updated 8/21/05

NameDate Bio
Mo Bartley2/13/04
Susan Beck2/02/04
Maria T. Briones1/16/04
Kimberly Fanaday2/17/04
Sara Freitas2/14/04
Kathy Hess2/15/04
Rosemarie Lagunas5/4/04
Gina Mandy8/21/05
Marian Richard2/14/04
Kim Rupert5/1/04
Janet M. Smith1/12/04
Linda Somers Smith3/4/04
Barbara Wismer4/25/04
Kim Woody4/25/04

Mo Bartley 2/13/04 Birth Date: 05/12/55 Birth place: Scranton, Pa Resident City: Cool, CA Club: Impala Education: Associate Degree- Biology, Bachelors - Nursing Job: Surgical and Clinical Nurse Years Running: 18 High school: Chatsworth, H.S. HS Running: Did not run in highschool or college. Played soccer and rode horses. College: Valley College, North Hollywood, CA Personal Records: MileTime: 5:50 at Fleet Feet Mile 2001 5K: 18:48 at Palm Springs 5K 2003 10K: 38:21at Run to Feed the Hungry 2002 Half Marathon: 1:25 at Palm Springs 1/2 Marathon 2002 Marathon: 3:06 at Las Vegas International 1999 Other: 22:07 100 miles 1996 OTime2: 3:56 50k 1996 OTime3: 9:03 100k 1997 Awards/Honors: Ultrarunner of the year 1996. USA 100k team 1998 World Challenge, Nakamura, Japan Natl Meets: Edmund Fitzgerald 100k 1st Master 9:03 qualifed for USA 100k team. Intl Mets: 100k USA Team 1998 Nakamura, Japan River Shimanto 20th female, American women took Bronze Medal Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran once, 1:09 2002 Across the Bay 12K: ran once, 52:07 2000 HP 10K: ran once, 38:49 2002 Big Sur 5K: ran 3 times, 19:30 2002 Zippy 5K: ran once, 19:38 2001 Shriners 8K ran 3 times, 30:46 2002 Flet Feet Mile: ran twice, 5:50 2001 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 19:20 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 38:49 2002 Humboldt Half: ran once, 1:28 2002 Cal Intrnl Marathon: ran 6 times, 3:08 1996 Injuries/obstacles/milestones: Injuries stress fracture 2/2003, first broken bone I have ever had. Plantar fascitis 1999, The usual ham string and calf pulls. Piraformis. Milestones breaking 20 minutes at the 5k and breaking 40 minutes at the 10k. Those were harder than breaking 24 hours at the Western States 100 miler. Personal milestones, understanding that you can come back from injuries and loving the fact that you are healthy and happy. Top Races: Run to Feed the Hngry 2002 38:21 Sacramento, CA 2nd master Carlsbad 5000 2002 18:51, Carlsbad, CA Wharf to Wharf 2003 38:10 31st just coming back from injuries. 54 km in Canaberra Australia 1996, ran 4:22 broke old record Wasatch 100 miler 1994 ran 24:18 2nd women Accomplishment: 5 Buckles from Western States 4 under 24 hours.Broke 50 mile masters record at American River in 1996 7:26, had stood since the early 80's. Have managed to stay in the top 5 at crosscountry the last couple of years for masters. Other Adventures: I am always up for adventures. have traveled to Australia, Japan, am planning another trip to Hawaii in spring. Hope to get back on a horse more regular and maybe jump back into another ride and tie. Goals: Stay healthy and run faster. Go into my fifties in one piece. Hope to run some track races. Role Model: Deena Drossin, Joan Benoit-Samuelson, Helen Klein, Ruth Anderson, all four have inspired me in many ways. I see all of them inspiring young and old women alike and I hope that one day I can do that. Also in keeping the balance personally and professionally. Favorite Races: I have so many, so many distances. I have enjoyed all of them. Western States 100 miler, Firecracker 10k Santa Cruz, Race for the Cure, Sacramento, CA Hobbies: Gardening, reading, riding horses, now and then going for some mountain biking, also my newest sport golf.

Susan Beck 2/02/04 Birth Date: 05/08/58 Birth place: Cleveland, Ohio Resident City: San Francisco Club: Excelsior Education: Smith College, AB: Harvard Law School, JD Job: Writer/ Journalist Years Running: 5 High school: West Geauga (Chesterland, Ohio) HS Running: None. I didn't run in high school. (My school didn't have track or cross country for girls.) College: Smith College College Running: None. I didn't run then. Personal Records: 5K: 21:57 at Zippys 2003 10K: 45:19 at Heritage Oaks 10K 2002 Half Marathon: 1:39 at Humboldt 2002 Marathon: 3:30 at CIM 2002 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran twice, 1:14:51 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 4 times, 54:51 2003 HP 10K: ran once, 46:34 2003 BigSur 5K: ran twice, 22:43 2003 Zippy 5K: ran twice, 21:57 Pac Sun 10K: ran twice, 46:21 2003 Shriners 8K: ran twice, 36:49 2002 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 22:50 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 45:19 2002 Humboldt Half: ran 4 times, 1:39:00 2002 Clarksburg 30K: ran 4 times, 2:28:28 2002 Cal Internl Marathon: ran twice, 3:30:33 2002 Top Races: Humboldt 02 (1:39:00); CIM (3:30:33) Goals: First, to continue to enjoy running. Next, to try to keep improving. Role Models: Fast masters and senior women. Favorite Races: Humboldt, Clarksburg

Maria T. Briones 1/16/04 name: Maria T. Briones BirthDate: 11/09/55 Birthplace: San Luis Potosi, Mexico ResidentCity: Oakland, Ca. Club: Impala Racing Team Education: Certified Public Accountant Job: Home Maker/Accountant YearsRunning: 21 Highschool: Atenea HSRunning: I did not run College: University of San Luis Potosi CollegeRunning: I still did not run but was part of the basketball team Personal Records: Mile: 5:53, in 100X1 mile world record relay, 1997 5K: 19.48 at Run for the Cranes/Oakland, 1997 10K: 38;52 Alameda Run for the Parks, 1997 Half Marathon: 1:32 at SF Half Marathon, 1994 Other: 48:43 12K, Bay to Breakers, 1987 Other: 1:09 10 Miles at Cal 10, 2000 Other: 1:15 10 mile at Tilden Tough 10, 2002 Awards/Honors: I was first Master at the 1997 Bay to Breakers, I was supposed to get 500.00 as a reward but I was told that I did not qualify because only seeded runners get prize $, I ran as a subseeded, so any way I know that I was the real winner and I keep the souvenir Newspaper of the next day where I am listed as the winner. Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 4 times, 1:09 in 2000 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:11:25, 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 7 times, 50:38 for 19th HP 10K ran once, 42:55, 2000 BigSur 5K: ran twice, 21:19, 2000 Zippy 5K: ran twice, 20:58 for 20th Pac Sun 10K: ran 6 times, 41:23 for 19th Shriners 8K: ran 3 times, 33:36 for 19th Fleet Feet Mile: ran 3 times, 6:06, 2000 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 20:54 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 42:20, 2000 Humboldt Half: ran twice, 1:34:49, 2002 Top Races: Run to the Far side 2002, 41:41 5th master Other Accomplishment: Over the years I am happy to see family and friends start running/exercising, because they see the results, even my neighbors have become regulars around Lake Merrit. I also think am a good role model for my 3 sons ages 19, 18 and 12 Goals: I want to be among the top seniors in 2 years, and run my first marathon as a senior. looking forward to go to Nationals X-country this year, and in general try to be injury free and be on top condition for my senior years. Role Models: Regina Jacobs still my role model no matter what. Silvia Mozqueda, Rosa Gutierrez. Favirite Races: California 10, Humboldt Redwwods Half, The far side and almost all X-country races. Hobbies: Salsa Dancing, cooking for my family and friends.

Kimberly Fanaday2/17/04 Birth Date: 10/26/60 Birth place: Cincinnati, OH Resident City: San Francisco, CA Club: Excelsior Education: BA, JD Job: attorney Years Running: 29 High school: Tamalpais High School HS Running: none College: Yale University College Running: none Personal Records: Mile: 5:42 at Fleet Feet 2003 5K: 19:37 at Jamba Juice 5K 2003 10K: 39:54 at Heritage Oaks 10K 2003 Half Marathon: 1:31:33 at Home Depot 2002 Marathon: 3:18:44 at CIM 2002 Other: 32:33 8K at Shriners 2003 Other: 51:16 12K at Across the Bay 12K 2003 Other: 1:08:06 10M at Cal 10 2003 Awards/Honors: PAUSATF Masters Short Grand Prix winner Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran twice, 1:08:06 for 35th 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 9 times, 51:16 2003, 51st 2002 HP 10K: ran twice, 41:04 2002, 35th 2003 Big Sur 5K: ran twice, 20:24 for 22nd 2003 Zippy 5K: ran 3 times, 19:44 2002, 30th 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran 4 times, 41:07 2003 Shriners 8K: ran twice, 32:33 for 37th 2003 Fleet Feet Mile: ran twice, 5:42 2003, 25th 2002 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 19:37 for 41st 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3times, 39:54 for 10th 2003 Humboldt Half: ran 3 times, 1:33:00 for 31st 2001 Clarksburg 30K: ran 3 times, 2:21:34 for 24th 2002 Cal Internl Marathon: ran once, 3:18:44 for 6oth 2002 Top Races: Heritage Oaks 10K, 03, 39:54, 10 Heritage Oaks 10K, 02, 40:51 Jamba Juice 5K, 03, 19:37 Race for the Cure 5K, 03, 19:54 (personal watch time 19:37) Fleet Feet Mile, 03, 5:42 Accomplishments: The Excelsior masters women's team, with just 3 members, finished second in the road Grand Prix in 2002. I'm as proud of that as I am of any of my individual accomplishments. Other Adventures: Life is always an adventure. Goals: (1)Boston Marathon 2004. (2) Keep getting faster and stronger! Role Models: Martina Navratilova, still a truly extraordinary athlete at age 47. Favorite Races: Across the Bay and Humboldt Half for the courses. Race for the Cure for the cause. Run to the Far Side for the fun. Fleet Feet because I love running the mile. Heritage Oaks because it's where I've had my greatest personal success. Hobbies: When I'm not working or running I play tournament bridge. It's not your grandmother's game!

Sara Freitas2/14/04 Birth Date: 2/4/58 Birth place: Palo Alto, CA Resident City: Nevada City Club: Impala Education: Bachelor of Science Job: Coach/Soils Tester Years Running: 17 High school: Woodside High School HS Running: didn't run in high school College: UC Davis College Running: didn't run in college Personal Records: Mile: 5:25 at Fleet Feet Capitol Mile 1999 5K: 18:00 at Jamba Juice 5K 2003 10K: 37:48 at Pac Sun 1999 Half Marathon: 1:23 at Humboldt 1998 Marathon: 3:07 at Avenue of the Giants 2001 Other: 1:02 10M at Cal 10 2003 Awards/Honors: PA XC Masters Winner 1999 USATF Fall National XC Champion 2001 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 5 times, 1:02:26 for 2nd age-grp 2003 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:05:59 for 2nd age-grp 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran twice, 47:13 for 3rd age-grp 1999 HP 10K: ran twice, 38:49 for 1st age-grp 2001 Big Sur 5K: ran twice, 18:25 for 1st age-grp 1999 Zippy 5K: ran 4 times, 18:26 for 1st age-grp 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran twice, 37:48 for 2nd age-grp 1999 Shriners 8K: ran 4 times, 30:20 for 1st age-grp 2003 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 4 times, 5:25:30 for 2nd 1999 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 18:00 for 1st age-grp 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 38:08 for 2nd age-grp 2002 Humboldt Half: ran 5 times, 1:23:54 1998, 2nd age-grp 1999 Clarksburg 30K: ran twice, 2:10:03 for 2nd age-grp 2000 Cal Internl Marathon: ran twice, 3:07:37 for 5th 1998 Top Races: Jamba Juice 5K, 2003, 18:00 Cal 10, 2003, 1:02:26 Fall XC Nationals 10K, 2002, 40:20 PA XC Championships, 2002, 24:40 Crystal Springs 2.95M, 2002, 18:00 Pacific Crest Trail 25K, 2001, 2:23:10 Accomplishment: FILA Sky Half Marathon, Aspen CO 1999, 2:38, 5th Other Adventures: being a mother and instilling an adventurous spirit in my kids Goals: stay healthy and injury free, learn the Dipsea Trail, be able to run 6 XC races, desire to run another marathon, then break 3:00, run new trails, run old trails Role Model: Joan Samuelson, Denna Drossin, Lynn Jennings Favorite Races: Pacific Crest Trail 25K, Spooner Lake Half, Cal 10 (I don't know why) Humboldt Half, most of the XC races, Run through the Colors 10K Hobbies: mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, backpacking, golf (disc and real), reading

Kathy Hess2/15/04 Birth Date: 01/07/62 Birth place: Mountain View, CA Resident City: Reno, NV Club: Silver State Striders Education: BS Marketing University of Connecticut Job: advertising agency owner of Just Imagine Marketing Years Running: 36 High school: Roger Ludlow- Fairfield, CT College: University of Connecticut Personal Records: Mile: 5:19 Firecracker Mile 2003 5K: 20:02 Galena Market's 5K 2003 10K: 40:06 Zoo Zoom 2003 Half Marathon: 1:34 Silver State Marathon, 2001 Marathon: 3:26 CIM 1992 Other: 31:57 Journal Jog 2003 Other: 38:25 Wharf to Wharf 2003 Awards/Honors: Silver State Striders Race series wnner in 2003 and 2001 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran once, 1:07:58 for 222nd 2002 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:08:23 for 105th 2003 Shriners 8K: ran once, 31:57 for 175th 2002 Clarksburg 30K: ran 4 times, 2:16:22 for 96th 2002 Cal Internl Marathon: ran twice, 3:26 1992 Top Races: Boston Marathon 2003 the experience was everything I had ever heard and more. My other top races have included the Hood to Coast Relay team. I run on a women's masters team called the Tahoe Trail Babes. The comraderie and competition has made it fun. Other Accomplishments: Triathlon and biathlons over the years Goals: To break 40:00 for a 10k Role Models: First I would have to say my father who was an avid runner. My mother for believing in me and thirdly, The Tahoe Trail Babes. I have so much admiration and respect for these fellow runners. One in particular Missy Sandeman has been an incredible role model for me. Balancing the training, hectic work scheduole and family can be very challenging. Favorite Races: Wharf to Wharf is one of my favorites. It is so well organized and such a beautiful area. We go every year and enjoy a few days at the beach while we are there. My kids love it. My next favorite is the Pinecrest Fun Run- where once again we make a trip of it. Hobbies: I am an avid downhill skier and telemarker as well as a mountain bike fanatic. I am the mother of two great boys ages 6 and 7 and we enjoy the outdoors with considerable amounts of camping.

Rosemarie Lagunas5/4/04 Birth Date: 01/29/62 Birth place: San Francisco, California Resident City: San Jose, California Club: Wolfpack International Education: BA English, Three Teaching Credentials Job: Teacher Years Running: 18 High school: Wilcox HS Running: Ran AAU at the time, with the Cupertino Yearlings College: Santa Clara University College Running: Raced bicycles instead (mostly criterium races). Personal Records: 10K: 35:45 at LSI Logic 10K 2000 Half Marathon: 1:16 at Millennathon 2000 Marathon: 2:45 at Olympic Trails 2000 Awards/Honors: 2003 Cross Country Performer of the Year Natl Meets: I did qualify and participated in the 2000 Women's Olympic Marathon Trials. It was 86 degrees and humid. The course was sadistically hilly and my i.t. band decided to lock up at mile 16! A sad and slow 2:45:24 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran once, 58:26 for 3rd 1999 Across the Bay 12K: ran 3 times, 44:27 for 3rd 1999 HP 10K: 37:17 for 5th 2004 Cal Interntl Marathon: ran once, 2:49:12 for 6th 1998 Obstacles/Injuries: I was injured recently for a year and a half with plantar fasciaitis. Top Races: I have hardly been racing in the last few years. Accomplishments: I started a running club at the elementary school where I teach. It has become HUGE. Over 100 students, aged 4-11, run in the morning before school, earn miles and eventually t-shirts for completing the marathon distace. Goals: It would be great to win The Dipsea some day. Role Model: My role models are my dad, W.C. Fields, and Frank Shorter. Favorite Races: I love most races which take place in my birthplace (San Francisco), but my favorite Cross Country course has to be Presidio! Hobbies: I like to kayak, to smoke cigars, and brew and drink beer.

Gina Mandy 8/21/05 Birth Date: 01/03/62 Resident City: Sacramento, CA Club: Buffalo Chips Education: MA International Affairs/Economics Job: Economist Years Running: 32 High school: Woodside High School Personal Bests: Mile Time: 5:03, 1979 5K Time: 18:35, Napa Marathon 5k, 1994 Marathon: 3:09, CIM, 2004 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10: ran twice, 1:08, 2003 Nor Cal 10: ran twice, 1:10, 2004 Shriners 8K: ran twice, 32:06, 2005 Fleet Feet Mile: ran twice, 5:38, 2004 Jamba Juice 8K: ran once, 19:56, 2003 Cal Internl Marathon: ran once, 3:09, 2004 Started Running: Single mom and full-time job. I sure wish I had more time to run. Top Races: California International Marathon, 2004, 3:09, 2005, because I hadn't trained for it, succomed to the enthusiasm at the expo, and registered just two days prior to the race. Running Accomplishments: I've never been the star of the team, but I've been running strongly in second and third place for over 30 years now. Other Accomplishments: 2005 marks my third year on the Lady GuDivas racing team, for the Klondike Trail of '98 Road Relay. Last year, our masters team set a new women's course record. Goals: Raise my daughter well, maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle, and keep running strongly in the top three places for the next 30 years. Role Models: Linda Frazier, who loves running with her kids. Favorite Races: The Susan B. Anthony 5k of course. This is the longest running and the best women's only 5k race left in Northern California. All cross country races, I love the trails.

Marian Richard2/14/04 Birth Date: 01/25/60 Birth place: San Jose Resident City: Cupertino Club: WVJS Education: B.S. Aeronautics Job: Systems Engineer Years Running: 19 High school: Camden High HS Running: Did not run College: San Jose State University College Running: Did not run Personal Records: Mile: 5:46 at Fleet Feet 1997 5K: 19:52 at Zippy's 2000 10K: 40:41 at Pac Sun 2000 Half Marathon: 1:30 at Humboldt 1996 Marathon: 3:31 at CIM 1998 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 7 times, 1:08 2000 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:10 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 10 times, 49:37 2000 HP 10K: ran 10 times, 41:59 2001 Big Sur 5K: ran 7 times, 19:56 2000 Zippy 5K: ran 3 times, 19:52 2000 Pac Sun 10K: ran 6 times, 40:41 2000 Shriners 8K: ran 4 times, 32:19 2000 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 5 times, 5:46 1997 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 20:37 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 41:35 2003 Humboldt Half: ran 5 times, 1:30 1996 Clarksburg 30K: ran 3 times, 2:21 1998 Cal Internl Marathon: ran once, 3:31 1998 Injuries/obstacles: Tendonitis and knee pain Top Races: Big Basin Half, 2002, 1:37, 1 (Div) Lake Chabot Half, 2003, 1:48, 1 (Div) Nisene Marks Half, 2002, 1:46, 1 (Div) Role Models: Shirley Mattson Favorite Races: NorCal (currently) Hobbies: Backpacking, hiking

Kim Rupert5/1/04 Birth Date: 03/01/55 Birth place: Albequerque, NM Resident City: Hillsborough, Ca Club: West Valley Track Club Education: Santa Clara Univ/Univ of Virginia Job: Economist Years Running: 24 High school: Burlingame High School HS Running: I did not start running until graduate school in 1980. In high school I played softball, basketball, field hockey, volleyball College: Santa Clara Univ CollegeRunning: I did not run in college. I played basketball and golf. I enrolled at College of San Mateo in 1994 and ran cross country and track. I qualified for the state meet in cross country and 5K on the track. Received All State honors in cross country. Personal Records: 10K: 37:02 at Lifespan Bay Bridge Run, 1992 Marathon: 2:59 at Scottsdale 1982 Awards/Honors: PA Runner of the Year Intl Meets: Bronze medal Masters World Championships in steeplechase in Turku, Finland; Miazaki, Japan; and Gateshead, U.K. Competed in several U.S. Masters Championships in steeplechase, 5K, 10K Grand Prix races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 5 times Nor Cal 10: ran once Across the Bay 12K: ran 8 times HP 10K: ran 5 times Big Sur 5K: ran 7 times Zippy 5K: ran twice Pac Sun 10K: ran 8 times Shriners 8K: ran twice Fleet Feet Mile: ran 4 times Jamba Juice 5K: ran once Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice Humboldt Half: ran 8 times Clarksburg 30K: ran 4 times Cal Internl Marathon: ran 3 times Goals: To be able to keep running and enjoying the comamraderie of the running community for many years to come. Role Model: My Dad Favorite Races: Boston Marathon, Pacific Sun, Hood to Coast Hobbies: When I am not running or writing commentary on the U.S. economy and interest rate markets, I enjoy playing tennis, baseball, golf, softball, and cycling

Janet M. Smith 1/12/04 BirthDate: 09/20/60 Birthplace: San Francisco, CA ResidentCity: San Jose, CA Club: Impala Racing Team Education: AA: Administration of Justice / BA: Sociology Job: Legal Analyst YearsRunning: 28 Highschool: Cupertino H.S. HSRunning: School Record holder in 440 & 880. CCS Trials Qualifier in both events. CCS qualifier in XC College: De Anza College CollegeRunning: Nor Cal Qualifier in 800. Personal Records: Mile 5:10 at Foothill College, 1984 1500: 4:48 at Foothill College, 1984 5K: 18:02 in 1992 10K: 36:57 at Alameda Run for the Runways in 1990 Half Marathon: 1:24 at Humboldt 1996. Marathon: 3:10 at Chicago Marathon 2003 Other:: 30:29 8K at Futitzu, 1989 Other: 1:03 at Cal 10, 1990 Natl Meet: National Duathlon Championship, Phoenix, AZ in '92 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 16 times, 1:03:15 for 3rd in 1990 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:06.30 for 3rd in 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran twice, 50:18 for 11th in 1997 HP 10K: ran 5 times, 38:?? in 1990 BigSur 5K: ran twice, 20:00 for 5th in 1997 Zippy 5K: ran once, 20:15 for 3rd in 2003 Shriners 8K: ran once, 32:05 for 7th in 2002 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 4 times, 5:32 in 1997 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran once, 40:30 for 6th in 2003 Humboldt Half: ran 4 times, 1:24:39for 5th in 1996 Clarksburg 30K: ran twice, 2:10:1 for 4th in 2002 Cal Interl Marathon: ran once, 3:11:24 for 5th in 2002 What got you started runniing?: Fractured patella in 1985; Back injury in 1992 that led to years of pain through 1998. Strengthening, stretching and Pilates have helped keep it under control. Top Races: 3:10 @ the Chicago Marathon in 2003. 2:10 @ (windy) Clarksburg in 2002. Other Accomplishment: Duathlete from 1991-93. Went to Nationals 8 months after starting in the event. Other Adventures: Cycling from the Grand Canyon to Zion National Park in Utah - 120 miles in 6.5 hours. Goals: To learn to relax at the beginning of races, go out slower and build towards the finish which would probably help bring down all my times. Sub-3:00 in the marathon. RoleModels: Marla Runyan. What an inspiration! Favorite Races: Humboldt 1/2 marathon. Hobbies: Raising miniture dachshunds.

Barbara Wismer 4/25/04 Birth Date: 05/11/60 Birth place: Philadelphia, PA Resident City: San Francisco Club: WVTC Education: MD, MPH Job: physician, medical director Years Running: 22 High school: Abraham Lincoln High School HS Running: Not a runner in high school! College: Swarthmore College College Running: Not a runner in college! Personal Records: Mile: 5:38 at Fleet Feet Capitol Mile 2001 5K: 19:59 at Start Your Life 5K 1999 10K: 41:33 at Alameda Run for the Parks 1999 Half Marathon: 1:29 at Humboldt 2000: Marathon: 3:20 ct CIM 2001 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: 68:55 2001 Nor Cal: 70:00 2004 Across the bay 12K: 51:32, 2000 HP 10K: 42:20 2001 Big Sur 5K: 20:10 2001 Zippy 5K: 20:11 2001 Pac Sun 10K: 41:37 2000 Shriners 8K: 33:14 2001 Fleet Feet Mile: 5:38 2001 Jamba Juice 5K: 20:45 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: 41:53 2001 Humboldt Half: 1:29:43 2000 Clarksburg 30K: 2:16:12 2001 Cal Internl Marathon: 3:20:31 2001 Accomplishments: JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge San Francisco women's team champions, 2002 + 2003 JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge Finals 2nd (2002) + 10th (2003) place women's team Double Dipsea 2003

Kim Woody 4/25/04 Birth Date: 07/08/63 Birth place: Burlington, N.C. Resident City: Palo Alto Club: WVTC Education: B.S. Journalism with a Minor in Political Science Job: Founder and Executive Director of a Nonprofit Years Running: 6 High school: TL Hanna, Anderson, S.C. HS Running: School record in High Jump, 880 and Mile Relay Personal Records: Mile: 5:46 at Davis Fleet Feet Mile, 2003 5K: 18:26 at Trailblazer 5K, 2000 10K: 39:33 at Heritage Oaks 10K, 2002 Half Marathon: 1:30 at Humboldt, 2000 Marathon: 3:17 at Boston 2000 Other: 1:07 10M at Cal 10, 2004 Other 2: 2:17 30K at Clarksburg, 2001 Other: 48:20 12K at Across the Bay 12K, 2003 OYear3: 2003 ORace3: Across the Bay 12K Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 3 times, 1:07 for 32nd 2004 Across the Bay 12K: ran 3 times, 48:20 for 37th 2003 HP 10K: ran 3 times, 40:40 for 25th 2003 Big Sur 5K: ran 3 times, 19:33 for 17th 2003 Zippy 5K: ran 4 times, 19:32 for 25th 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran 4 times, 39:47 for 23rd 2003 Shriners 8K: ran once, 32:25 1999, for 18th 2003 Fleet Fee tMile: ran once, 5:46 for 41st 2003 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 20:04 for 49th 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 39:33 2002, for 13th 2003 Humboldt Half: ran twice, 1:30 for 32nd 2000 Clarksburg 30K: ran 3 times, 2:17 for 20th 2001 Cal Internl Marathon: ran once, 3:31 for 69th 2001 Obstacles/Injuries: I keep battling anemia. Doggoneit. I have a lot of food allergies and meat is one of them unfortunately. I've also had problems periodically with stress fractures and plantar fascitis. TopRaces: Jeremiah's Promise 8K - 04, 3:32, 1st place female; SF Home Depot 5K - 04, 18:40, 4th female; Trailblazer 5K - 00, 18:26, 1st place female; Heritage Oaks 10K - 02, 39:33, 33rd place; Pacific Sun 10K - 03, 39:47, 23rd place; Cal10 - 03, 1:07, 32nd place; Across the Bay 12K - 03, 48:20, 37th place; Clarksburg 30K - 01, 2:17, 20th place Accomplishments: Just getting this nonprofit off the ground. Goals: To drop my 5K and 10K and Half Marathon times this year. Favorite Races: Heritage Oaks 10K, Pacific Sun 10K, Home Depot 5K, Royal Victoria Marathon and Boston Marathon. Hobbies: Mountain biking, snow skiing, reading and being a child advocate to foster youth.