3b. Offline Registration and Rulebook Sales

• Make sure you have a 2009 PA USATF membership number before proceeding. See Section 3e or Join now on main PA website page.
• If you don’t want to use your credit card on line then you will need to download the Off-line Clinic Registration Form and/or the Off-line Rulebook Purchase Form as appropriate from Section 3c for Clinic Registration or 3d for Rulebooks. Both can be found on the main Clinic page on the website. To download highlight the whole document and then copy it to Word or whatever word processing program you use.
• Follow the direction on the forms. Fill out the form completely. Write clearly. Note they go to two different people so you will need to write two separate checks both made out to Pacific Association USATF. Do not make them out to the Officials Committee because they will have to be returned since we can’t cash them. Mail the completed form and check to the address shown on the appropriate form.

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