LDR Committee Minutes

September 11, 2010, after the Golden Gate Park Cross Country Open On a picnic bench near the start/finish area

Tyler Abbott, NB Excelsior, men's LDR chair; Katie Wasilenko, Impalas, women's LDR chair;
Lloyd Stephenson, NB Excelsior, masters LDR chair; Don Porteous, Tamalpa, cross country co-chair;
Mark Winitz, WVJS, LDR Officials coordinator; Frank Ruona, Tamalpa; John Spriggs, Pamakids;
Nicole Campbell, WVTC; Ken Burgess, USCG.

Meeting called to order at 11:28 am

Minutes from the Zippy Meeting 4/18/2010 were unanimously approved after the following change to the last sentence in the VOLUNTEERS section: "The next BOARD OF ATHLETICS meeting is 5/18 in Walnut Creek."


MUT: No report.

Mountain/Trail Grand Prix Exploratory Committee (MoTEC):
Tyler Abbott reported that the committee met after the MMD 10K and made some progress, but there hadn't been too much activity since then.
At this time it seems unlikely we'd have anything together for 2011, but the committee is hopeful that such a grand prix could be successful.

Cross Country
Don Porteous reports that this year's numbers to date have exceeded even last year's banner numbers. It was unanimously approved
that this year's Presidio Cross Country Challenge would be allowed to change to a specific new course due to part of the "outer loop"
currently being closed off due to restoration work in the Presidio. After some discussion, cross country co-chair agreed to bring up the
issue of possibly wanting separate open/masters men's race on courses which may at times have trouble managing the number of people in the

Sponsorship/Fundraising: No report

Disabled athletes: No report


Board of Athletics positions (one short in women's LDR): Nicole Campbell of WVTC agreed to become a women's LDR rep to the Board of Athletics.


Ken Burgess of USCG reported that they were planning to host the banquet on Saturday, January 29th on Coast Guard Island just offshore from Oakland. Cost will likely be around $25; speaker will likely be Andy Chan.


First, the following races were unanimously approved for the 2011 Road Grand Prix: NorCal 10 Miler Across the Bay 12K Marin Memorial Day 10K Humboldt Half Marathon Clarksburg Half Marathon Turkey Trot 5K

Secondly, the committee voted 7-1-0 to accept the Big Sur 5K subject to Frank Ruona's approval of the registration process.

Third, the committee voted unanimously to accept the San Rafael Mile, subject to the race's submission of timing procedures, along with timing company name and contact information, to Mark Winitz by 4/6, and his subsequent approval of these procedures.

Fourth, the committee voted unanimously to accept the Juana Run 8K on Saturday, 3/12, pending bid receipt. Also, the race has asked how many PA runners it should expect and we will try to get some historical experience to them.

Fifth, the committee voted unanimously to accept the Zippy 5K on April 17, pending receipt of a bid substantially similar to the 2010 bid.

Sixth, the committee voted 6-0-2 to approve CIM only if the race bids for all age groups.

Seventh, the committee voted unanimously to accept the Christmas Relays. The race had certain questions (mainly as to how some parts of the contract don't apply to them as a relay event), which were discussed briefly. Answers were given to Nicole Campbell of the sponsoring club WVTC.

Eighth, the committee voted to put the MMD 10K on the short circuit. It was acknowledged that this designation could be changed by the Executive Committee after the rest of the schedule is finalized.

The tentative 2011 Road Grand Prix schedule appears as Appendix A.

LDR BUDGET (nothing to report)

RULES CHANGES (none pending)

Year-end award depth: Nothing to report


Rules Changes (new): None proposed
Appeals: None
Other new business: None

Meeting adjourned 12:40 pm.


Appendix A: TENTATIVE 2011 Road Grand Prix Schedule

John Frank NorCal 10 Miler 3/5/2011 Long $2900 1.0
Juana Run 8K (1) 3/12/2011 Short $2900 1.0
Across the Bay 12K 3/20/2011 Long $2900 1.0
Zippy 5K (2) 4/17/2011 Short $2900 1.0
Big Sur 5K 5/1/2011 Short $2900 1.0
MMD 10K 5/30/2011 $2900 $2900 1.0
San Rafael Mile 6/5/2011 $2900 $2900 1.0
Humboldt Half Marathon 10/16/2011 Long $2900 1.5
Clarksburg Half Marathon 11/13/2011 Long $2900 1.5
Turkey Trot 5K (open individual only) 11/24/2011 Short $2900 2.0
CIM (1) 12/2011 Long $2900 2.0
Christmas Relays (team only) 12/18/2011 N/A $2900 2.0
(1) Race has not decided whether to bid.
(2) Pending submission of acceptable bid. Date could change.