Pacific Association Background Check List

Below are listed Pacific Association coaches, officals and volunteers who have been approved by the Pacifc Association USATF Background Investigation Process. For questions about this process, contact George Paddeck.
Email [email protected]; phone: 916-919-1009

Coaches, Officials, Volunteers - Obtaining Your Background Checks:

How to Obtain Your Livescan Background Check

Youth Background Check Information and Request for Live Scan Service Form

California State Law requires us to check background information for our current members only!
Due to this law, if you did not renew your USATF membership by March 31,
you will not be cleared for 2009 until you:

  • Renew your USATF membership and
  • Get another background check at your own expense.

Photo ID Badges must be worn by all Coaches/Volunteers/Offcials at the Youth Meets and Practices.
Debra Harvey is now the person resonsible for producing these (previously it was Charlie Sheppard).
If the word "NEED" is in the Photo ID column, it means you have not sent in a photo.
ASAP, email a clear "passport style" photo (jpeg at print resolution size) of yourself to:

Debra Harvey <[email protected]>

Background Check Clearance List by Last Name

Link to Background Check List by TEAM

This list was updated June 25, 2009.

Last Name, First Name Coach/Volunteer USATF Team Affiliation USATF Number PHOTO IDNEED
Acuff, Amy Tri Valley AC Volunteer 1910028838
Adams, Joseph Club Respect Coach 1912457738
Adams, Melissa Soul Air Volunteer 1912350438 NEED
Agustus, David Napa TC Coach 1912921238
Aldridge, Jeanette Unattached Coach 1912493238
Alexander, Mark Unattached Coach 1911350538
Allred, Deron Christian Team Ministries Coach 1911549238 NEED
Ambrose, John Unattached Coach 1910652538
Anthony, Les Yolo First Strike Coach 1914829538 NEED
Appleby, Steven Roseville Express TC Coach 1912807338
Arnold, James Roseville Express TC Coach 1911036038
Arnold, Melissa Roseville Express TC Coach 1911173138
Aubert, Ladonna MP Striders TC Volunteer 1911062638
Avery, Eric Original Richmond Half Steppers Volunteer 1913479038
Avilla, Robert Central Valley Road Runners Volunteer 1910770538 NEED
Backer, Sandra Marin Race Walkers/OFFICIAL Official 1911997338
Banas, Amy Diablo Valley TC Coach 1912047638
Banayat, Theodore Diablo Valley TC Coach 1915159638 NEED
Barnhart, Sarah Sierra Foothill TC Coach 1910446238
Barodte, James San Luis Distance Club Volunteer 1910346238
Barr, Adrian Unattached Coach 1911176438
Barrett, Peter Central Valley Mustangs Coach 1915068938 NEED
Bass, Bernice Unattached Coach 1911621938 NEED
Bayliss, David Roseville Express TC Coach 1911358838
Beasley, Anthony Unattached Volunteer 1914351038 NEED
Beatty, Tyrenda Castro Valley TC Coach 1913754638
Benson, Craig Unattached Coach 1911640938 NEED
Berry, James MP Striders Volunteer 1911720938 NEED
Besmer, Daniel Christian Team Ministries Volunteer 1912055938
Blackwell, Diane Oakland PAL Coach 1910322538
Block, Kenneth City Track Volunteer 1911921338
Bond, Lester Stockton B Fast TC Coach 1913751238 NEED
Booi, Norman Unattached Coach 1911788638 NEED
Boot, Micheael OFFICIAL Official 1910483538 NEED
Boston, John Berekely East By TC Coach 1911307538 NEED
Box, Christopher Vallejo PAL Fast Forward TC Coach 1910547738
Boyle, Kerry Tri-Valley Athletics Coach 1910971938 NEED
Brewer, Arno Mission Valley Coach 1912550938
Broussard, Donna Full Stride Track Club/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910329038
Brown, Leslie Roseville Express TC Coach 1911201038
Bryant, Anthony Original Richmond Half Steppers Volunteer 1913504538
Bryant, Carl Central Valley Road Runners Volunteer 1911671438 NEED
Burns, Samuel Hilltop Speed Coach 1913291938 NEED
Caldwell, Patricia Sierra Racewalkers/OFFICIAL Official 1910140138
Camargo, Anthony Hampton Phillips Classic TC/OFFICIAL Official 1910422338
Camargo, Joanne Hampton Phillips Classic TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910317538
Camargo, Mario Hampton Phillips Classic TC Volunteer 1910427238
Campbell, Otis City Track Volunteer 1911920538
Canimo, Peter Natomas Youth TC Coach 1912310838 NEED
Cardey, Andrea Napa TC Volunteer 1912910538
Cardey, Steven Napa TC Volunteer 1912910538
Carter, Darin Sacramento Heat Coach 1911065938
Castillo, Maria EOYDC/OFFICIAL Official 1912891738
Chalmers, Mary Soul Air Volunteer 1914529138
Chase, Vernon Livermore Track and Field Coach 1912610138 NEED
Chen, Jorge Unattached Coach 1910660838 NEED
Coleman, Donald Central Valley Mustangs Coach 1914863438 NEED
Coleman, Josie Central Valley Mustangs Volunteer 1914862638 NEED
Coleman-Jack, Kelly Vallejo PAL Fast Forward TC Coach 1913245538
Colman, Bruce OFFICIAL Official 1910044538
Colman, Jerry Sacramento TC/OFFICIAL Official 1910185638 NEED
Connors, Richard Unattached Official 1910156757 NEED
Connors, Shirley Unattached Official 1910157557
Cooks, Jamal CA Track Club Volunteer 1911443838
Cooper, Mary San Luis Distance Club Volunteer 1910152638
Cordray, Lacy Unattached Coach 1912482538 NEED
Cottong, Brent Unattached Coach 1910040006 NEED
Coulter, Dennis Castro Valley TC Coach 1911814038 NEED
Craft, Jerry Mission Valley TF Coach 1912553338
Creighton, Susan Reoseville Express TC Coach 1911180638
Cribbins, Laura Golden Gate Race Walkers/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910504838
Crown, Pamela SF Marathon Trainign Program Coach 1912384338 NEED
Curran, William Unattached Coach 1913317238 NEED
Daniels, Parker Roseville Express TC Coach 1911579938
Darius, Donovin Tony Williams Track Club Coach 1914718038 NEED
Davidson, Michael Palo Alto Lightening Coach 1911877738
Davis, Nadine EOYDC Coach 1912854538 NEED
Davis, Thresa MP Striders TC Volunteer 1911048538
Decatur, Gail Unattached Volunteer 1912860238 NEED
DesJardins, Charles Tamalpa Runners/OFFICIAL Official 1910046038
Dibrell, Aliya CA Track Club Volunteer 1911004838
Dixon, Evangela Oakland PAL Coach 1911862938
Dixon, Margaret Oakland PAL Coach 1911854638
Doggett, James Tri-Valley Vault Athletics Coach 1910970138 NEED
Doggett, Michelle Tri-Valley Vault Athletics/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910969338
Donnelley, John Castro Valley TC Coach 1912486638
Doss, Dexter Unattached Coach 1912295138 NEED
Drew, Darnell Central Valley Road Runners Coach 1911674836
Dulaney, Michael Hilltop Speed Volunteer 1913293538
Duncan, Michael Buffalo Chips RC Coach 1910523838
Edehomon, Tonia Central Valley Mustangs Volunteer 1914846938 NEED
Edgar, William OFFICIAL Official 1911248138
Edwards, Donald AEIOU Coach 1910048638
Edwards, Neil Unattached Coach 1910489238 NEED
Epps, Kenneth Hilltop Speed Volunteer 1913295038
Evans, Hazel American Canyon Striders Coach 1913832038 NEED
Evans, Richard "Hoy" American Canyon Striders Coach 1910741638 NEED
Evans, Scott Unattached Coach 1911649038 NEED
Fairley, Rob Trojan TC Coach 1910974388 NEED
Farley, William Stockton Starz Coach 1912853738 NEED
Fitzpatrick, Sean Santa Rosa TC Coach 1912690338 NEED
Fogg, Greg Empire Runners Coach 1912517838 NEED
Fong, Benny Hayward Area TC Volunteer 1910414038 NEED
Fowers, Heidi Active Pulse Runners Coach 1910763038 NEED
Frazier, Linda Buffalo Chips RC Coach 1910291238
FU, Lawrence City Track Coach 1913931038 NEED
Gallagher, Leslie UMOJA Coach 1912413038 NEED
Gallero, Jeffery Sierra Foothill Track Club Coach 1915005138
Garoutte, Christopher Piedmont T&F Coach 1910451238 NEED
George, David Roseville Express TC Coach 1911086538
Georges, Dimitrios Official Official 1911311738 NEED
Giovannoni, Anthony Napa TC Volunteer 1910616038
Giovannoni, Julane Napa TC Coach 1912261338
Giron, Jr., Bruce Diablo Valley TC Coach 1911961938
Godfrey, Airias Castro Valley Volunteer 1910253238 NEED
Grace , Russell Christian Team Ministries Coach 1910675638 NEED
Grady, Dwayne Panther Track Volunteer 1912448638
Grant, Charles Official Official 1912672138
Grant, Howard Unattached Coach 1913112738
Gray, Alexander Roseville Express TC Coach 1911116038
Hammerquist, Michael 3M TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910163338
Hampton, Darrell Acorn/Oscar Bailey TC Coach 1912185438 NEED
Harding, Don Stockton Saints TC Volunteer 1913708238
Harper, Reginald Oakland Dynamite Volunteer 1913380038
Hartman, Joseph Buffalo Chips RC Volunteer 1911469338
Harvel, Silvia Roseville Express TC Volunteer 1911171538 NEED
Harvey, Debra 3M TC Coach 1910327438
Harvey, Stanley 3M TC Coach 1910161738
Harvey, Tye Tri Valley AC Volunteer 1910025438 NEED
Harvey, William Unattached Coach 1911833038
Hawthrone, Stephen MP Striders Coach 1912328038
Hay, David Marin Waves TF Club Coach 1910365438
Hayashi, Yuko Maccando Tenderloin Youth TC Coach 1911220038
Hayes, Theodore Unattached Coach 1910188038 NEED
Haynes, Elmer Golden West Athletic Club Coach 1912215938
Hayson, Allen Nor Cal Pacesetters Volunteer 1913433738
Heglar, Paul Reno Tahoe Athletics Coach 1911654038 NEED
Henderson, Danielle Panther Track Volunteer 1912450238
Henneley, Catherine Mission Multi Sport Coach 1911194738 NEED
Herigstad, Teresa Unattached Coach 1910335738
Herman, Irene Impala Racing Team/OFFICIAL Official 1910087438
Hernandez, Humberto OFFICIAL Official 1910388638 NEED
Hicks, Edward OFFICIAL Official 1912274638 NEED
Hill, Alexander LSI Volunteer 1910378738
Hill, Carol Club Respect Coach 1911084038
Hill, Jack Club Respect Coach 1911083238
Hill, Melvina Maccando Tenderloin Youth TC Coach 1912724038
Hines, Kimberley Nor Cal Pacesetters Volunteer 1910641838 NEED
Hochderffer, Michael Christian Team Ministries Coach 1910447038
Hogg, Daisy City Track Coach 1911919738
Hogg, Leroy City Track Coach 1911918938 NEED
Hold, Howard Buffalo Chips RC Coach 1910522038
Hollis, Tamika Mission Valley TF Coach 1912552538
Hollshwandner, Edward Diablo Valley TC Coach 1911608638
Holmes, Johnny Original Richmond High Steppers Volunteer 1913238038
Hotaling, Bruce Unattached Coach 1910993338 NEED
Huey, Reginald Delta Bay Athletic Association Coach 1913686038
Hughey, Bobby Unattached Official 1911345538
Hume, James OFFICIAL Official 1910173238 NEED
Hutchison, Anthony Nothern Nevada Royal Flyers Coach 1912657238 NEED
Indgjer, Mark Buffalo Chips RC Coach 1911465138
Iwamiya, Dickie Unattached Coach/Official 1911015438
Jackson, Ephion, Jr. Central Valley Road Runners Coach 1911672238 NEED
Jackson, Paul Napa TC Volunteer 1912841238
Jackura, Christine Club Fit Davis Coach 1911672238 NEED
Jaeger, Bryan Outlaws Coach 1910804238 NEED
Johnson, Jan Sky Jumpers VSC Volunteer 1912229038 NEED
Johnson, Johnnie UMOJA TC Volunteer 1912124338
Johnson, Robert Unattached Coach 1913829638 NEED
Johnson, Stephen Unattached Coach 1914228038
Johnson, Timothy Sacramento Heat Coach 1911624338
Jones, Arthur Stockton Saints TC Coach 1911793638
Jones, Keri East Palo Alto Greyhounds Coach 1911946038
Jones, Sylvia (Carol) East Palo Alto Greyhounds Volunteer 1911944538
Kahler, Tara Central Valley Road Runners Volunteer 1911255638
Kammer, Joseph Santa Cruz TC Coach 1912012038 NEED
Karbo, Mark AC TC Coach 1910338138 NEED
Kehoe, Carla Golden West Athletic Club Coach 1911556738 NEED
Kelly, James Fullstride TC/OFFICIAL Official 1910629338
Kelly, Juliet OFFICIAL Official 1910628538
Kent, Maura Roseville Express TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1911166538
Kent, Roosevelt Roseville Express TC Coach 1911167338
Kinamaka, Lisa Unattached Coach 1911666438 NEED
King, Larry Golden West ? Coach 1914560638 NEED
Kirton-Loung, Juaniti Stockton Saints TC Coach 1911795138 NEED
Kleeman, George OFFICIAL Official 1910054438
Klein, Aurther Santa Cruz Track Club/OFFICIAL Official 1910297938 NEED
Klein, Becky Santa Cruz Track Club/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910090838
Knowles, John Sacramento Heat T&F Coach 1912663038
Kostka, Scott Roseville Express TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official
Kpachavi, Koffi Los Gatos Athletic Association Coach 1910614538
Kramaz, Randal Acalanes Vault Club Coach 1910362138
Kwan, John Acalanes Vault Club Coach 1910204538
Laughlin, Sean Unattached Official 1910056938
Lawrence, David, Jr. Pacific United Coach 1911865238
Leonard, Michael OFFICIAL Official 1911395038
Lewis-Morrison, Angela Maccando Tenderloin Youth TC Coach 1912836238
Li, Sophia SF Marathon Trainign Program Coach 1912387638 NEED
Ligon, Lucille OFFICIAL Official 1910385238
Lipsey, John OFFICIAL Official 1910058538
Livingston, Michael Asics Aggies RC Coach 1912697838 NEED
Lopez, Harlan Diablo Valley TC Coach 1911188938
Loraine, Keith North Coast Vaulting Association Coach 1911719138 NEED
Lott, Tekicia Unattached Coach 1913494938
Lowe, Keisha Top Pacers TC Coach 1912856038
Lozano, Jeffery Central Valley Road Runners Coach 1913554038
Lux, Brubet UMOJA TC Volunteer 1911731638 NEED
Mansoor, John Trojan TC Volunteer 1910973538 NEED
Martin, Daniel Buffalo Chips RC Coach 1911926238 NEED
Martin, Stephen Unattached Coach 1911953638
Mason, Pamela Phenom Elite TF Coach 1912886738
Matthieu, Liesbeth Marin Race Walkers Volunteer 1911992438
McCarthy, Kevin Pleasonton Heat Volunteer 1911582338
McDaniels, Robert MacCanDo TC Coach 1191219238
McGee, Njeri TNT Track Club Volunteer 1914159738
McKone, Joshua Roseville Express TC Coach 1910282138 NEED
Meacham, Jonathan Roseville Express TC Coach 1910119538
Medrano, Bryan Santa Rosa TC Coach 1912756238
Mewborn, Kenneth Unattached Coach 1928000838 NEED
Milam, Leroy Unattached Coach 1910119538 NEED
Miller, Michael LSI Sprint Coach 1912721638
Miller, Shamika Central Valley Mustangs Volunteer 1914842838 NEED
Miller, William Unattached Coach 1910067638 NEED
Mills, James Napa TC Coach 1912933738 NEED
Mitchell, Della Omega Track Club Coach 1915158838 NEED
Moore, James Hilltop Speed Coach 1911924738
Moren, Thaddeus Team Olympians Volunteer 1911319038
Morrison, Laura Roseville Express TC Coach 1911168138
Morrison, Mark Roseville Express TC Coach 1911169938
Murray, John OFFICIAL Official 1910232657
Murray, Mary (Susan) OFFICIAL Official 1910905738 NEED
Negri, Peter Omega Youth Track Club Coach 1910864638 NEED
Nekota, Kay Buffalo Chips RC Coach 1910960238 NEED
Nemeth, Joseph OFFICIAL Official 1910170838
Neutz, Darrin Diablo Valley TC Coach 1911633438
Ohara, Tracy Christian Team Ministries Coach 1911722538 NEED
Okoro, Tiffany Tony Williams Track Club Coach 1914726338 NEED
Orwig, Raymond St. Marks School Coach 1912873538 NEED
Owens, Kiyoka Oakland PAL Volunteer 1912176338
Pacini, Domenic Hilltop Speed Coach 1913294338
Paddeck, George Buffalo Chips RC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910206038
Paddeck, Lili Buffalo Chips RC Coach 1910407438
Padgaonkar, Ajay OFFICIAL Official 1911320838
Palacio, Gabriel UMOJA TC Volunteer 1913762938
Parker, Steven 3M TC Coach 1910162538
Patterson, Raymond Northern Nevada Royal Flyers Coach 1912656438 NEED
Perkins, Victor Solano Hawks TC Coach 1913549038 NEED
Pfeiffer, Jerry Muzino Racing Coach 1910462938 NEED
Phillips, James Castro Valley TC Volunteer 1910877838
Pierson, Shelly New Balance Excelsior TC Coach 1911873638 NEED
Pittman, William 3M TC Coach 1910160938 NEED
Ponce, Richard Unattached Coach 1910410838 NEED
Post, Laura Sierra Foothill TC Coach 1910985938
Post, Scott Sierra Foothill TC Coach 1910539438
Powell, Pope Mission Valley TF Coach 1912522838
Powless (Allred), Jeanette Nike Fleet Feet Racing/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1911198838
Powless, Jack Roseville Express TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1911199638
Pratt, Kenneth Maccando Tenderloin Youth TC Coach 1912724038 NEED
Pretto, John OFFICIAL Official 1910141938
Price, Elisabeth Pacific RW Association/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910309238
Price, Jonathan Pacific RW Association/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910242538
Rauch, Robert OFFICIAL Official 1911472738 NEED
Rauch, Steven Empire Runners Coach 1913249738
Reed, Curtis Hilltop Speed Coach 1913292738
Reese, Trashell UMOJA TC Coach 1912123538 NEED
Rehemet, George Pamakids Coach 1911554238 NEED
Richardson, Carol Pleasanton Heat Volunteer 1910449638 NEED
Roberson, Maurice Maccando Tenderloin Youth TC Coach 1912352038
Robinson, Trevor Sierra Foothill TC Coach 1912713338 NEED
Rodriguez, Anthony Lodi/Toaky TC Coach 1913690238
Rosenfield, Stanley San Luis Distance Club Volunteer 1910071838 NEED
Rossman, Diana Unattached Volunteer 1910530338
Ruona, Franklin Tamalpa Runners Volunteer 1910854738 NEED
Ruprecht, Elaine OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1911699538
Rush, Robert OFFICIAL Official 1911085738 NEED
Sample, Deborah Hampton Phillips Classic TC Coach 1910249057
Sanders, Jeanne Buffalo Chips RC/OFFICIAL Official 1911079038
Schlachte, Nancy Pleasanton Heat Volunteer 1911634238
Sealy, Kenrick Transport Adidas Racing Team Coach 1910132838 NEED
Sechler, Roxanne Sierra Foothill TC Coach 1910115338 NEED
Sheehan, Margaret OFFICIAL Official 1910115338
Sheppard, Charles OFFICIAL Official 1910255787
Shin , Matthew Roseville Express TC Coach 1911153338 NEED
Shirey, John OFFICIAL Official 1910994138
Shor, Bob Santa Rosa TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1911251538
Shrock, Dave OFFICIAL Official 1910033838
Siegel, Jonathan OFFICIAL Official 1911314138
Simmons, Dolton EOYDC Coach 1911966838
Sinatra, Paul Roseville Express TC Coach 1911170738
Smith , Allan OFFICIAL Official 1910265638 NEED
Smith , Christopher Piedmont TF Coach 1910886938 NEED
Smith , Douglas Tony Williams TC Coach 1913737138 NEED
Stafford, Sally Unattached Coach 1910953738 NEED
Stamey, Sam Santa Rosa TC Volunteer 1911826438
Stewart, Gwendolyn Vallejo PAL Fast Forward TC Coach 1913233138 NEED
Storrs, Helen OFFICIAL Official 1911935338
Stuart, Eric East Palo Alto Greyhounds Volunteer 1912446038 NEED
Studebaker, Douglas Burlingame Youth TF Coach 1910360538 NEED
Sturgeon, Randell Golden West Athletics Club Coach 1912231638 NEED
Taggart, Scott Roseville Express TC Volunteer 1911174938
Taylor, Curtis EOYDC Coach 1911967638 NEED
Taylor, William Arete West Volunteer 1910972738 NEED
Terry, Darol MP Striders Coach 1910656638
Tezeno, Joshua Flying Jaguars Volunteer 1912165636 NEED
Thigpen, Aaron Unattached Volunteer 1912659838 NEED
Thomas, Jeffery Diablo Valley TF Club Coach 1910998238 NEED
Thompson, Charles MP Striders Coach 1913770238
Thompson, Eric Golden West? Coach 1914683638 NEED
Thompson, Robert OFFICIAL Official 1911224238 NEED
Tucker, Alan Monterey Bay Jaguars, Inc. Coach 1914138138
Tuff, MaryJane Unattached Coach 1911447938 NEED
Turnage, Nola 100 Blackwings Coach 1910606138 NEED
Umpierre, Katina Stockton Starz Coach 1912855238 NEED
Unterholzner, David Taft Athletics Coach 1914174638 NEED
Upshaw-Margerum, Joy Speed Athletics Coach 1910036138 NEED
Valentine, Maurice Oakland PAL Coach 1910558438 NEED
Vaughn, Matthew Burlingame Youth TC Volunteer 1910270638 NEED
Veilleux, James Soul Air Coach 1912349638 NEED
Vincent, Thomas Athenian Athletics Coach 1910367038
Vogt, Nicholas Christian Team Ministries Volunteer 1910075938
Wade, Migdalia Natomas Youth TC Coach 1911075838
Ward, Byron MP Striders Coach 1912900638
Warwick, John Central Valley Road Runners Coach 1913519338 NEED
Washington, James Salinas Valley TC Coach 1911819938
Watson, Caren Castro Valley TC Coach 1913570638 NEED
Webb, Lee Mission Valley TC Coach 1911534438 NEED
Wenger, Fay Salinas Valley TC Coach 1911818138
White , Edmond Northwest Express TC Coach 1913861938 NEED
White, Gwendolyn Northwest Express TC Coach 1914203338 NEED
White, Yvette American Canyon Striders Coach 1913839538 NEED
Wiley, Scott Palo Alto Lightning TC Coach 1911876938
Williams, Alan Monterey Bay Jaguars, Inc. Volunteer 1914144938
Williams, Anthony Tony Williams TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910348038 NEED
Williams, Theodore AC TC Coach 1912291038 NEED
Williams, Traevon Eastbay Heat TC Coach 1911318238
Wise, John OFFICIAL Official 1911338038
Worthen, Chad Nike Fleet Feet Racing Coach 1911195438
Worthen, Stacey Nike Fleet Feet Racing Volunteer 1911196238 NEED
Wright, Daniel Hampton Phillips Classic TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1911363838
Wright, Ralph San Louis Distance Club Volunteer 1910572538 NEED
Yee, Karl Unattached Coach/Official 1910579038
Young, William Palo Alto Lightening TC/OFFICIAL Coach/Official 1910305038
Zielensky, Nancy OFFICIAL Official 1910257338 NEED