2009 National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship

Pacific Association Top Age Division Finishers



clare carroll sophiehartley KristinaMartinez

Youth Girls (L to R): 3rd place - Clare Carroll (Roseville PAL  Express) 15:28; 12th place - Sophie Hartley (Diablo  Valley) 15:43; 24th place - Kristina Martinez  (Unattached) 16:11
Team Scores: Buffalo Chips B (8th  place); Roseville PAL Express (10th  place); Diablo Valley Track (15th  place)


KevinPoteracke connormccarthy SpencerCudworth
Youth Boys (L to R): 3rd place - Kevin Poteracke (Santa Rosa  Express) 13:52; 10th place - Connor McCarthy (Pleasanton  Heat) 14:09; 13th place - Spencer Cudworth  (Unattached) 14:15

Youth Boys, continued: 17th place - Bradford Avilla (Pleasanton  Heat) 14:18; (no photo) 21st place - Aidan Goltra (Pleasanton  Heat) 14:21

Team Scores: Pleasanton Heat A (1st  place); Pleasanton Heat B (12th  place); Roseville PAL Express (13th  place)