LDR Committee Minutes
March 20, 2011, after the Across the Bay 12K
On the benches above the west end of the post-race lawn
Tyler Abbott, NB Excelsior, men's LDR chair; Lloyd Stephenson, Excelsior, masters LDR chair;
Don Porteous, Tamalpa, cross country co-chair; Mark Winitz, WVJS, LDR Officials coordinator; Bob Shor, Empire Runners;
Brooke Bray, Irene Herman, Impalas; Dave Ahn, Aggies; Tim Wason, NB Excelsior; Tori Parks, Debbie Miller, SWEAT;
Thomas O'Connor, WVJS.

Meeting called to order 10:23 am.
Minutes from GGP Meeting 9/11/2010 were unanimously approved without change.

MUT: No report
Mountain/Trail Grand Prix Exploratory Committee (MoTEC): No report
Cross Country
After some explanation, the 2011 Cross Country Grand Prix was unanimously approved as shown in Appendix A. Irene Herman moved that the 2011 scoring be changed so that an individual or team scores their best six races plus champs (instead of five+champs, as it's been for several years). After some discussion, motion was approved 8-1 (Abbott)-1 (Shor).

Sponsorship/Fundraising: No report
Disabled athletes
Irene Herman reported that we are about to have our first races for the physically challenged: Zippy, MMD, and the Mile. George Rehmet is coordinating details with the race directors. Irene urged everyone to encourage any physically challenged runners they may know to participate.

LDR Chairs: Nominations were opened. It was announced that nominations will close at Zippy. Katie Wasilenko has announced
that she will not be running again due to approaching motherhood.
Tyler Abbott announced that he would like to retire after 11 years. Lloyd Stephenson will run for Masters LDR chair again.
Grand Prix Bid Coordinator
Board of Athletics.
Tyler Abbott announced that by his calculations we should have six, six, and eight positions available for Men's LDR, Women's LDR,
and Masters LDR, respectively. No new candidates were identified, though everyone was encouraged to look for possible members.
It was noted that we might want some Sacramento-area members who could at least commit to the meetings up there. Some continuing members
were identified, though a complete list was not available. In men's LDR, that includes Mark Winitz, Dave Ahn, Tim Wason, and Tyler Abbott.
Master's LDR includes Lloyd Stephenson.

LDR BANQUET USCG was congratulated on a fine banquet in January. We are looking for a 2011-2012 host.
A couple teams which had never hosted were mentioned: Empire Runners, River City Rebels.

LDR BUDGET: Nothing reported.

Travel Funding: Those present did not know the AADP races for 2011, so no action was taken.
Year-end award depth
This is an old agenda item from the meeting after MMD in 2008 brought up by Toni Miller, Marge Dunlap,
Sue MacDonald, and Chuck MacDonald of SWEAT, wherein they expressed disappointment that there was no award
for all money-winning grand prix participants, as had been our prior practice [specifics of these details
were not available at the meeting but were inserted afterwards]. There being present other members of SWEAT
at this meeting, they agreed to talk to their club members about following up with this.

Rules Changes, new: None proposed
Appeals: None
Other new business
Mark Winitz announced several national rules changes which affect LDR. Chief among these were rules requiring
bib numbers and chips, if applicable, to be worn, and rules clarifying how refreshments may be received by competitors.
Tim Wason (who arrived late) asked whether we preferred to have the first GGP XC race on Saturday (9/10) or Sunday (9/11)
and why; it had earlier been approved for either, at his discretion. The consensus of the committee seemed to be for Sunday,
and Tim agreed to hold the race Sunday 9/11. Tori Parks asked about the status of CIM--it had been approved previously on the
stipulation that the race submit a bid substantially similar to prior bids for all age groups. The grand prix bid coordinator
not being present, the group didn't know whether that had been done. The chairs agreed to follow up with the race director, but in
the meantime Ms. Parks moved that CIM be accepted if it submits a bid substantially similar to prior bids but not for all age groups.
The chair believed but was not sure the motion was in order so let it proceed. This motion was defeated 3-7-3.
Meeting adjourned 11:01 am.

Appendix A: Tentative 2011 Cross Country Grand Prix Schedule

8/20/11 1.5 11th Annual UC Santa Cruz XC Challenge (1)
8/27/11 1.5 19th Annual Phil Widener Empire Open
9/03/11 1.5 1st Annual Rebels XC Challenge (2)
9/10or11/11 1.5 26th Annual Golden Gate Park Open (3)
9/24/11 1.5 7th Annual Garin Park XC Challenge
10/1/11 1.5 13th Annual Presidio Challenge (4)
10/8/11 1.5 3rd Annual Willow Hills XC Open
10/22/11 1.5 14th Annual Shoreline Open (5)
10/29/11 1.5 16th Annual John Lawson Tamalpa Challenge
11/5/11 1.5 2nd Annual Ancil Hoffman Challenge
11/20/11 1.5 26th Annual PA XC Championships (6)
(1) Race will split open and masters men for the first time.
(2) New race at Granite Park
(3) Race approved for either Sat. the 10th or Sun. the 11th at RD
discretion; later RD, after consulting with the committee, decided on the 11th.
(4) Race approved without knowing course for sure; area in Presidio is
under construction and it's impossible to know which trails will be closed at this point.
(5) Race will again feature masters men starting 1 minute after open men.
(6) Will likely include Western Regionals.