December 24, 2009

Pacific Association Youth Committee Meeting

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone has a most wonderful holiday season. This notice is to inform you of the second of our two scheduled Youth Club meetings for our 2010 track and field and cross country season. This meeting is scheduled for Saturday, February 27th from 10 am to 2 pm at James Logan High School. We will critique our 2009 cross country season and maintain thoughts and ideas for the 2010 season.

If you plan to bid for a cross country meet this upcoming season please be aware that you will be expected to have available, the facility location, medical person’s name and contact information, sanction paperwork information, etc. If you want a particular date, let me know ahead of time and it will be added to the schedule before the meeting. It will not be finalized until Saturday February 27th during the scheduled meeting when voting for the meets will take place.

Just a reminder: December 31st is the deadline to renew your team without website interruption. If it is not renewed by that time your team/club name will be removed from the website until you complete your team renewal paperwork which also includes your practice insurance and background checks. Please remember to renew your team registration before May 1, 2010 to avoid the $100.00 late registration fee. Instead of the usual $75.00 renewal fee, you will be assessed $175.00.

Youth Clubs Meeting

Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time: 10:00 pm - 1:00 pm (lunch immediately following 1:00 – 2:00 pm)

Location: James Logan High School

1800 H Street

Union City

Chair – Joanne Camargo Vice Chair – Maria Castillo

Secretary – Nadine Davis Treasurer – Dan Wright

Officials Chairperson – Dolton Simmons Track Chairperson – Pope Powell

Field Chairperson – Sarah Brooks Communications Chairperson – Alex Hill

Race Walk Chairperson - Becky Klein Multi Event Chairperson – Lee Webb

Records Chairperson - Maura Kent Cross Country Chairperson – Bob Shor

High School Chairperson – Darrell Hampton


Please remember that PAYC meetings are to follow Robert's Rule of Order. If you need a refresher you can visit:

  1. Minutes From Last Meeting --- Oct 10, 2009 ---------- Nadine Davis
  2. Treasurer Report ------------------------------------------- Dan Wright
  3. Chairperson Update --------------------------------- Joanne Camargo
    • USATF Annual Convention in Indianapolis, IN December 3-6, 2009
  4. Track Chairperson Update ------------------------------ Pope Powell
    • Level 11 Coaches Clinic immediately following the 2010 JO Nationals in Sacramento
  5. Officials Chairperson Update -------------------------- Dolton Simmons
    • Officials have been asked to help officiate our upcoming championship meets
  6. Vice Chairperson's Update ------------------------------ Maria Castillo
    • Per YOP, request each club expecting to bring five (5) or more athletes to a 2010 T&F championship meet to sign up for a volunteer focus area (PAC, Region 16 Multi’s, Sub-Bantam, Region 16 Track and Field)
    • 2010 Junior Olympic LOC update
  7. Communication Chairperson Update ---------------------------- Alex Hill
    • Plans to implement an online youth committee newsletter
  8. Records Chairperson Update ----------------------------- Maura Kent
    • Review of the two types of records kept by our association
    • There is a change in how we insure your athletes are validated before the meet takes place
    • We used online registration for the cross country nationals. We are seriously considering using this method for track and field
  9. High School Chairperson Update ---------------- Darrell Hampton
  10. Field Chairperson Update ----------------------------- Sarah Brooks
    • Field events held on Friday afternoon for certain championship meets
  11. Multi’s Chairperson Update ------------------------------- Lee Webb
  12. Racewalk Chairperson Update ---------------------------- Becky Klein
  13. Cross Country Chairperson update ------------------------- Bob Shor

Bid for 2010 Cross Country meet series

  1. New business.
  1. Announcements.
  2. Adjournment.

Joanne Slaton-Camargo

Youth Chair Pacific Association

(510) 632-8004 home

(510) 879-8642 work

[email protected]