LDR Committee Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2009
After the Zippy 5K
On a grassy knoll near the start/finish area--see race management for exact location.
Near the Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Lloyd Stephenson, master's LDR chair, Tom Bernhard, road scorer,
Tim Wason, New Balance Excelsior; Katie Wasilenko, women's LDR chair, Irene Herman, Impalas;
Don Porteous, xc co-chair, Ken Grebenstein, Frank Ruona, Tom O'Reilly, Tamalpa; Mark Winitz, WVJS.

Meeting called to order 10:37 am.

Minutes from Across the Bay Meeting 3/15/2009 unanimously approved with no changes.

MUT: No report
Cross Country
Brooke Wells was nominated to the vacant position of xc co-chair and elected thereto by unanimous vote.
The following motion was made and unanimously approved (Mr. Wason abstaining) regarding the GGP and PA Champs
meets (this motion was similar to a motion passed at Across the Bay, changed due to the obsolescence of one
condition and another required by the PA office in exchange for its required approval):
To accept Tim Wason's bids with following stipulations:
1. 2009 team prize money is paid to the PA office within one week of each race;
2. 2009 individual prize money is paid to the appropriate individuals within one week of the standings becoming final; and
3. Violation of #1 or #2 makes Mr. Wason ineligible to bid in 2010.

Sponsorship/Fundraising: No report VOLUNTEERS LDR Chairs: No other nominations having been received, Katie Wasilenko (women's LDR),
Tyler Abbott (men's LDR), and Lloyd Stephenson (masters LDR) were duly re-elected to two year terms.
Board of Athletics positions, women's LDR: The committee will continue to try to fill these vacant slots. Convention Reps: Irene Herman and
Lloyd Stephenson were elected as convention reps for women's and master's LDR, respectively.
Tom Bernhard was elected as men's LDR rep, as long as he accepts the post by September 1; otherwise Mark Winitz will be the rep.
(Mr. Winitz already has both funding and a vote on the committee as part of the Executive Committee). All votes were unanimous.

After a brief discussion of the continued viability of the banquet and ways to improve it and attract more attendees, the committee
was asked to continue to seek a volunteer club for the 2010 banquet/2009 awards ceremony.

TRAVEL FUNDING, short road
The following was moved and unanimously approved:
1. We shall subsidize ($250) a woman to travel to the Tufts 10K National Championship in Boston 10/12, and a man to travel to his choice
of either the Peachtree 10K National Championship in Atlanta 7/4 or the CVS Pharmacy 5K National Championship in Providence 9/20.
2. The selection shall be as follows:
a. The winner of the Marin Memorial Day 10K shall be offered the funding.
b. If that winner declines, the funding will be awarded to the runner with the top Purdy-Gardner score in the short road grand prix as of the
date of the offer who accepts the offer.

Mark Winitz agreed to work to publicize these opportunities on the PA website. Given that the AADP lists for 2009 had not yet been received, there was an
understanding that the AADP list could possibly change the funded race (we would try to fund an AADP race to maximize funding for the athlete).

The following budget request was moved and unanimously approved (the intent being that it be the same as last year's budget):
Road prize money, net $1400
Cross country travel fund $900
Year-end awards ($1000)
Road GP ($15,000/20,000)
Cross GP ($8,000)
Ultra GP ($3,000)
Road travel funds ($1,000)
Cross travel funds ($1,000)
Ultra travel funds ($1,000) [shift to GP?]

Year-end award depth: No discussion.

Official Shortage. Mark Winitz discussed the difficulty of supplying an official to every race, a problem he attributes to the paucity of LDR-certified officials.
He moved a rules change to attempt to mitigate this problem, which change is described in the Rules Changes section below.

Rules Changes (new)
Proposal 1: Effective 3/1/2010, require that a club with a minimum 50 USATF members provide LDR-certified officials as follows: 50-99 members, 1 official;
100-149 members, 2 officials, 150_ members, 3 officials. Clubs not meeting this requirement will not be allowed to score in any LDR grand prix.
Proposal 2: Change our cross country race contract to require that team prize money be submitted two weeks before the race and to clarify expectations
about the payment of individual prize money, or risk losing eligibility to bid in future years.
These being new proposals, they were proposed here but may not be voted upon until the next LDR meeting.

Appeals: One open appeal by the New Balance Excelsior senior women at Across the Bay, not yet resolved but no action by the LDR committee is necessary.

Meeting adjourned 11:48 am.

Submitted by Tyler Abbott, acting secretary.

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