Updated 12/08/06
NameDate Bio
Tyler Abbott12/18/06
Jose P Aispuro2/04/04
Alan Dehlinger4/22/04
Vytautas Ezerskis2/19/04
Dan Gonzalez2/12/04
Hans Gouwens02/19/04
Fletcher Lesley04/04/04
Emil Magallanes3/05/04
Tom O'Reilly2/26/06
Tim O'Rourke1/19/04
Robert Thomas Pickens2/01/04
Dennis Rinde2/06/04
Carmelo Rios2/15/04
Chatham Ross 2/15/06
Dwight P. Smith 2/15/06
Lloyd Stephenson1/18/04
Thom Trimble1/19/04
Craig Whichard3/06/04

Tyler Abbott (12/18/06) Birth Date: 02/17/61 Birth place: Riverside, California Resident City: San Francisco, California Club: New Balance Excelsior Education: Masters Job: Accountant/Computer Programmer Years Running: 13 Highschool: Northgate H.S., Walnut Creek, California HS Running: Did not run. College: Reed College, Portland, Oregon College Running: Did not run. Mile: 4:46. Capitol Mile, 1997 5K: 16:38, Big Sur, 1997 10K: 33:28, Alameda Run for the Parks, 1997 Half Marathon: 72:38, Humboldt Half Marathon, 1997 Marathon: 2:41, CIM, 1997 Other: 52:35, Dipsea, 1997 Christmas Relays Leg 4.464 miles 1994 23:52 (in pace to my 5K pr, in some sense my fastest race ever) Bay to Breakers 12K, 41:30, 1997 & 1999. Grand Prix Races: Cal 10: ran 8 times, 55:17, 1995 Nor Cal 10: Ran 4 times, 1:00:58, 2003 for 47th Across the Bay 12K: Ran 10 times, 41:44, 1997 for 48th HP 10K: Ran 3 times, 36:45, 2003 for 61st Big Sur 5K: Ran 6 times, 16:38 1997 for 32nd Zippy 5K: Ran 5 times, 17:33, 2003 for 67th PacSun 10K: Ran 7 times, 33:58, 1995 Shriners 8K: Ran 8 times, 26:58 1997 for 35th Fleet Feet Mile: Ran 9 times, 4:46, 1997 for 47th Jamba Juice 5K: Ran 3 times, 17:33, 2004 for 87th Heritage Oaks 10K: Ran 5 times, 35:45, 2003 for 34th Humboldt Half: Ran 9 times, 1:12:38, 1996 for 27th Clarksburg 30K: Ran 6 times, 1:55:16, 1995 for 31st Cal Intnl Marathon: Ran once, 2:41:22, 1997 for 38th Injuries, etc.: Too many recent injuries to list. Top Races: It depends on what you mean by few. My top races have been Humboldt 1996, 1:12:38, and Dipsea 1997, 52:35 (one of two black shirts). Accomplishments: Captain of the winning submaster team at Hood to Coast for the last 10 years. Goals: To have an injury-free 2007. Favorite Races: Dipsea. Hood to Coast.

Jose P Aispuro (02/04/04) Birth Date: 10-12-61 Birth place: - - - - - - - - - Resident City: Watsonville Club: Aggies R.C. Education: college Job: food- clerk manager Years Running: 20 High school: Santa-Cruz High Personal Records: Mile: 4:18 1500: 4:00 5K: 14:45 10K: 29:45 Half Marathon: 1:06 Marathon: 2:20, at Grandma's Marathon 1996 Awards/Honors: P.A grand Prix open champion 1996 and 1997 Open-short champion, and 2002 master champion Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 12 times Across the Bay 12K: ran 14 times HP 10K: ran 10 times BigSur 5K: ran 6 times Zippy 5K: ran 4 times Pac Sun 10K: ran 8 times Shriners 8K ran 8 times Fleet Feet Mile: ran 4 times Jamba Juice 5K: ran once Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice Humboldt Half: ran 10 times Clarksburg 30K: ran 12 times Cal Internl Marathon: ran 8 times

Alan Dehlinger (04/22/04) Birth Date: 12/21/60 Birth place: Palmdale Resident City: Reno Club: Pacific Striders Education: college Job: 21 dealer Years Running: 25 Highschool: Quartz Hill High School HS Running: made track team College: Antalope Valley JC & UNR College Running: made cross country and track team Personal Records: Mile: 4:06, Truckee Mile, 1995 1500: 3:56, Woody Wilson Track Meet, 1998 5K: 14:06 track meet - San Jose, 1998 10K: 29:35 Hoys Sports 10K, 1990 Half Marathon: 1:06, Humbolt, 1993 Marathon: 2:18 New Orleans Greater Marathon, 1984 Other: 1:01, Oakland 20K, 1991 Natl Meets: 1984 Olympic Trails ran 2:26 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 12 times, 52:07 for 7th 1990 Nor Cal 10: ran twice, 57:44 for 34th, 2004 Across the Bay 12K: ran 20 times, 37:52 for 4th 1992 HP 10K: ran 4 times, 33:04 for 24th 2004 Big Sur 5K: ran 10 times, 15:04 for 2nd 1994 Zippy 5K: ran 4 times, 16:22 for 37th 2001 Pac Sun 10K: ran 21 times, 29:50 for first 1990 Shriners 8K: ran 5 times, 26:35 for 31st 2001 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 8 times, 4:31 for 22nd 1999 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 16:19 for 27th 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 33:44 for 16th, 2003 Humboldt Half: ran 19 times, 1:06:35 for first 1993 Clarksburg 30K: ran 12 times, 1:38:45 for 2nd 1988 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 7 times, 2:23:12 for 26th 1992 Running accomplishments: ran over 100,000 miles and counting TopRaces: all grand prix 2001-2003 Other accomplishments: Alaska Relays, raced in Japan, grand prix champion in the 1990's twice Goals: run faster Role Model: my dad Favorite Races: all good

Vytautas Ezerskis 2/19/04 name: Vytautas Ezerskis Birth Date: Birth place: Resident City: San Francisco Club: Excelsior Education: Job: Years Running: High school: HS Running: College: College Running: Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 3 times, 53:20 for 22nd 2002 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 56:17 for 3rd 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 5 times, 39:53 1999, 24th 2002 HP 10K: ran twice, 33:06 for 24th 2002 Zippy 5K: ran once, 16:31 for 37th 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran twice, 33:16 for 28th 2002 Shriners 8K: ran once, 25:55 for 24th 2002 Fleet Feet Mile: ran twice, 4:43.8 2002, 35th 2003 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 16:43 for 51st 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 33:56 2002, 18th 2003 Humboldt Half: ran twice, 1:14:30 for 20th 2002 Clarksburg 30K: ran twice, 1:47:39 for 11th 2002 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 3 times, 2:35:01 1998, 21st 2001

Dan Gonzalez 2/12/04 Birth Date: 05-16-62 Birth place: Butte, Montana Resident City: Mountain View Club: Education: San Jose State Job: Web Producer Years Running: 30 High school: Mountain View College: San Jose State Personal Records: Mile: 4:08 at Los Gatos Invite 1987 1500: 3:52 at Los Gatos All-Comer 1987 5K: 13:49 at Vancouver Inv. 1995 10K: 28:26 at Mt. SAC 1989 Half Marathon: 1:02 at Las Vegas 1997 Marathon: 2:13 at CIM 1986 Natl Meets: Oly Trials '88, '92, '96 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 3 times, 50:39 for 2nd 2001 Across the Bay 12K: ran twice, 37:45 for 13th 2003 HP 10K: ran 5 times, 29:50 for 1st 1987 Big Sur 5K: ran 3 times, 15:20 for 5th 2003 Zippy 5K: ran 3 times, 15:05 for 8th 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran twice, 31:00 for 6th 2003 Shriners 8K: ran 3 times, 24:19 for 6th 2003 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 3 times, 4:31 for 1st Master 2003 Jamba Juice 5K: ran 3 times, 15:07 for 13th 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 31:07 for 4th 2003 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 4 times, 2:13 for 1st 1987 Top Races: Shriner's 8k, 2003, 24:19, 6th

Hans Gouwens (02/19/04) name: Hans Gouwens Birth Date: 01/03/61 Birth place: Gouda, Netherlands Resident City: Corte Madera Club: Excelsior/Tamalpa Education: BA UC Berkeley, MA Mt.St. Mary's LA Job: Physical Therapist Years Running: 24 High school: Rotterdam, Netherlands HS Running: Didn't run in High School College: UC Berkeley Awards/Honors: PA XC masters 2002 PA Long Road masters 2003 Personal Records: 1500: 4:07 at Track Meet in Rotterdam 1986 5K: 14:41 at Track Meet at The Hague 1987 10K 30:48 at a Track Meet in Utrecht 1987 Half Marathon: 1:09 1987 Marathon: 2:30 1985 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 4 times, 55:14 1999 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 55:17 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 4 times, 40+ 1999 HP 10K: ran once, 34+ 2003 Big Sur 5K: ran twice, 16+ Zippy 5K: ran once, 16:02 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran 4 times, 32:31 1999 Shriners 8K: ran twice, 25:32 1999 Fleet Feet Mile: ran twice, 4:30 1999 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran once, 34:10 2001 Humboldt Half: ran twice, 1:10 1999 Clarksburg 30K: ran twice, 1:45 1999 Top Races: Humbold Half 1:10 Other Accomplishments: 20,000 ft+ mountains Goals: Be a great parent Role Models: Gerard Nijboer, Carlos Lopes, Reinhold Messner, John Muir, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Favorite Races: Crystal Springs, Tamalpa Challenge

Fletcher Lesley 04/04/04 Birth Date: 11/13/55 Birth place: Independence, Mo. Resident City: San Francisco Club: Pacific Striders Education: A.A. Job: Retired Carpenter Years Running: 9 Highschool: San Rafael High School HSRunning: X-C 3 yrs Personal Records: Mile: 4:43 at Fleet Feet Mile 1998 5K: 16:27 at Zippy 5K 2000 10K: 33:14 at Mathais Track Meet 2001 Half Marathon: 1:14 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 7 times, 55:05 for 32nd 2001 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 1:01:03 for 51st 2004 Across the Bay 12K: ran 6 times, 41:22 for 36th 2000 HP 10K: ran twice, 34:16 for 43rd 2001 Big Sur 5K: ran 5 times, 16:37 2000, for 36th 2001 Zippy 5K: ran 4 times, 16:27 2000, for 40th 2001 Pac Sun 10K: ran 4 times, 33:24 for 24th 2000 Shriners 8K: ran 5 times, 26:46 2001, for 32nd 1999 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 5 times, 4:43 for 11th Master, 1998 Jamba Juice 5K ran once, 16:58 for 53rd 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 34:01 for 48th 2001 Humboldt Half: ran 7 times, 1:15:21 1996, for 27th 20000 Clarksburg 30K: ran 5 times, 1:52:02 for 15th 2000 Cal Internl Marathon: ran once, 2:55:05 for 68th 2001

Emil Magallanes 3/05/04 Birth Date: 10/18/55 Birth place: Watsonville, CA Resident City: Sparks, NV Club: Aggie RC Education: College Job: Assistant Center Manager/Wildland Fire Suppression Years Running: 35 High school: Seaside High School HS Running: All Monterey Bay League xc/track 1972-73, All Nor-Cal 2nd Team 1972. PR's Mile: 4:37.7 2 mile: 9:38.5 3 mile: 15:09 Marathon: 2:43 College: Monterey Peninsula/Boise State College Running: California State Champion/JC All-American, 3000 meter steeplechase 1974. State Meet record (9:14.2) All Conference, All State XC 1973-74 All Big Sky Conference XC 1976, Track 1978, School Record 3000 meter steeplechase (8:54.6) Personal Records: Mile: 4:10 at Examiner Games Trails 1980 1500: 3:54 at Examiner Games Devil 1500 1982 5K: 14:07 at Hayward Field mini meet 1982 10K: 29:47 at Runners World 10K 1980 Half Marathon: 1:05 at Glasgow Peoples 1/2 1982 Marathon: 2:18 at Oakland Marathon 1981 Other: 1:02 20K at PA 20K 1982 Other: 48:45 10M at Xmas Relays, 1st leg, 1976 Natl Meets: AAU Jr. Championships steeplechase 1974, NCAA XC championships 1976 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 3 times, 55:45 for 2nd Master 2004 Nor Cal 10: ran once 56:26 for 4th Master 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran once, 41:27 for 3rd Master 2003 HP 10K: ran 3 times, 34:39 for 4th Master 2001 Big Sur 5K: ran once, 16:48 for 1st Master 2003 Zippy 5K: ran once, 17:00 for 20th 2002 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran once, 35:10 for 4th Master 2003 Clarksburg 20K: ran once, 1:53:38 for 2nd Master 2003 Cal International Marathon: ran once, 2:55:38 1987 Injuries/obstacles/Other: Married to Christine Olen 10 years, 2 dogs Kayla (Irish Setter) and Annie (Golden Retreiver). Set PR's at Cal-10 this year, PA-XC, Sierra, Tamalpa, Shoreline last season. Finally able to train year round for the first time since 1988. Reflects in my improvement during cross country and the first couple of race this year, and recent workouts indicate there is more in the tank than I imagined. I guess that 16 year break was just the ticket. I have struggled with a chronic hamstring injury that affected me beginning after Crystal Springs in '02 and I injured it again at Zippy's last year. Thank goodness I married a physical therapist. Top Races: National Masters Fall XC, 1996 10th, 1998 7th. National Master Winter XC, 1999, 10th 2001, 7th. Cal 10, 2004 2nd 45+. Running Accomplishments: Assistant coach at Seaside High School, 1980-81. Coached CCS champion, school record holder 2 mile, had 4 runners under 10 minutes for 2 miles. Assistant coach at Boise State University 1987-92. Coached school record holder in mens 800, womens school record holders in the 800, 1500, mile, 3K, 5K, 10K, 4x800 (conference champs) distance medley. Met my future wife! Other Accomplishments: Worked 16 years as a fire fighter, and from 1992-2002 was a smokejumper for the Bureau of Land Management. My first fire season I was in Yellowstone and pretty much was hooked from that point on to the adventure and excitement of it all. In 1992 at age 36, I was accepted into the rookie training program for the BLM smokejumpers and traveled to Fairbanks, Alaska. Making it through the training was one of the most satisfying accomplishments in my life. The physical training standards are rigorous: 1.5 mile in 9:30, 10 pull-ups, 35 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, 110 lb. packout over 3 miles in an hour and a half, and a 45 lb. packout in 45 minutes the first day (and these are the minimums!). My PR's for those 2 are 47:18 and 22:36 respectively, but I wouldn't reccomend that anyone try that for a workout. For the most part, fighting the fires wasn't nearly as frightening as exiting out of an aircraft at 3000 ft., and steering your parachute to a spot that may be rock strewn or the possibility of getting blown into the fire. Plus, with all the gear we exit the plane with you add an additional 100-120 lbs. to your normal body weight. I was fortunate enough to finish my smokejumper career with 217 jumps and no broken femur, burns, or any other serious injuries. I did tear a meniscus on a fire in 1997, but it only hurts when I run.;-) Goals: Continue running and competing in the masters ranks. Really looking foprward to turning 50 and escaping the hoards of newly minted 40 year olds! Role Models: Pre, my JC coach Dave Stern. Favorite Races: Midnight Sun Run, Fairbanks, any race at Hayward Field, any cross country race except in Greensboro or Houston. Big Sur River Run, any race in The City. Hobbies: Golf, fishing, hunting (big game and upland game birds), hiking, mountain biking, staying away from high places like ladders and bridges.

Tom O'Reilly 2/26/06 Birth Date: 02/18/57 Birth place: Providence, RI Resident City: Corte Madera Club: Tamalpa Education: BA UC Berkeley Job: DBA/Developer (software) Years Running: 40 High school: San Rafael HS Running: San Rafael cross-country won county finals and Division 3 in 1974, but took second to Redwood at North Coast; I was second guy on the team behind Ray Green. Some track: 2:08 half-mile as freshman, 9:49 2-mile and 4:40 mile as a sophomore. Didn't run track as a senior. College: UC Berkeley CollegeRunning: Didn't run Grand Prix times: Cal 10: ran once, 1:00:05 in 2005 Across the Bay: ran once, 43:53 in 2005 HP 10K: ran once, 35:22 in 2005 Big Sur 5K: ran once, 17:31 in 2005 Zippy 5K: ran twice, 16:46 in 2005 Pac Sun 10K: ran twice, 35:51 in 2005 Shriners 8K: ran twice, 27:40 in 2005 FF Mile: ran twice, 4:51 in 2005 Jamba 5K: ran once, 16:45 in 2005 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran once, 35:37 in 2005 Humboldt Half: ran once, 1:19:50 in 2005 Top Races: Prefer cross-country to the roads. Steve Lyons mile (Tamalpa club race) in 2004, where I got 3rd with a 4:55. Accomplishments: My brothers have been the faster runners in my family. No major accomplishments for myself, just barely kept out of trouble in high school, lucky to get into college, lucky to still be alive. Other accomplishments: Backpacked from Campo to Lake Tahoe in summer of 1991 (around 1200 miles). Lots of bike riding; completed fifteen centuries one year in my thirties, including Davis Double and Death Ride. Scout Master for 2 years in Lafayette; did five 50-milers with Troop 219. Goals: Run a 4:45 mile again. Just be one of the guys on a strong team. Run a better 10K. Role Models: My wife Lillie, Dipsea Boy, all the people who help make Tamalpa work, Russ Kiernan, the Dipsea gods, Heidi Swan. Favorite Races: Cross Country. Hobbies: Backpacking; want to hike the complete Pacific Crest Trail some day, maybe the Appalachian trail as well. Back-country skiing: across Yosemite on skis.

Tim O'Rourke 1/19/04 Birth Date: 12/15/57 Birth place: New York Resident City: Kings Beach, CA Club: Excelsior Education: Haverford College/Stanford Law Job: Attorney (semi-retired) Years Running: 31 Highschool: Arlington (Poughkeepsie, NY) HS Running: 2:02 880y. Made state cross country meet senior year as seventh man on the team. College: Haverford College (Haverford, PA) College Running: 2:00 800m. Personal Records: Mile: 4:29 at Los Gatos All-comers, 1991 5K: 15:48 at Far Side, 1996 10K: 32:46 at Run by the Bay, 1990 Half Marathon: 1:13 at Humboldt, 2001 Marathon: 2:37 at CIM, 2002 Other: 25:39 8K at New Years 8K, Wash D.C., 1986 Other: 53:28 10M at Cherry Blossom 10M, DC, 1986 Other: 1:45 30K at Clarksburg, 2002 Awards/Honors: 2nd place 1998 PA road GP masters 3rd place 2001 PA road GP masters Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 5 times, 54:25, 1998, 3rd Master Across the Bay 12K: ran 6 times, 40:40, 2003 HP 10K: ran once, 34:26, 2001 BigSur 5K: ran 4 times, 16:19, 5th Master, 1998 Zippy 5K: ran twice, 16:26, 2002 Pac Sun: ran twice, 33:55, 2002 Shriners 8K: ran 5 times, 26:21, 2nd Master, 1998 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 3 times, 4:33 4th Master, 1998 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 32:57, 2002 Humboldt Half: ran 3 times, 1:13:21 2nd Master, 2001 Clarksburg 30K: ran 4 times, 1::45:21, 2nd Master, 2002 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 3 times, 2:37:39, 3rd Master, 2002 What got you started running?: The '72 Olympics probably had an influence. Getting cut from basketball also helped. Personal Info: After many years living and practicing law in Palo Alto, I moved to Tahoe in summer 2002. I was in very good shape at the time and the extra boost I got from being at altitude at first seemed like magic. Now I've learned that just being up here doesn't mean that much and good results take a lot of hard work. Darn. Top Races: Fleet Feet Mile 2002, 4:36.2 Heritage Oaks 10K 2002, 32:57 Clarksburg 30K 2002, 1:45:21 (single age M44 AR) Ruth Anderson 50K 2003, 3:19:21 (M45-49 AR)(road) Skophammer 12h (50K), 3:18:52 (M45-49 AR) (track) Other accomplishments: Climbed Rainier, Shasta a couple of times, hiked the John Muir Trail. Role Models: Nobody I can accuse. I did have great coaches in both high school and college. Favorite Races: Road mile. Hobbies: I'm a latecomer to skiing, both xc skating and downhill and enjoy both. Notwithstanding the fact that I stink.

Robert Thomas Pickens 2/1/04 Birth Date: 07-14-60 Birth place: Los Angeles Resident City: San Mateo Club: West Valley Joggers & Striders Education: Some College/ U.S.Marine Corps Job: Truck Driver/Dispatcher Years Running: 30 High school: Wilcox HS Running: All League X country 2 mile League Champion, but best even was the mile @ 4:35 College: West Valley Community College College Running: Took Athletic classes, but no competitive running In U.S.M.C.Top running form Personal Records: Mile: 4:33 at Hollister Mile 2002 5K: 15:59 at WVJS Club track race 2002 10K: 32:54 at Heritage Oaks 10K 2002 Half Marathon: 1:13 at Humboldt 2003 Marathon: 2:48 at CIM 2002 Other: 54:54 10M at Cal 10 2004 Other: 60sec 400 meter 2003 Other: 1:51 30K at Clarksburg 2003 Awards/Honors: "Holy City" 9.1 mile-Champion 2 consecutive years 3rd place USATF Pac Grand Prix 2002 season West Valley Joggers & Striders Team Captain 2002 Winner of the WVJS "Racer of the Year" Contest 2001-03 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 3 times, 54:54 for 29th 2004 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 2004 Across the Bay 12K: ran 4 times, 41:24 for 28th 2002 HP 10K: ran 5 times, 33:32 for 29th 2002 Pac Sun 10K: ran 3 times, 33:36 for 32nd 2002 Shriners 8K: ran 3 times, 26:27 for 39th 2002 Flet Feet Mile: ran 5 times, 4:35 for 25th 2002 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 16:14 for 36th 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 32:54 for 49th 2002 Humboldt Half: ran 3 times, 1:13:53 for 14th 2003 Clarksburg 30K: ran 5 times, 1:51:29 for 16th 2003 Cal Internl Marathon: ran once, 2:48:57 for 70th 2002 Injuries: I'll sum up my Experiences with injuries over the years. Knee (changing my running form helped) Calves (from over training + getting used to racing flats) Bruised toes (shoes too small) Ham-string (overtraining) Achilles tendant (from too little experience at 20+ miles) Top Races: "Holy City" race 9.1 miles winner 2 years 52:24pr Cal 10 in Stockton !Sub! 5:30 Evenly(54:54) 2004 Hollister Mile 2003 !4:33! Chasing the youngsters Mercury News 10K 2001. !top 10! finish overall. Other Accomplishment: Many, Many accomplishments. I must say I have gone farther than I had imagined to go, and I must say I have to credit West Valley Joggers & Strides club and it's supportive members. Other Experiences: All in training: While on a long run in the hills rising above the fogline 6am on Sunday morning. Pounding 5 miles of down hill leaning into the turns like a race at Laguna Seca. Running into headwinds on a down hill and having it pick me up as if flying. In Competing: Having the starting gun go off while still 100 yards in front of the starting line...Oops Hitting the Wall at mile 18 duing my 1st marathon in 97. Actually still quallified for Boston (??) Passing the 20k mark at Clarkspur 30k in record time only to crash into the wall at mile 14!! Ouch. Goals: Breaking 4:30 in the Mile is a Goal I've had for years. I know I've been trained and able in the past. It's time to go out and do it. I hope to give back to the sport. I hope to stay dedicated to be involved with the sport for a very long time. Role Models: Howard Powers who never quits. Todd Hayes who loves running as much (or more) than me. Many Club Members who individually took interest in my progress and motovated and encouraged me accomplish greater things. Favorite Races: Wharf to Wharf 6 mile Mount Madana Challenge (12K) Holy City Race (9.1)WVJS Home Depot Half Marathon (Nor Cal 10 looks like it will be a favorate) Hobbies: I'm fairly new to computers and have gotten into making business cards and other types of applications requiring computer art. Just bought a motorcyle with 1100cc engine and enjoy it very much. Almost as much as running ("not!"). But what a kick!

Dennis Rinde (02/06/04) Birth Date: 10/15/58 Birth place: San Jose, CA Resident City: Davenport, CA Club: Aggies Running Club Education: BA - Economics Job: Student Years Running: 25 High school: Casa Robles, Orangevale, CA HS Running: College: CSU Sacramento Personal Records: Mile: 4:20 on 1-mile x 100 Relay, 1987 10K: 29:19 at Peachtree 1981 Marathon: 2:12 at Boston 1981 Natl Meets: US Olympic marathon trials - 1980, 1984, 1988 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 7 times, 48:41 for 1st in 1980 Across the Bay 12K: ran 3 times HP 10K: ran twice BigSur 5K: ran 3 times Zippy 5K: ran once Pac Sun 10K: ran once Shriners 8K: ran 3 times Fleet Feet Mile: ran twice Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice Humboldt Half: ran 3 times Clarksburg 30K: ran 3 times Cal Internl Marathon: ran twice, 2:14 for 6th in 1984 Top Races: 2003 Skyline 50k - 3:40:33, 1st place, new course record 2003 USATF/PA National Championship 50k - 3:54:45, 2nd place 2003 Dick Collins Firetrails 50-miler - 6:52:39, 1st place Other Running Accomplishments: Manitoba Marathon - 1st place in 1981, 1982, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989; course record of 2:13:53, set in 1981, still stands; 2nd overall, 1st masters in 2003 Ride & Tie Championships - 1st place in 1999, 2003 2001 Hood-to-Coast Relay - 1st masters men's team; course record 2001 USATF/PA road grand prix - 1st masters man Other Accomplishments: Compete in horseback endurance rides, including 1st place & best considitioned horse in 2001 Swanton Pacific 75-miler Memeber of the only team to make 5 consecutive finishes of the Swanton Pacific 100-mile ride & tie Favorite Races: Manitoba Marathon Hobbies: Ride & tie, Horseback endurance riding, Cooking

Carmwelo Rios 2/15/04 Birth Date: 10/11/59 Birthplace: Puerto Rico Resident City: San Jose Club: The Aggies of California Education: Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo Job: Stay home "Daddy" Years Running: 26 High school: Lennox High HS Running: 2:02 880, 4:22, 9:11(2-mile); 9:30 steeplechase, 29:59-6-mile (Lompoc High 1977; "my junior year"-dirt track). College: Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo College Running: National Champion-3,000 Steeplechase-1981 National Champion-5,000 mtrs.,-1983 School Records: 3,000 Steeple- 8:28; 10,000m 28:51 Personal Records: Mile: 4:06 at Higuera Mile 1984 1500: 3:50 at USC All-Comer meet 1980 5K: 13:56 at Los Gatos All Comers meet 1983 10K: 28:28 at Mt. SAC 1985 Half Marathon: 1:04 at San Francisco 1/2 1998 Marathon: 3:01 at Palos Verdes 1976 Other: 59:58 20K 1981 Other: 22:58 8K 1985 Other: 5:30 2k Steeplechase 1988 Awards/Honors: Cal Poly Hall of Fame-1986 Natl Meets: Oly Trails 1980, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 Intl Meets: World Championships 1983-Puerto Rico; Oly's-1984 Puerto Rician Team Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 3 times, 48:11 for 1st 1982 Across the Bay 12K: ran 6 times, 36:39 for 6th 1989 HP 10K: ran 4 times, 30:10 1989, 1st 1997 Big Sur 5K: ran twice, 16:02 for 27th 2003 Zippy 5K: ran twice, 15:42 for 27th 2003 Pac Sun 10K: ran 3 times, 29:30 for 3rd 1989 Shriners 8K: ran 3 rimes, 25:25 for 1? 1991 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 4 times, 4:22 for 19th 1997 Heritage Oaks 10K, ran twice, 33:00 for 20th 2002 Injuries/obstacles: Broken neck (c1, c3)-1995), car wreck. Top Races: Zippy's and Cap-mile (S.F., Sacramento) Goals: To break 31:00 minutes in 10k as a 40 plus runner. Role Models: Mother, Bob Marley, and Celia Cruz Favorite Races: Prefontain Invite! (Eugene Orgon) Hobbies: Music, Drum playing, Life! Playing drums and walking.

Chatham Ross 2/15/06 BirthDate: 03/25/59 Birthplace: Lynchburg, Virginia Resident City: Alameda Club: Pacific Striders Education: Physics and Finance Job: Biotechnology Years Running: 30 Highschool: North Forsyth (Winston Salem, NC) HS Running: Did not run until Senior year. First man on a pretty mediocre XC team. Sub 5:00 mile. College: North Carolina State College Running: Best seasons were XC. Made the traveling team last two years. Also had a lot of fun training with some of the best women runners, including Julie Shea, Joan Benoit, and Betty Springs. Personal Records: 5K: 15:19 on Chapel Hill Track in 1980 10K: 32:00 at Diet Pepsi (Winston-Salem) in 1980 Half Marathon: 1:11 at Roanoke VA in 1981 Marathon: 2:59 at NYC in 1991 Other: 9:36 3000 SC Grand Prix Races: Cal 10: ran 4 times, 57:55 2001 NorCal: ran once, 59:13 2003 1 HP 10K: ran 3 times, 34:55 2005 Zippy 5K: ran 3 times, 16:55 2000 Pacific Sun 10K: ran 10 times, 33:14 1994 Shriners 8K: ran twice, 27:24, 2005 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 3 times, 4:55 2000 Jamba 5K: ran once 17:08 2005 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 34:36 2001 Top Races: I have enjoyed running the Wharf to wharf and getting the top-100 vest/sweat shirt. It used to be a tempo run, but is getting to be more and more of an all out effort. Accomplishments: Won Lake Chabot run/shoot Biathlon in 1995 Goals: I have a streak of breaking 60 min for ten miles every year. It would be nice to keep that going for as long as possible. Generally to keep running and enjoy the sport. Role Models: Running - Linda Summers-Smith who I had the pleasure of training with for a few years. Just incredibly tough and really progressed from a local road racer to Olympic marathoner. Favorite Races: Peachtree 10K (when I was in college) PA XC championship (GGP) Crystal Springs XC Sentinel triathlon (Santa Cruz)

Dwight P. Smith 2/15/06 Birth Date: 10/14/58 Birth place: Modesto Resident City: Seaside Club: WNLR Education: M.A. Job: Art Teacher Years Running: +30 Highschool: Ceres College: USF Personal Bests: Mile: 4:29 at Modesto Mile 1985 1500: 4:06 at Merced Invit. 1986 5K: 15:04 at NorCal J.C.Champs. 1986 10K: 31:36 at IV Met.Dyr.Barcelona 1986 Half Marathon: 1:09 at Granollers,Spain 1988 Marathon: 2:33 at Barcelona,Spain 1987 Other: 9:13 at Fresno Bee Games/3000 Steeple 1984 28:51 at Jean Bouin 9.55K, Barcelona 1986 1:05 at Ripoll 20K Champs.,Spain 1986 Grand Prix Races: Cal 19: ran 4 times, 54:04 1984 NorCal: ran once 1:05.26 2005 Across the Bay: ran once 45:13 2005 HP 10K: ran once, 35:21 2005 Big Sur 5K: ran opnce, 17:17 2005 Zippy: ran once, 17:11 2005 PacSun 10K: ran once 34:52 2005 Shriners 8K: ran once, 27:38 2005 Fleet Feet Mile: ran once, 4:57 2005 Jamba 5K: ran once, 16:47 2005 Heritage 10K: ran twice, 35:04 2005 Humboldt Half: ran once 1:18.10 2005 Clarksburg 30K: ran once, 1:56.34 2005

Lloyd Stephenson 1/18/04 Birth Date: 10/03/54 Birth place: Oakland, CA Resident City: San Francisco Club: Excelsior Education: one year college Job: retired ( owned 2 bicycle shops & 2 apt. bldgs. ) Years Running: 10 High school: St. Louis Park High School, MN HS Running: Lake Conference titles in X-C and track 2mile, a few of the same in District and Region, a few State Meet medals. Two mile track best of 9:18, I think. High school XC course record at Lake Nokomis, 14:52 for 3 miles. As a senior, a 10th grader named Steve Placensia went 0 for whatever against me. Didn't seem to hold him back later. I graduated at 17, and don't recall anyone my age beating me. Steve Holl was also in the conference, maybe a year ahead of me. College: University of Texas, Austin College Running: Not many- I dropped out in the 3rd semester. I did help to win the SW Conference XC team crown as a freshman, and got to run the NCAA meet, barely 18. A few half decent times on the track, 1,3, & 6 miles. Personal Records: Mile: 4:19?, at Texas A&M dual in 1973 5K: 14:50 at Run by the River, Clarksville, 1996 10K: 31:03 at Peachtree, 1996 Half Marathon: 1:10 at Jock & Jill, Seattle, 1995 Marathon: 2:25 at Twin Cities, 1995 Other: 24:35 8K at Fujitsu 8K, 1995 Other: 51:12 10M at Crim 10 mile, Flint MI, 1995 Awards/Honors: 1995: PA road GP masters champ 1996: PA road GP masters champ, PA Athlete of the year, RRCA Master of the year, National 5k masters road champ 1997: 5th, Indy Life Masters Circuit 2000: PA road GP masters champ 2001&2: USATF LDR Athlete of the year, 45-49 age group Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 10 times, 52:27, 1995 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 57:07, 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 8 times, 39:08 for ~10th 1998 HP 10K: ran 3 times BigSur 5K: ran 7 times, 15:32 1998 Zippy 5K: ran 4 times, 15:35, 2000 Pac Sun 10K: ran 9 times, 31:18 1995 Shriners 8K: ran 6 times, 25:48 1999 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 8 times, 4:29 1995 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, ~16:40, 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran 3 times Humboldt Half: ran 9 times, 1:11, 1995 Clarksburg 30K: ran 9 times, ~1:43 Cal Intrnl Marathon: ran 4? times, ~2:42 Top Races: 2002 and 2003 were poor, due partly to injuries. My luck finally ran out. Over the last five years my best results have been at 5k & 8k, esp. Big Sur and Shriners. Several years ago I finally got the age-graded tables, and realized some of my results still matched my good years of 95-96. Other Accomplishments: Help in a small way to administer the Pacific Association of USATF, as well as the USATF Masters LDR Committee. Assist in producing the Zippy 5K. Other Adventures: Traveling with Don Paul is always an adventure, and I have had several. Goals: Get very fit this year, and turn 50 with a bang. Role Model: Ron Clarke Favorite Races: Peachtree 10K: hospitality & organization second to none. Twin Cities Marathon, Big Sur 5K, Zippy 5K, Shriners 8K. When I used to travel and win my plane fare, the events in towns and smaller cities were the best. In Utica, Spokane, Tupelo, Appleton, and Tulsa, we were the center of attention; and I got to see places I might otherwise miss. Races in the South generally have masters money and treat you well, in stark contrast to a few others I have attended. Hobbies: Play tournament chess now and then. Rated about 1800. Read a fair amount, esp. science. Like to hear oral arguments at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Thom Trimble 1/19/04 Birth Date: 07/02/59 Birth place: Pontiac, Michigan Resident City: Walnut Creek Club: Pacific Striders Education: Cal Poly SLO - BS Mechanical Engr Job: Engineer Years Running: 27 High school: Righetti HS HS Running: 1st Place Team - Northern League, SCIF 1st/2nd man on Varsity Team College: Cal Poly SLO College Running: The World's Fastest 8th Man "Pete Sweeny"...on the Div II National Champs XC 1978-82. Personal Records: 1500: 4:00 at Cuesta College All Comers, 1981 5K: 14:58 at USC/UCSB Met, 1981 10K: 31:05 at UCSB Meet, 1981 Half Marathon: 69:28 at Nike SF Half, 1991 Marathon: 2:33 at Las Vegas, 1994 Other: 52:10 10M at Cal 10, 1987 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton: ran 10 times, 52:10, 1987 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 57:40, 2003 Across the Bay 12K: rna 6 times, 39:40 HP 10K: ran twice, 33:49, 2002 BigSur 5K: ran 6 times, 16:21, 1997 Zippy 5K ran 3 times, 16:12 Pac Sun 10K: ran 8 times, 32:03, 1990 Shriners 8K: ran 5 times, 26:17, 1997 Fleet Feet Mile: ran 5 times, 4:34, 1997 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 16:22, 2003 Heritage Oaks 10K: ran twice, 33:46, 2001 Humboldt Half: ran 10 times, 1:09:38, 1991 Clarksburg 30K: ran 6 times, 1:46:14, for 14th , 1996 Cal Internl Marathon: ran 4 times, 2:35 for 33rd, 1993 Top Races: 2nd Master at 2003 Empire Open XC 3rd Master at 2003 Golden Gate XC 3rd Master at 2002 Humboldt Half (1:13:49) 4th Master at 2002 Clarksburg 30K (1:49:45) Goals: To win one dang race division in the PAUSATF before I hit 80. Role Models: OUT: Sponge Bob IN: Triumph the Insult Dog Favorite Races: Humboldt Half Alameda Run for the Parks Hobbies: Severe Storm Research (aka Tornado Chasing) Web Site Development

Craig Whichard 2/16/04 Birth Date: 10/04/58 Birth place: Elizabeth, NJ Resident City: Livermore, CA Club: Pacific Striders Education: BSChE - Princeton University 1980 Job: Engineering Manager for Cypress Semiconductor Years Running: 30 Highschool: West Orange (NJ) High School 1973-1976 HS Running: 2 years cross country and 3 years track; Ran 2:00.3 for 3rd in 880 in Essex County meet in 1976 College: Princeton University 1976-1980 College Running: Ran 1:58.5 for 800m at West Point in May 1980; Heptagonal XC Championships at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx; Heptagonal Indoor Track Championships at Cornell and Heptagonal Outdoor Track Championships at Penn Personal Records: Mile: 4:36 at High School Meet, 1976 5K: 16:42 at Playa de Rey - Los Angeles 1987 10K: 33:07 at Madison, NJ, 1979 Half Marathon: 1:19 at Livermore Grape Stomp 2003 Marathon: 2:44 at Napa Valley Marathon 1988 - 15th overall. Other: 21:40 4M on the 4th-Bridgeton, ME 1986 Other: 42:11 12K at Bay to Breakers 1993 - 99th overall Other: 53.5 440yd High School Race 1976 Grand Prix Races: Cal 10 Stockton, ran 5 times, 58:23 for 69th 2003 Nor Cal 10: ran once, 59:10 for 29th 2003 Across the Bay 12K: ran 3 times, 45:12 for 99th 2001 HP 10K: ran twice, 35:52 for 51st 2003 Big Sur 5K: ran 4 times, 17:26 for 30th 2003 Zippy 5K: ran once, 17:20 for 101st 2000 Pac Sun 10K: ran once, 36:10 for 67th 2003 Shriners 8K: ran twice, 29:05 for 67th 2001 Fleet Feet Mile: ran once, 4:59 for 75th 2001 Jamba Juice 5K: ran once, 17:32 for 96th 2003 Heritage oaks 10K: ran 3 times, 35:45 2002, for 76th 2001 Humboldt Half: ran once, 1:20:43 for 38th 2003 Clarksburg 20K: ran twice, 1:59:03 for 33rd 2003 Injuries/Obstacles: Knee tendonitis in 1996-1997; plantar fasciitis in 2002-2003. Top Races: Livermore Fitness Day 5K, 2000, 16:55, 10th overall and 1st masters; Devil Mountain 10K, 2000, 35:34, 12th overall and 2nd masters; Back to School 10K, 2002, slow 36:55 but 1st overall and 1st masters Goals: Stay healthy and run into my 80s. Repeat Top 10 Masters (long) in 2004. Break 17:00 again in the 5K and break 35:00 again in the 10K. Race sub-58:00 for 10 miles and sub-6:00/mile pace for the half marathon. Compete in the NYC Marathon in 2008 and the Boston Marathon in 2009. Role Models: Craig Masback - Track team captain during my freshman year of college (he subsequently ran a 3:52 mile). Sebastian Coe - Former world record holder and Olympic gold medalist. Favorite Races: Livermore Fitness Day 5K and 10K - ran 23 consecutive times from 1981 through 2003. 4 on the 4th 4-mile in Bridgeton, ME - first ran in 1977, have run several times since and plan to run again in 2004. Hobbies: Reading and travel