LDR Committee Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2010, after the Zippy 5K
On a grassy knoll near the start/finish area Near the Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Tyler Abbott, NB Excelsior, men's LDR chair; Katie Wasilenko, Impalas, women's LDR chair;
Lloyd Stephenson, NB Excelsior, masters LDR chair; Brooke Wells, Impalas, cross country co-chair;
Don Porteous, Tamalpa, cross country co-chair; Hollis Lenderking, BAUR, MUT chair; Tom Bernhard, NB Excelsior, road scorer;
Tim O'Rourke, Tamalpa; Irene Herman, Impalas, PA President and PA Membership chair; Mark Winitz, WVJS, LDR Officials coordinator;
Ken Grebenstein, Tamalpa; Tony Coffey, Aggies; Craig Benson, unaffiliated; Frank Ruona, Tamalpa; Mimi Willard, Tamalpa.

Meeting called to order at 10:00 am.

Minutes from ATB Meeting 3/21/2010 were unanimously approved.


Mimi Willard of Tamalpa raised the question of whether we should have a Mountain/Trail grand prix (an idea that has arisen several
times over the past few years). This would be distinguished from cross country in that the races would be longer (7 to 20 miles was her idea)
and generally more technical, and distinguished from ultras by virtue of their shorter distance. A motion to form a Mountain/Trail Grand Prix
Exploratory Committee with chair Chris Lundy, Hollis Lenderking, or Tyler Abbott (Chris first, Hollis if Chris declines, Tyler if Hollis
declines) was approved unanimously. It was discussed that the committee would solicit volunteer members; Mimi Willard ([email protected])
agreed to serve on the committee. It was envisioned that the grand prix would start with four to six races and take place in the Spring,
but no votes were taken on these matters. [Volunteers for the committee should contact Tyler Abbott [email protected].]
Hollis Lenderking reported that travel fund recipient Chikara Omine finished 4th at the US 100K road championships last weekend in
Madison (after being in 2nd place after 90K). This is the race that we funded. It earns Mr. Omine a tentative spot on the
US world 100K team. Beverly Anderson Abbs was our other recipient, but due to injuries incurred before the race she was forced
to drop out at 50K.

Cross Country: No report

Sponsorship/Fundraising: No report

Disabled athletes
Irene Herman reported that she in conjunction with George Rehmet and a woman named Simone (who in particular has connections in the veterans community)
are submitting a grant for funding for prize money for disabled athletes in the road grand prix. Grant application is due at the end of May,
and we should know more by the next meeting.

Board of Athletics positions: Men's LDR chair Tyler Abbott having failed to discover the current status of our BoA positions, there was no
discussion. The next meeting is 5/18 in Walnut Creek.

There was nothing new to report. US Coast Guard is still on tap to host the 2010-2011 banquet.

The following budget request was unanimously approved:
Road prize money, net $1400
Cross country travel fund $1000
Year-end (banquet) awards ($1000)
Road GP ($15,000/20,000*)
Cross GP ($8,000)
Ultra GP ($3,000)
Road travel funds ($1,000)
Cross travel funds ($1,000)
Ultra travel funds ($1,000), with the stipulation that the Ultra travel fund be shifted to the Ultra Grand Prix if there is no USATF 100K
road championship or any selection event for the World Cup (100K roads).


Related to the recently passed mandatory officials requirement (see ATB minutes), Irene Herman moved to modify the rule to allow friends or
family who are not club members but who are somehow affilliated with the club to count in terms of the officials requirement. The example
of the need for this rule was a single gender team in which the opposite gender spouse of one of the members becomes an official. The motion
was withdrawn after Irene agreed to see if the issue could be worked out with the affected team.

In spite of extensive emails by Mark Winitz enumerating the benefits and history of the 20 miler/30K, the race refuses to offer any race other
than the half marathon to our road grand prix. In the meantime, we have discovered that, while 20 miles is an official record-eligible distance
in the USATF rule book, it was voted out some ten years ago but erroneously left in the rule book. The committee voted unanimously to accept
the 2010 Clarksburg Half Marathon as a grand prix event.

Year-end award depth: No report


Rules Changes (new): None
Appeals: None
Other new business
Mark Winitz reported that the PA (and other nearby association) magazine California Track & Running News, like most magazines, is facing difficult
times in the current economic environment. With this in mind he wanted to make sure we follow up with races on the requirement to buy an ad in the
magazine. In the bid acceptance letters she sends out, acting grand prix bid coordinator Katie Wasilenko offered to confirm the requirement, specify
the submission deadline for the particular race, and request that they copy her on the ad submission. It was also remarked that the April/May
(/June?) issue is quite late, and many people did not receive it before today (so the ad for the Zippy race was not timely for many people).

Meeting adjourned 10:40 am.
Submitted by Tyler Abbott, acting secretary
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