LDR Committee Minutes
September 11, 2011, after the Golden Gate Park Open Cross Country Meet On a park bench near the start/finish area Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Lloyd Stephenson, master's LDR chair, Tom Bernhard, road scorer, Chikara Omine, NB Excelsior;
Don Porteous, cross country co-chair, Ken Grebenstein, Tamalpa; Irene Herman, physically challenged co-chair and PA president and membership chair;
Mark Winitz, LDR officials coordinator; Thomas O'Connor, WVJS; Bill Dodson, WVJS;
Bob Venditti, Arnold Utterback, Buffalo Chips; Andy Harris, River City Rebels; John Spriggs, Pamakids.

Meeting called to order 11:17 am.

Minutes from ATB meeting 3/20/2011 were unanimously approved.


MUT: Chair Hollis Lenderking was unable to attend, but he notified the committee that he has several people who may be interested in the chair position after his retirement
near the end of the year, including Bill Dodson of WVJS, who was present at the meeting. He also reported that scorer Gary Wang has agreed to continue.

MoTEC: No report.

Cross Country: Cross country co-chair Don Porteous reported that the UC Santa Cruz race had record attendance, and that the new Rebel XC Challenge
had good turnout and came off well, other than for some chip timing problems.

Sponsorship/Fundraising: No report

Physically Challenged Athletes: At the Association Workshop 8/19-21, the "national wheelchair guy" recommended to us that we ease back on rules to increase participation.
We've now had 10 physically challenged athletes compete in our grand prix.


New Road Grand Prix Bid Coordinator, Tom Bernhard, presented the races which have bid for the 2012. The committee approved the schedule in three unanimous votes:

1. The committee approved the 3/3 NorCal 10 Miler, the 3/18 Across the Bay 12K, the 3/31 or 4/1 Credit Union Sactown 10 Mile Run, the 4/22 Zippy 5K,
     the 10/16 Humboldt Half Marathon, and the 11/22 Turkey Trot 5K.
2. The committee approved, pending receipt of bid, the 4/29 Big Sur 5K, the 5/27 MMD 10K, the 11/13 Clarksburg Half Marathon, and the 12/11 or 12/18 Christmas Relays.
3. The committee approved, pending establishment of the date and receipt of the bid, the 7/15 or 7/22 San Rafael Mile.

See Appendix A for race details.

Cross Country Grand Prix:
Chikara Omine, Presidio RD, requested the permission of the LDR Committee to change the times of the races from: Masters men 8:30, women 9:15, open men 10:00 Open men 8:30, women 9:15, masters men 10:00 The committee approved this change unanimously. The committee also recommended that we ensure the change is well-publicized.


LDR Chairs: The committee was reminded that the men's and women's LDR chair positions have been vacant as of August 1 (Tyler Abbott has continued as acting men's chair).
No nominees were put forth. The group suggested we publicize the need through Cynci Calvin.
Grand Prix Bid Coordinator: Tom Bernhard has stepped up to add this role to his road scoring duties.
Board of Athletics: No new members were proposed. We are still short, especially among women. Eligible representation should be 6 for women's LDR,
6 for men's LDR, and 8 for master's LDR. The committee recommended that we come up with a description of duties for BOA members.

The banquet still does not have a host; Pamakids said they would check into it, but unfortunately it's around the same time as the Kaiser Half Marathon, for which they are the race organizing committee.


RULES CHANGES None pending

Road Grand Prix

Travel Funds

Year-end award depth: No update

NEW BUSINESS The Pamakids appealed the denial of the eligibility of a scorer on their senior men's team at Empire. The individual, a new member,
had not included the team name/number when he registered with the PA, though photos show he did wear a club singlet. The appeal was denied, 2-7-1.

Meeting adjourned 12:16 pm. Submitted by Tyler Abbott, acting LDR secretary


3/3 NorCal 10 Miler L $2900 or 1.0 or $4350 1.5
3/18 Across the Bay 12K L $2900 1.0
3/31 or 4/1 Credit Union Sactown 10 Mile Run L $5800 2.0
4/22 (1) Zippy 5K S $2900 1.0
4/29 (2) Big Sur 5K S $2900 1.0
5/27 (2) MMD 10K S $2900 1.0
7/15 or 7/22 (2) San Rafael Mile S $2900 1.0
10/16 Humboldt Half Marathon L $2900 1.5
11/13 (2) Clarksburg Half Marathon L $2900 1.5
11/22 (3) Turkey Trot 5K S $2900 2.0
12/11 or 18 (2)(4) Christmas Relays N/A $2900 2.0

(1) Pending San Francisco Rec & Park approval.
(2) Pending receipt of bid substantially similar to previous bids.
(3) Open individual scoring only
(4) Team only