Pacific Association USATF Coaches Meeting

Minutes-October 11, 2008 


The meeting was called to order at 10:08 AM by Joanne Slaton-Camargo.Attendees included:

Paul Heglar Reno Tahoe Athletics, Rosevelt Kent Roseville Express, Adrian Ban Roseville Express, Mark Morrison Roseville Express, Laura Morrison Roseville Express, Maura Kent Roseville Express, Melissa Arnold Roseville Express, Silvia Harvel Roseville Express, Thomas Vincent Athenian Athletics, Arno Brewer Mission Valley, Tamica Tobar CA Track Club, Carl Bryant Central Valley Roadrunners, Lee Webb Mission Valley , Keri Jones Langford EPA Greyhounds, Lloyd Stephenson P.A. Treas, James Moore Flying Jaguars, Kyle Whitmore Flying Jaguars, Charles Sheppard, Sylvia Jones EPA Greyhounds, Chris Holloman Reno-Tahoe Athletics, Darrell Hampton Acorn/ Oscar Bailey TC, Nadine Davis EOYDC, David Lawrence Jr. Pacific United TC, Will Pittman 3M Track Club, Robert Stone Umoja TC, Deborah Sample Hampton Phillips Classic, Katina Umpierre  Stockton Starz, Lewis Pugh B Sharp TC, Lawanda Young B Sharp TC, Pope Powell Mission Valley, Yuko Hayjoshi MacCanDo TC, Eric Stuart EPA Greyhounds, Jerry Pfeiffer Breakens Track, Tony Williams TWTC, Jeanetta Aldridge Phenom Elite TC, Nola Turnage 100 Black Wings, Sam Burns Hilltop Speed TC, Curtis Reed Hilltop Speed TC, Domenic Pacini Hilltop Speed TC, Derek Sample Classic Track Club, Alexander Hill LSI TC, Chioke Robinson ISC International TC, Bob Shor Santa Rosa Exp., Maria Castillo EOYDC, Charles Jardins Unattached.

Background checks to renew membership can start as early as Nov1 to renew and the latest by February 28, 2009.

Coaches would like to find another program besides Club Manager.  We gave them the pros of having Club Manager which were:  You can manage your club plus enter in meets. A suggestion was made to take a survey of other meets and see their programs and see if they are easier to use.

It was also mentioned that there is a problem with officials coaching while their kids are on the field a suggestion was made that they have someone to cover for them while they watch their kids and then return to their post. It is not a USATF rule to have coaches on the field but the discretion of the meet director.  It was also suggested that we create a coaches box and or passes for coaches to be able to come on the field but that suggestion was out voted. Rule 144 No coaches on the field.

If a team was to be able to get 5 plus people to want to become officials they will come out to what ever the area is and give the test to become a certified official. 

Coaches also made the statement that at some track meet their athletes misses some of their events, we let them know that is the responsibility of the coach the parent and the athlete. 

Feedback on the binders was done by the coaches plus additional information was given out to be added to the binders.

No longer will we be deleting athletes at the track meet to reduce prices.

Birth Certificate can go to Tony or Hika until further arrangements has been made.

Volunteers hours for track meet will be cut down Maria and Debra are working on how long and how many people it will take to complete each job function.

ROTC group will help with the PAC Track Meet.

Exhibition events can be held at a track meet by the discretion of the meet director.

USATF cannot control what a team does with their funds once they are disbursed to that team.

USATF cannot do anything about a team that takes a spot and then compete AAU.

Going by the by laws alcomers meets will not be hosted by our website there is a website that list all the alcomers meets.

If a meet is geographically close then voting will be held.

Voting was held for the track season for 2009, results are as follows:

March 14, 2009 Pacific United 14 votes B Sharp TC 12 votes

March 21, 2009 CA Track Club 9 votes ISC/LSI 18 votes

March 28, 2009 Stockton Starz 10 votes EPA Greyhounds 16 votes

April 11, 2009 CA Track Club 22 votes Norcal Pacesetters 3 Votes

May 16 – 17, 2009 100 Black Wing 3 Votes 3M Track Club 20 votes

22 votes for 1 track meet a weekend 5 votes for 2 track meets a weekend.  Majority rules that we will host on our website 1 track meet per weekend.  We are not saying that you can’t host a track meet the same day as another track meet it will not be hosted by our website.

The Pacific Association will be making a bid for the 2010 JO’s to be held in Sacramento, at Sacramento State University.

A discussion was held on rather we should combine the PAC meet with the Golden West Meet.  The entry fees will come to the youth.  They are working on opening up the Golden West to all high school athletes.   A meeting concerning the combining of the two track meets would be held following the coaches meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:27 p.m.  by Joanne Slaton-Camargo.

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