TO:                 Pacific Association Committee Chairs and Association Officers

FROM:                 Mark Winitz

DATE:                 May 4, 2010

RE:                 Pacific Association Strategic Planning Process

Our President, Irene Herman, has asked me to do the following:

(1) Spearhead and oversee a process for updating our PA/USATF Strategic Plan for the current Olympiad;

(2) Put in place a method to periodically check that the plan is being implemented, and to make adjustments as necessary

To facilitate this process, I’ve asked Irene to approve  the creation of a Strategic Planning Task Force that will be created immediately. The Task Force will be composed of a representative from each PA/USATF Committee, an individual that represents the PA/USATF Board of Athletics, the Immediate Past President, and the President. I will Chair this Task Force. The purposes of the Task Force are three fold:

(1) Perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis of PA/USATF in preparation for a Board of Athletics strategic planning meeting to take place in late summer/early fall (date and location to be determined). This SWOT Analysis will be used by the B of A to assess the strategic goals and objectives in our current plan and to revise/update them for the current Olympiad. This SWOT analysis will begin on June 1.

(2) Provide input to the strategic plan on an ongoing basis.

(3) Quarterly assess the implementation status of the strategic goals and objectives in the plan and report to the B of A. Quarterly, recommend to the BOA necessary adjustments or updates to the plan to ensure that goals and objectives stay on track.

ACTION ITEM: Each Committee Chair, please identify from your Committee a representative to participate on the Strategic Planning Task Force on an ongoing basis. This person should have a basic knowledge of the programs and affairs conducted by your committee, plus an interest in strategic planning. (No prior strategic planning experience is necessary.) By MAY 25th please forward, the name and contact information of this representative to Irene Herman ([email protected]) and Mark Winitz ([email protected]). Please direct any questions that you may have to me.

A full description of the strategic planning process can be found on the PA web site at:


Thanks for your commitment to a strategic plan that will move our organization forward.