3a. Online Registration and Rulebook Sales

• Make sure you have a 2009 PA USATF membership number before proceeding.
• Click on this link for Online Clinic Registration and Rulebook Sales. If you need to, go back to the PA website use the button on the top of the page for website.
• Review the various clinic options if you haven’t already in step 4. Under “register for clinics”. At bottom of page click on “Click here to Register Now” button.
• If it is your first time for online registration you have two choices: A. Set up a free account with your information, or C: use the Guess access button. If you have an account already you can log in using the B option. Click on the appropriate button and complete any required information then continue.
• The next page is for waivers. Make sure you complete all the boxes before you hit the continue button at the bottom of the page.
• Enter the required clinic and/or rulebook sales information and then click on the Select Clinics and Rulebooks button
• Select which clinics at each location you want to attend or go to the bottom to order just rulebooks. Make sure you don’t have overlapping time slots. Pick which rulebooks you want. Note those attending the Introduction to T&F Officiating will automatically get the 2008 USATF, the 2009 NCAA and the 2009 NFHS rulebooks as part of their clinic fee except for RW,LDR and Youth Clinics where the price is reduced and you only get the 2008 USATF book.
You can opt you can pick them up at the location of check-in for the clinic you plan to attend and if you don’t then we will mail your books mailed to you after your first scheduled clinic. Then click on the continue button on the bottom of the page.
• Enter your credit card information. Complete it and you are done.
• You will receive a note confirming what you have ordered and the cost.

#  #  #