PA/USATF BOA Meeting Minutes

Sacramento, CA

May 20, 2008 

Meeting called to order @ 7:37 pm

Attendees:  Tyler Abbott (Men’s LDR Chair); Fred Baer (Media Com); Stephanie Brown-Trafton (Athlete’s Chair); Cynci Calvin (Com Com Chair); Jerry Colman (President); Dan Davidson (Award’s Chair); Mike Hammerquist (Youth Treasurer); Irene Herman (Membership Chair); Maura Kent (Sec., Youth Com Com Chair); George Kleeman (Past President); Art Klein (RW Chair); Becky Klein (Youth RW Chair); Dave Shrock (Coach’s Chair); Joanne Slaton-Camargo (Youth Chair); Mary Woo (Master’s T&F Chair)


  • Treasurer report
  • 2008 Western States Masters flier
  • 2008 Membership report
  • Press Release – USATF/PA Champs at CSM
  • Minutes from March 13, 2008 meeting
  • Letter from John Mansoor to Bill Roe (President & Interim CEO) re:  potential grievance to be filed by PA/USATF
  • Race Walking report – 19 May 2008


  • Ratify minutes from March 13, 2008 meeting
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Update on open grievances
  • Bylaws
  • 2008 Adidas Golden West meet
  • 2008 Trail 100 Championship
  • 2009 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship
  • 2009-2011 NCAA Cross Country Championship
  • 2009-2012 CIF State T&F Championship
  • 2010 U.S. Outdoor Master’s T&F Championship
  • 2010 Junior Olympic T&F Championship
  • 2010-2012 CIF State Cross Country Championships
  • 2011 World Master’s T&F Championships
  • Committee reports
  • New business

Ratify minutes from March 13, 2008 meeting

  • Corrected spelling of last name for John Podkaminer
  • Modify comment on Page 2 under “PA BOA #1” to read:
    • “…variety of ethical and administrative violations of USATF policies and bylaws.  These occurred as part of the process of selecting sites for the outdoor open track and field championships of USATF for the years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.”

Treasurer’s report

  • PA/USATF insured Bay to Breaker road race

Update on open grievances

  • Grievance #1 (USATF national office)
    • John Mansoor is working with a lawyer who specializes in grievances against state agency bidding processes; also provides media guidance
    • $350 / hour to consult with lawyer
    • Effort made by national office (Bill Roe) to stop grievance.  Call made 8 days ago from Bill to John.  John reviewed 4-page letter mailed May 14, 2008 to Bill.  Bill asked for time to reply back with answers to inquiries prior to start of this meeting.  At the time John left for this meeting nothing had been received from Bill
    • Next steps
      • Call to proceed
      • Remedy requested:  Award to PA 2012 trials, 2013/2014 Outdoor championships; reimbursement of all legal fees; implement point 7 in letter to Bill Roe requesting Ethics Committee review to be conducted
    • Motion to accept / approve PA/USATF grievance to national office
  • Grievance #2 (Youth)
    • Panel assigned (Mike Hammerquist, Tony Williams, Nadine Davis)
  • Grievance #3 (LDR)
    • Panel assigned (Hollis Lenderking, Adelle Ho, Nina Peles)
  • Grievance #4 (Youth)
    • As of the time of this meeting grievance has not officially been filed.  Maria Malone rightfully earned a spot in recent Jr. XC Championships but was not offered the position; instead her spot was given to someone else.  The vacancy occurred when the first person entitled to run in the race gave 10-day e-mail notice she couldn’t attend


  • March 13, 2008 meeting a bylaw change was proposed in the Awards Committee
    • Approved
  • March 13, 2008 meeting a second bylaw change was proposed to raise the fee to file a grievance from $50 to $150
    •  Approved

2008 Adidas Golden West meet

  • Meet will be held on June 7 @ Folsom HS
  • Entries coming in; however, conflict with two other large regional meets from the South that moved their meets onto this weekend
  • ADIDAS will broadcast meet on flowtrack

2008 Trail 100 Championships

  • Relinquished control to National / Nevada

2009 Junior Olympic Cross Country Championship

  • Roland Martin will be point person for meet I place of Jim Vanden-Huevel.
  • Host hotel is Silver Legacy and Circus Circus

2009-2011 NCAA Cross Country Championship

  • Stanford University is bidding for meets
  • To win bid they will have to expand their starting line area

2009-2012 CIF State T&F Championship

  • Cycle is for a 3-year bid

2010 U.S. Outdoor Master’s T&F Championship

  • Planning for event continues to progress positively

2010 Junior Olympic T&F Championship

  • Bid cycle usually in July but no notifications have gone out for bidding
  • Joanne Slaton-Camargo proposes passing on this cycle and bid on 2013

2010-2012 CIF State Cross Country Championships

  • Bidding process has gone silent; PA doesn’t have a venue to host the meet

2011 World Master’s T&F Championships

  • Signed contract; budget due end of month
  • 12-day meet; expecting ~12K athletes
  • July 6-17 (Wednesday through Sunday)
  • Venues:  Sac City, Sac State, ARC
  • Marathon will be a repeatable loop (4 times) on the bike trail
  • XC venue is Granite Regional Park

Committee reports

  • Track & Field (Fred Baer)
    • Entry deadline for the PA Open Championships is Thursday as event will be held on Sunday
  • Athletes (Stephanie Brown-Trafton)
    • All winners of the recent grant program have received their grant
  • Coaches (Dave Shrock)
    • Highlighted a variety of tickets for meets
    • New coach’s newsletter coming out soon
  • Com Com (Cynci Calvin)
    • Website continues to grow
    • Master’s Randy Sturgeon has a competing website for master’s related data
    • ACTION:  Dave Shrock to provide coach’s photos to Cynci for posting
    • Mark Winitz had a heart attack last week; stepping down from rule as Media Lead for PA
    • Wants to consider use of Athletic.Net to create performance lists for PA youth athletes
      • ACTION:  Maura to work with Cynci to load current results into Athletic.Net
  • Membership (Irene Herman)
    • Grew ~900 members

















Level 1




Level 2




Level 3
























Adult Athletes




Race Walking








Youth (3-18 year olds)




Race Walking








Disabled Athletes




  • LDR (Tyler Abbott)
    • Success at US Olympic Women’s trials (Magda / Blake / Shannon)
  • Youth (Joanne Slaton-Camargo)
    • Full T&F season – only 1 T&F meet cancelled throughout the season
    • Three 2-day meets were held
    • Continue to draw heavily from Central California Association (their athletes come to PA youth T&F meets because there are no meets held in their area)
    • Received a $3,000 grant from Placer Valley Tourism to offset costs to host PAC meet
    • National office recently announced new Region 14 chair (David Lawrence).  David is a coach on the Pacific United TC out of the Sacramento area
    • Submitting national bylaw change to modify selection process for future Regional 14 chair
      • ACTION:  Joanne and Becky Klein to work together to submit rule change
        • Use governance handbook; cross out what we don’t want; underline what we want; submit by September 2008; start politicking @ JO meet and clearly explain the ‘why’; check website for Law & Legislation Committee meetings; work with Darrel Hampton
  • Awards (Dan Davidson)
    • ACTION:  Time for PA to nominate for annual recognition
    • ACTION:  Time to nominate Hall of Fame award
      • When making nominations for either award above clearly provide 2-3 clarifying sentences why this person should be nominated
  • Race Walk (Art Klein)
    • Member of Sr. Games Committee
    • Working out details to certify RW course
  • Masters (Mary Woo)
    • Held a “Meet of the Ages” between Roseville Express Track Club and Fleet Feet to bring youth and masters runners together in the same venue
    • Modesto held masters 100m and next year plan to hold International masters 100m
    • Western States Master’s meet is www.sactrack.net @ Rosemont HS in Sacramento
    • National Master’s meet on August 7 in Spokane

New business

  • Payton Jordan Invite (distance carnival) has traditionally been held at Stanford University but seeking new home to host meet
  • Schedule for Western Regional meets (college, HS) continue to conflict and plan on same weekends – sending PA reps to meet with coach’s in Northridge to discuss how to work out scheduling conflicts
  • San Jose Sports Authority wants to bid for 2012 Convention
  • Becky Klein wrote grant proposal for RW and submitted to Irene Herman for review

Meeting adjourned at 10:07 pm