November 22, 2009
After the PA XC Championships, near the Start/Finish area in Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Tyler Abbott, NB Excelsior, men's LDR chair; Katie Wasilenko, Impalas, women's LDR chair; Lloyd Stephenson, NB Excelsior, master's LDR chair; Don Porteous, Tamalpa, Cross Country co-chair; Brooke Wells, Impalas, Cross Country co-chair; Hollis Lenderking, BAUR, Ultra chair; Tom Bernhard, NB Excelsior, road scorer; Frank Ruona, Tim O'Rourke, Tamalpa; Peter Tapia, PA Medical Committee; Tony Coffey, Aggies; Irene Herman, PA President, Impalas; Mark Winitz, Kat Powell, WVJS; George Rehmet, Pamakids.

Meeting called to order 11:55 am.

Minutes from Zippy Meeting 4/19/2009 unanimously approved with no changes.


MUT: No report

Cross Country ; Brooke Wells was introduced as the new xc co-chair. Other co-chair Don Porteous reported that two Sacramento-area clubs are interested in bidding new races for the 2010 grand prix.

Sponsorship/Fundraising: No report

VOLUNTEERS; Board of Athletics positions, women‚s LDR: Brooke Wells was unanimously elected to the BOA for women's LDR. Tyler Abbott volunteered to review where we stand with BOA positions (number allotted, number filled).; Convention Reps: Irene Herman reported that (due to various rules, conflicts, etc.) our LDR reps to national convention will be as follows: Women's LDR, George Kleeman; Men's LDR, Tom Bernhard; Masters LDR, Lloyd Stephenson.

LDR BANQUET ; No club having stepped forward to date, committee members offered to contact the following clubs: Aggies (Tony Coffey), West Valley Joggers & Striders (Tyler Abbott/Mark Winitz), and Transports Adidas (Tyler Abbott). The committee was warned that there may be no banquet in 2010.


Tyler Abbott reported that the budget was passed as requested. [The request is inserted here in the minutes:

Road prize money, net $1400

Cross country travel fund $900

Year-end awards ($1000)

Road GP ($15,000/20,000)

Cross GP ($8,000)

Ultra GP ($3,000)

Road travel funds ($1,000)

Cross travel funds ($1,000)

Ultra travel funds ($1,000)]

The 2010 road grand prix budget will almost certainly be $15,000 because Bay to Breakers did not place their insurance through the PA. It was recommended that we make sure the LDR Guide is up to date with these grand prix amounts.

2010 ROAD GRAND PRIX RACE SELECTION Women's LDR chair and acting grand prix bid coordinator Katie Wasilenko presented the 2010 road grand prix bids. By unanimous vote the following races were approved: NorCal 10 Miler, Across the Bay 12K, Zippy 5K, Big Sur 5K, Marin Memorial Day 10K, Humboldt Half Marathon, Applied Materials Silican Valley Turkey Trot 5K (open individual only), CIM (all age groups, assuming receipt of completed bid form--the race has informed us they are willing to bid), and Christmas Relays.

This year the Clarksburg race bid as a 20 miler instead of a 30K. Don Porteous made the following motion, which was approved unanimously: Moved, that we educate the Clarksburg race management that 20 miles is not an official USATF distance (for which records are kept), and that we urge them to offer the 30K instead of the 20 miler as the grand prix event, but that we accept the 20 miler if they are unwilling or unable to change their bid from 20 miler to 30K.

There was some discussion of the paucity of races this year (Shriner's 8K has decided to become a lower-key race, plus we still have no mile in spite of having had interest from three different parties), and all committee members were encouraged to seek out other possible bidders.

The tentative 2010 road grand prix schedule is found in Appendix A.


There were two rules change proposals that had been introduced at the last meeting (Zippy) so that we could vote on them here:

Proposal 1: Effective 3/1/2010, require that a club with a minimum 50 USATF members provide LDR-certified officials as follows: 50-99 members, 1 official; 100-149 members, 2 officials, 150_ members, 3 officials. Clubs not meeting this requirement will not be allowed to score in any LDR grand prix.

  • This proposal was first amended with one opposed and no abstentions to change 2010 to 2011.
  • It was then amended by unanimous vote to change "50 USATF members" to "50 USATF adult road, ultra, or cross country members combined."
  • The vote on this proposal was then postponed to the Across the Bay 12K meeting by unanimous vote.

Proposal 2: Change our cross country race contract to require that team prize money be submitted two weeks before the race and to clarify expectations about the payment of individual prize money, or risk losing eligibility to bid in future years.

  • This proposal was first amended to change "two weeks before the race" to "two weeks after the race" (it was discussed that "before" may have been a mistake).
  • The following final proposal was then passed unanimously: Change our cross country race contract to require that team prize money be submitted two weeks after the race and to clarify expectations about the payment of individual prize money, or risk losing eligibility to bid in future years.


DISABLED ATHLETES: Irene Herman brought up the idea of including disabled athletes in our road grand prix. She has even offered a one-time grant of $500 to be used as prize money for any such grant prix inclusion. George Rehmet offered that he has experience working on a similar matter for RRCA. Irene and George will discuss and attempt to come up with a recommendation by the next meeting.


Rules Changes (new)

  • Proposal 1: Allow the LDR Committee to determine each year whether to divide the individual grand prix into short and long.
  • Proposal 2: Allow the LDR Committee to determine whether a given 12K race is to be on the short or long grand prix.


An old ultra appeal from Charles Blakeney has re-arisen. It appears that his appeal from the 2005 ultra grand prix was never fully resolved, and he has recently asked that it be resolved. [The LDR chairs will attempt to do so.]


Communications: Tyler Abbott asked how many people had received notice of this meeting through the PA's new Constant Contact system. Only two people had not, but it was suggested that we might still want to list the meetings on the PA home page as has been the historical practice (it was believed that it was not listed there this time).

Ultra travel funds: Hollis Lenderking proposed the following motion, which passed unanimously: That the LDR Committee request that the Board of Athletics allow the Ultra travel fund (historically $1,000) to be shifted to the Ultra Grand Prix in years in which there is no USATF 100K road championship or any selection event for the World Cup (100K roads).

Meeting adjourned 1:15 pm.

Submitted by Tyler Abbott, acting secretary.