburg 30K: ran once. 2:13:07 for 81st, 2003 Top Races: Took 3rd in 50-54 1500M at USATF National Masters Championships in Eugene in 4:35.80 (August '03) Accomplishments: Three sons who all run. Goals: To stay on the green side of the grass for as long as possible. Role Models: As a runner it would have to be Stan DeMartinis (81) of WVJS; may God bless me with his longevity and spirit. As a coach (I volunteer coach some middle school kids at St. Simon School) it would have to be Marshall Clark and Payton Jordan; I was blessed to have these two fine gentlemen guide and inspire me during my college years and beyond. Favorite Races: The ones my kids do well in.

Jim Gorman (01/10/04) BirthDate: 12-07-48 Birthplace: Roslyn, NY ResidentCity: Palo Alto, CA Club: Excelsior Education: BA Columbia Universuty 1971, MSW San Francisco St Job: Sales YearsRunning: 44 Highschool: Massapequa HS, Massapequa, NY HSRunning: 6' 2-1/2" high jump College: 6' 5" high jump Personal Records: Mile: 4:34 at Los Gatos All-comers 1979 1500: 4:16 at US National Masters, 1990 5K: 15:58 at Turkey Trot, Davis, 1990 10K: 33:50 at Mercury News, San Jose, 1991 Half Marathon: 1:15 at Humboldt, Weott, 1995 Marathon: 2:45 at CIM, Sacramento, 1994: Other: 4:56 Mile at Fleeet Feet Mile, Davis Other: 17:15 5K at Zippy 5K Other: 58:43 8K at Shriners 8K Awards/Honors: 2000 Senior Grand Prix First Place 2003 Senior Short Road Grand Prix First Place 1996 US National Indoor Master Mile 45-49 1st Place. 1999 US National Road Mile Senior 50-54 1st Place Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 7 times, 57:10 for 1st in 2000 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 59:20 for 1st in 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 4 times, 43:40 for 11th HP 10K: ran 4 times, 34:08 for 2nd in 2001 BigSur 5K ran 6 times, 16:43 for 1st, 1994 Zippy 5k: ran 4 times, 16:48 in 2001, 1st in 2000 Pacific Sun 10K: ran 5 times, 24:37 for 3rd in 1998 Shriners 8K: ran 4 times, 28:05 in 2003; 2nd in 2002 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 5 times, 4:54 in 1999, 1st in 2003 Jamba Juice 5K: ran twice, 17:18 in 2002, 1st in 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 35:22 for 2nd in 2002 Humboldt Half: ran 8 times, 1:15:00 in 1995, 1st in 2003 Clarksburg 30K: ran 5 times, 1:50:00 for 1st in 1994 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 2 times, 2:45:59 for 1st in 1994 Top Races: Fleet feet Mile 2003 4:56.7, 1st Senior

Les Ong (02/10/04) Birth Date: 02/21/50 Birth place: Yuma, Arizona Resident City: San Francisco Club: Excelsior Running Club Education: BS Degree - Accounting & Finance Job: Semi-retired/sales associate Years Running: 40 High school: Casa Grande Union High School HS Running: two mile: 9:08.xx mile: 4:21.xx half mile: 1:53.xx quarter mile: 53 College: University of California at Berkeley College Running: did not compete Personal Records: Mile: 4:48 Fleet Feet Capitol Mile 1998 5K: 16:07 Danville 5K 1998 10K: 34:04 Pacific Sun 10K 1996 Half Marathon: 1:16 Humboldt 1997 Marathon: 2:41 Portland Marathon 1986 Other: 58:18 10M, Cal 10 Stockton 1999 Other: 1:56 30K Clarksburg 1999 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 7 times, 58:18 for 90th 1999 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:02 for 38th 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 10 times, 45:12 for 150th 1997 HP 10K: ran 7 times, 37:02 for 101st 2002 BigSur 5K: ran 6 times, 17:14 for 53rd 1997 Zippy 5K: ran 3 times, 17:42 for 96th 2001 Pac Sun 10K: ran 8 times, 34:04 1996, 33rd 1997 Shriners 8K: ran once, 28:56 for 65th 2001 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 5 times, 4:48 for 90th 1998 Jamba Juice 5K: ran twice, 17:25 for 52nd 2001 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 36:08 for 100th 2002 Humboldt Half: ran 6 times, 1:16 for 40th 1997 Clarksburg 30K: ran 5 times, 1:56 for 38th 1998 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 6 times, 2:46:00 1993 Injuries/obstacles: Back problems since 1999 has limited training, but at least I can still run. Top Races: Haven't had a top race in years Goals: continue to run at a competitive level Role Model: George Young - High School Coach (4 time olympian) Favorite Races: Pacific Sun, Humboldt Half Marathon

Don Paul (01/09/04) BirthDate: 7/14/50 Birthplace: Amherst, Nova Scotia ResidentCity: San Francisco Club: Excelsior Education: Meridian H. S., Laurel, WA, Stanford U., Creative Job: Writer, performer YearsRunning: 18 Highschool: Bellingham and Meridian in Whatcom Count HSRunning: BHS School Record 880, 1967 Undefeated as Senior at MHS in 880, 1968, till State Champs.; tripped, fell down, 2nd lap of Final. Personal Records: Mile: 4:24 at All-comers in Alameda, 1982 1500: 4:07 at All-comers at Berkeley, 1981 5K: 14:47 (split) at Las Vegas Marathon, 1989 10K: 29:06 at Heart Run, SF, 1981 Half Marathon: 1:05 in Philadelphia in 1986 Marathon 2:16 at Boston, 1981 Other: 1:34 30K at Pricechopperthon, 1985 Other: 2:50 50K, NYRRC Central Park, 1982 Other: 5:09 50M NYRRC Central Park, 1980 Natl Meets: 1980 and 1988 Olympic Marathon Trial Internl Meets: Fukuoka Marathon, 1981 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 8 times, 50:02 for 11th in 1985 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 59:--, 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 6 times, 37:13 for 8th in 1987 HP 10K: ran 3 times, 34:21, 2002 BigSur 5k: ran 4 times, 16:46, 2000 Pacific Sun 10K:ran 7 times Shriners 8K: ran 4 times, 27:13, 2001 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 6 times, 4:46, 1996 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 16:53, 2001 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 35:17, 2002 Humboldt Half: ran 5 times, 1:13:49, 1999 Clarksburg 30K: ran 5 times, 1:50:46, 1999 Cal Intrl Marathon: ran 4 times, 2:17:47, for 13th in 1984 Waht got you starte running?: Something to do extracurricular in High School Top Races: 2003: P.A. Cross-Country Champs, 36:02, 2nd Senior 2002: Shriners 8-K 27:16, 1st Senior; HP 10-K 34:21, 1st Senior 2001: Shriners 8-K 27:13, 1st Senior, HP 10-K 34:30, 2nd Senior, Stockton 10-mile, 56:17, 1st Senior 2000: Humboldt Half 1:15:26, 1st Senior, 3rd Master; 1:51:58 Clarksburg 30-k, 1st Senior, Stockton 10-mile, 56:06 1999: Humboldt Half 1:13:49, 5th Master; 1:50:46, Clarksburg 30-k, 4th Master Role Models: Abebe Bikila, Gerry Lindgren, Steve Prefontaine, Bill Rodgers, Haile Gebreselaissie Fav Races: Fukuoka, Boston, Berlin, London and Rio de Janeiro Marathons Philadelphia and Humboldt Half-Marathons Crescent City 10-K

Don Porteous (01/20/04) Birth Date: 07/07/46 Birth place: Olympia, WA Resident City: Alameda Club: Tamalpa Education: B.A. Psychology, Job: Government Analyst Years Running: 42 High school: North Thurston H.S. HS Running: Mile: 4:37 (school record at the time) College: Wheaton College, IL College Running: Mile: 4:19 Member of 4x800m school record relay team Personal Records: Mile: 4:54 at Fleet Feet Mile, 1999 5K: 17:19 at Zippy 5K, 2003 10K: 35:45 at Alameda Run for the Parks, 1999 Half Marathon: 1:19 at Humboldt, 2001 Marathon: 2:40 at Oakland Marathon, 1979 Awards/Honors: World Record 4x1600m relay (age 50-59) 1996 First place, LDR Grand Prix Long (age 50-59) 2003 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 8 times, 59:24, 2000 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 62:40, 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 6 times, 44:36, 2002 HP 10K: ran 3 times, 36:34, 2001 BigSur 5K: ran 6 times, 17:28, 1999 Zippy 5K: ran 4 times, 17:19, 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran 7 times, 35:49, 1995 Shriners 8K, ran 5 times, 28:44, 1999 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 5 times, 4:54, 1999 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 17:52, 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 36:18, 2001 Humboldt Half: ran 7 times, 1:19:30, 2001 Clarksburg 30K: ran 6 times, 1:59:03, 1998 Cal Internl Marathon: ran once, 2:57:56, 2001 Top Races: Fleet Feet mile, 2003, 4:57 at 57 years old (age graded is 91). Goals: To break the national age group mile record when I turn 60 (4:58.2). To stay injury free and enjoy running for many years to come. Role Models: My cousin Gordon Porteous in Scotland, who just turned 90, is still running, and has set a number of age group records over the years. Favorite Races: Fleet Feet Mile, Tamalpa Challenge, Humboldt Half, and Big Sur 5K.

Joe Schieffer (01/19/04) Birth Date: 05/17/51 Birth place: Stamford, CT Resident City: Oakland, CA Club: Pacific Striders Education: J.D. Job: attorney Years Running: 40 High school: Alemany, Mission Hills, CA Personal Records: 5K: 15:46 at Berkeley All Comers, 1984 10K: 32:17 at Creative Growth, 1983 Half Marathon: 1:10 at Hayward, 1983 Marathon: 2:27 at CIM, 1983 Other: 3:07 50K at Oxnard, 1986 Other: 5:35 50 Miler at AMJA, 1985 Other: 7:31 100K at Gibson Ranch, 1996 Natl Meets: Competed in numerous ultradistance national championships. Intl Meets: 1991 Represented U.S. in World 100 Kilometer championship in Italy. 1992 Represented U.S. in World 100 Kilometer championship in Spain. Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 10? times, 51:38, 1984 Across the Bay 12K: ran 5? times HP 10K: ran once, 37:30, 2003 BigSur 5K: ran once Pac Sun 10K ran 5? times Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 17:37, 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran once, 35:54 for 37th, 2003 Clarksburg 30K: ran 5+ times, 1:46:27 for 12th, 1992 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 9 times, 2:27:05, 1983, 17th 1989

Heidi S. Helvestine (01/20/04) name: Heidi S. Helvestine Birth Date: 06/27/53 Birth place: New Canaan, Connecticut Resident City: Ross, California Club: Tamalpa Education: BA, Williams College, 1975 Job: Mother of 5 children Years Running: 15 High school: Westover School, Middlebury, CT HS Running: None, I was an occasional "jogger" in Ked hightops. College: Williams College, Williamstown, MA College Running: None. As the first class of women at Williams, very few of us, unfortunately, put time into sports. Again, I "jogged". Personal Records: 5K: 18:51 at Zippy 5K, 2003 10K: 38:50 at heritage Oaks 10K, 2003 Half Marathon: 1:25 at Humboldt, 2003 Other: 1:2:08 30K at Clarksburg, 2003 Other:: 1:03 at Cal 10, 2004 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran twice, 1:03, 2004 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:05, 2003 HP 10K: ran once, 38:58, 2003 Zippy 5K: ran once, 18:51, 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran twice, 40:07, 2002 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 18:52, 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran once, 38:50, 2003 Humboldt Half: ran twice, 1:25, 2003 Clarksburg 30K: ran once, 2:08, 2003 Goals: I would like to bring both my 5K and 10K times down in '04. Someday, a marathon... Favorite Races: Dipsea. Came in 2nd in the Runner's Division (1:04) in '02, and 7th in Invitational (1:01) in '03 and was part of the Tamalpa Winning Team. Humboldt and Cal 10 are favorites too. Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, hiking, my dog and kids

Irene Herman (01/11/04) BirthDate: 08/28/49 Birthplace: San Francisco ResidentCity: San Francisco Club: Impala Racing Team Education: San Jose State University M.A. Physical Ed Job: Insurance Broker, Real Estate Broker, Notary Pub YearsRunning: 22 Highschool: Galileo High School HSRunning: Mainly involved in Team Sports, Field Hockey, Softball College: San Jose State College CollegeRunning: Team Sports and Field Hockey official Personal Records: Mile: 6:02 at Sonora Mile, 1989 5K: 20:41 at the Far Side, 1998 10K: 40:41 at Bonne Bell 10K, 1986 Half Marathon: 1:32 at Humboldt, 1990 Marathon: 3:17 at CIM, 1985 Awards/Honors: Comped as a Master for two years, Cross Country Grand Prix top three winner in the past 10 years. Pacific Association Official Service Award 2003. Nominee for the National Horace Crow Service Award,2003 for Pacific. Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 6 times, 68:30 in 1988 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 76:00, 2002 Across the Bay 12K: ran 10 times, 54:40 in 1995 HP 10K: ran 3 times, 45:30 in 2001 BigSur 5K: ran 5 times, 22:30 Zippy 5K: ran 3 times, 22:12, 2003 Pacific Sun: ran 6 times, 45:40, 2003 Shriners 8K: ran 4 times, 35:30, 2003 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 3 times, 6:18, 2001 Jamba Juice 5K, ran once, 22:30, 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 45:30, 2003 Humboldt Half: ran 12 times, 1:32, 1990 Clarksburg 30K: ran 5 times, 2:02, 1990 Cal Interl Marathon: ran 6 times, 3:17, 1985 Top Races: XC Shoreline, first place 2003 5K, Santa Cruz 4 miler, first place Senior. Other Accomplishments: National Long Distance Running Official. Pacific Association past Vice President, and current Membership Chair for the past 7 years. Other Running related: National official for Track and Field and LDR. GoalsDetails: Stay Healthy and continue racing. Fav Races: Big Sur. HobbyDetails: Golf, cooking

Claire Malonson Fry (02/14/04) Birth Date: 04/12/53 Birth place: Boston Ma. Resident City: Benicia Ca. Club: Tamalpa Education: PharmD Pharmacy Job: Clinical Psychiatric Pharmacist BCPP Years Running: 23 High school: Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School HS Running: No girls running offered Played Basketball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Softball College: Emory , Massachusetts College of Pharmac Personal Records: MileTime: 5:19 at Track club race (track) 1981 5K: 18:39 at 5K across home plate SF 1994 10K: 37:12 at Lowell 10K 1981 Half Marathon: 1:26:2 at Las Vegas 1/2 marathon 1997 Marathon: 3:11 at CIM 1997 Other: 31:50 8K at Ripon 8K 1997 Other: 1:43 25K at Etonic N.E. Champ 25K 1967 Other 67 10M at Cal 10 1996 Awards/Honors: Best female x country runner Buffalo Chips 2002 Cal 10 Stockton: ran 5 times, 67:48 1996 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 71:56 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 3 times, 51:09 1996 Big Sur 5K: ran twice, 19:49 Shriners 8K: ran 3 times, 32:23 2001 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 4 times, 5:40 1997 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once Heritage Oaks 10K: ran once, 42:50 for 3rd age-grp 2003 Humboldt Half: ran 5 times, 1:27:03 1997 Clarksburg 30K: ran 3 times, 2:15 for 4th age-grp Cal Internl Marathon: ran 5 times, 3:11:19 for 5th 1996 Injuries/obstacles: Breast Cancer 1998 took 3 years off. Long time coming back, finally running sub 20 5k in 2002 Huge back injury that kept me from running from age 39-43. Will never go there again Top Races: Haven't been running much the past few years SF Race for the Cure 2002 19:50 My cross country season 2002 Accomplishments: Race with the Tahoe Trail Babes in the Hood to Coast Relay. First place womens masters team 5 years in a row and womens masters course record holder (undefeated) Survivor Winner SF Race for the Cure 2002,2003 Other adventures: Surviving Breast Cancer My biggest running nemesis is downhill skiing which destroys my running legs until about May but I love it too much to quit. Climbed Mt. Shasta 2002 Goals: Be healthy Race until I can't Role Models: Barbara Miller Chris Iwahashi Shirley Matson Tahoe Trail Babes Favorite Races: Big Sur 5K Humbolt 1/2 marathon Philli 1/2 marathon SF Race for the Cure Cross country which I started about 4 years ago Hobbies: Skiing, Sailing Volunteering my professional knowlegde with senior citizens

Melinda Morse (01/13/04) BirthDate: 01/30/52 Birthplace: Fayetteville,Ark. ResidentCity: San Ramon,Ca. Club: Impalas Education: B.A. Hendrix College;M.M: Memphis State University Job: Teacher: Nat'l Board Certification in EA Math YearsRunning: 16 Highschool: Crossett High School HSRunning: College: Hendrix College Personal Records: Mile: 5:25 at All-Comers Meet, 1991 1500: 4:57 at Berkeley All-Comers Meet, 1990 5K: 18:10 at Davis Turkey Trot, 1989 10K: 38:40 at Primo's to Primo's, 1989 Half Marathon: 1:33 at Home Depot Half, 2003 Awards/Honors: Listed as first in 1500m (age 40-45) by 1992 U.S.Masters Track and Field publication (Melinda Villar); Honorable Mention by "Running Times" in 2002 (Age 50-55); 1994 World Record 800m Masters relay team (Eugene,Oregon); bronze medalist in 1994 Masters Nat'l Championships in 800m, 1500m and 5000m (Age 40-45); PAUSATF comp rankings including first senior woman in 2002) Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 3 times Nor Cal 10: ran once Across the Bay 12K: ran 5 times HP 10K: ran 3 times BigSur 5K: ran 3 times Zippy 5K: ran 3 times Pac Sun 10K: ran 3 times Shriners 8K ran twice Fleet Feet Mile: ran twice Jamba Juice 5K: ran twice Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 39:44 for 1st in 2002 Humboldt Half: ran once Clarksburg 30K: ran once

Kat Powell (01/19/07) Birth Date: 12/04/50 Birth place: Seattle, WA Resident City: San Jose Club: West Valley Joggers & Striders Education: BS, Computer Science Job: Software Engineer Years Running: 5 Highschool: Grants Pass High HS Running: no running...just chess(good strategy building) College: San Jose State University College Running: none 5K: 24:56 in 2005 on WVJS Track 10K: 53:00 in 2006 at Heritage Oaks 10K Half M: 1:59 in 2005 at Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon: 4:35 in 2005 at CIM Other: 87:20 in 2005 at Cal 10 32:57 in 2006 at The Great Race 4M 66:55 in 2006 at Across the Bay 12K Awards Bay Area Council Open League Giant Slalom Ski Racing 3rd place Grand Prix Races: Cal 10: Ran once, 1:27:20 in 2005 for 5th Nor Cal 10: Ran once, 1:31:31 in 2006 for 5th Across the Bay: Ran twice, 1:06:55 in 2006 for 8th HP 10K: Ran 4 times, 53:11 in 2004 for 5th Zippy 5K: Ran 3 times, 26:12 in 2005 for 3rd Marin 10K: Ran 3 times, 54:36 in 2004 for 4th Jamba 5K: Ran 3 times, 25:49 in 2004 for 6th Heritage 10K: Ran twice, 53:00 in 2006 for 2nd Humboldt Half: Ran twice, 1:59:40 in 2005 for 6th Clarksburg 30K: Ran twice, 3:02:24 in 2005 for 6th CIM: Ran twice, 4:35:31 in 2005 for 15th Started Running: I have been struggling with the marathon distance for about 3 years now...trying to qualify for Boston. Each time I try to run over 15 miles, my legs become very heavy, like cement and I experience intense pain that makes me end my run with walking. Everything hurts from the hips lower body screams and tenses in pain. I try to tell myself that I'll become stronger with each training run, but it seems to get worse with each attempt. Also, I pulled my hamstring in 2004 doing speed intervals on the track, so I have been struggling with speed since then. Since I started racing at the late age of 53, I feel like a snail in comparison to the many young runners out there who continually pass me in training runs and races. Top Races: My best race would have to be this year's Heritage Oaks Bank 10K Masters Championship because not only did I get a 10K PR with my 53:00 flat previous PR was 53:11 at HP's Up & Running 10K in 2004, but I am proud to say that I got 2nd place because of my perseverence to hang in there and stay with the 1st place leader...I had been trying to get a 10K PR for 2 years! So it felt good to achieve this result after such hard work. Accomplishments: I have run 13 marathons since 2001, including Pike's Peak in Colorado, by far the most challenging in terms of terrain and altitude. I have also run 3 Double Dipsea hadicap races, though I struggled to finish my first due to hypothermia? Other Accomplishments: I have skiied down Gunbarrel at Squaw Valley and cross-country skiied at Yosemite. Goals: I would like to qualify for Boston Marathon(need 4:15) and would like to run a marathon in each of the 50 states. I also hope to do ultra-marathons, and would like to finish the Western States 100 as a long-range goal. Role Models: Judith Webb of DSE, a 63 year-old marathoner who has run Boston numerous times and the many dedicated runners of the WVJS running club who continually strive for excellence in their running. Favorite Races: The DSE Double Dipsea, 13.7 miles of steep terrain and steps(Stinson Beach-Mill Valley-Stinson Beach). Los Gatos Jungle Run Half Marathon San Jose Rock n Roll Half Marathon Hobbies: I am developing a web-based database software program for my running club, which will track running stats for club members and handicap runners for club-sponsored races.

Hazel Wood (02/14/04) Birth Date: 02/06/51 Birth place: Bradford, England Resident City: San Anselmo, CA Club: Tamalpa Education: BA Honors in French, Exeter University Job: Sales and Marketing Years Running: 25 High school: Bradford Girl's Grammar School HS Running: Mostly long jump, field hockey and just one cross country race. College: University of Exeter, England Personal Records: 5K: 19:16 at Tamalpa 5K 1986 10K: 38:52 at Hook and Ladder 1986 Half Marathon: 1:28 at SF Half-Marathon 1985 Marathon: 3:06 at CIM 1984 Other: 5 hr 22 50K at Cool Canyon Crawl 1994 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 6 times, 67:23 1985, 1st age-grp 2002 Across the Bay 12K: ran 6 times, 4th in age-grp in 2001 HP 10K: ran 3 times Big Sur 5K: ran twice Zippy 5K: ran twice Pac Sun 10K: ran 8 times, 39:40 1985 Shriners 8K: ran twice, 36:31 for 1st in age-grp 2001 Flet Feet Mile: ran once Jamba Juice 5K: ran once Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice Humboldt Half: ran 8 times, 1:29 1990, 2nd age-grp 2002 Clarksburg 30K: ran 4 times, 2:32 for 1st age-grp 2001 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 6 times, 3:06 1984, 3rd in age-grp in 2001 Hobbies: Running, photography, theatre, dog walking