LDR Committee Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2009
After the Across the Bay 12K
Under the large tree at the west end of the post-race lawn area Aquatic Park, San Francisco

Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Lloyd Stephenson, master's LDR chair, Tom Bernhard, road scorer,
Tim Wason, New Balance Excelsior; Katie Wasilenko, women's LDR chair, Irene Herman, membership chair, Impalas;
Hollis Lenderking, MUT subcommittee chair, BAUR; Tim O'Rourke, Phil Phythian, Ann Hardham, Tamalpa; Mark Winitz, WVJS;
Dave Ahn, Tony Coffey, Aggies.

Meeting called to order 10:35 am.

Minutes from Banana Chase meeting 9/14/2008 unanimously approved as amended with the addition of the
Synaptics Elite 5K to the tentative 2009 road grand prix schedule in Appendix A.

MUT chair discussed difficulties faced by the Ultra grand prix in competing with private series.

Cross Country
It was moved and unanimously approved to accept the following seven races on the 2009 cross country grand prix:
Santa Cruz 8/22, Empire 8/29, Garin Park 9/26, Presidio 10/3, Willow Hills/Folsom 10/10, Shoreline 10/24, China Camp/Tamalpa 10/31.

A discussion followed concerning delays in payment by Tim Wason, race director of the GGP and PA Championship races.
Mr. Wason explained he'd had severe medical problems and expenses over the last year, though it was also pointed out that
he had delayed payment the year before.
It was moved and approved with one against and no abstentions to accept the bids for GGP 9/12 and PA XC Championships 11/22
with the following stipulations:
1. 2008 team prize money is paid to the PA office within one week (individual money has already been distributed according
to Mr. Wason). If not paid, the races are removed from the schedule;
2. 2009 team prize money is paid to the PA office within one week of each race;
3. 2009 individual prize money is paid to the appropriate individuals within one week of the standings becoming final
(but there are no set penalties for violations of #2 or #3, though presumably any violations would make the 2010 bid difficult); and
4. The PA office approves this arrangement.

No report

Board of Athletics positions, women's LDR: Chair announced that we are still 2-3 women's LDR positions short on the Board of Athletics,
and called for volunteers.
Cross country co-chair: Tony Coffey advised that Aggie Rudy Munoz might be interested. Committee members were asked to put the word out;
any interested parties should come to our Zippy meeting.
LDR chairs.
Nominations opened. Katie Wasilenko (women), Lloyd Stephenson (masters), and Tyler Abbott (men) were nominated,
though Mr. Abbott expressed that he would be looking for a successor the following term if not the upcoming one.

LDR BANQUET: Hollis Lenderking expressed that we might want to question whether to continue the banquet given low turnouts,
in spite of Tamalpa's great efforts this year. Discussion was postponed to next meeting, along with a search for a sponsor
club for 2010 if the banquet continues.

2008 Road Grand Prix schedule
Marin Memorial Day 10K: It was moved and approved unanimously to move this race from the long grand prix to the short grand prix
(especially given that two possible short races have decided not to bid).
Mile: They will not bid this year. The mile itself is not a money maker, so the race direction is seeing about combining it with a larger event.
Banana Chase 5K: They will not bid this year due to uncertainty about sponsorship.
CIM: CIM has bid for open men and all masters (since the men's Olympic marathon qualifying window will be open while the women's will not).
It was moved and passed unanimously to approve CIM for masters only. It was then moved and passed unanimously to approve CIM for open men also.
Katie Wasilenko expressed that she might approach the CIM RD about including the race for open women as well (armed with some participation numbers);
if CIM does bid for open women, we will hopefully be able to vote on this at the next meeting.
At this point Katie also mentioned she would look into the possibility of online voting for clubs who don't attend these meetings.


It was announced that national AADP (Association Athlete Development Program) has not announced its funding opportunities for the year.
The consensus being that we want to wait to hear from AADP before making a decision, it was moved and unanimously approved that we
postpone a vote on short road funding to Zippy [point of order: no proper motion was made regarding short road funding in the first place].
Re: long road funding, it was moved and unanimously approved to awards travel grants of $250 each for a woman to go to the national marathon championship 10/4
(Twin Cities) and for a man to go to the national marathon championship in New York 11/1 under the following criteria:
1. The athlete has no other source of funding;
2. The athlete applies to the LDR chairs by 5/15/2009;
3. The recipient will be the athlete meeting the first two criteria [and, presumably, general funding criteria] who ran the fastest marathon
between 10/1/2008 and 4/30/2009.
Note: The original motion replaced 5/15 with 7/15 and 4/30 with 6/30, but it was amended to the above with unanimous approval.

Year-end award depth: no word has been heard from the SWEAT team members.

New headphone rule: Mark Winitz discussed the new headphone rule, as revised at national convention in Reno in December. It was moved that we require
grand prix races to prohibit headphones if there is car traffic anywhere on the course. This motion was later withdrawn in favor of the following motion,
which was approved unanimously: Grand prix races are required to highly recommend for safety reasons that participants not use headphones, in appropriate language (to be developed by Mark Winitz and Katie Wasilenko) on their race applications and websites. Rules Changes (new): None
Appeals: None
Other New Business: None

Meeting adjourned 11:53 am.
Submitted by Tyler Abbott, acting secretary.

8/22 Santa Cruz
8/29 Empire
9/12 GGP
9/26 Garin Park
10/3 Presidio
10/10 Willow Hills/Folsom+
10/24 Shoreline
10/31 China Camp/Tamalpa
11/22 GGP Championships
+5K loop course, on rolling hills, by Folsom High School. Take Prairie City Road off-ramp off I-50. The HS and course are near the freeway.
Prize money standard ($1500). Time schedule: 9:00am Women, 9:45 Masters Men, 10:30 Open Men.
3/7 NorCal 10 Miler Long 1.0 or 1.5
3/15 Across the Bay 12K Long 1.5
4/19 Zippy 5K Short 1.0
4/26 Big Sur 5K Short 1.0
5/25 Marin Memorial Day 10K Short 1.0
6/20 Shriners 8K Short 1.0
10/18 Humboldt Half Marathon Long 1.5
11/8 Clarksburg 30K Long 2.0
11/26 Synaptics Elite 5K Short Open Individual only 2.0
12/6 CIM Long 2.0
12/13 Christmas Relays Team only 1.0

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