LDR Committee Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2008
after the Marin Memorial Day 10K
On the bleachers near the finish line of the kid's races on the track but
even nearer to the loudspeakers, College of Marin, Kentfield

Tyler Abbott, men‚s LDR chair, Lloyd Stephenson, master‚s LDR chair, Tom
Bernhard, road scorer, Tim Wason, New Balance Excelsior; Dave Ahn, Tony
Coffee, Asics Aggies; Irene Herman, membership chair, Karen Ribble, Katie
Wasilenko, Impala Racing Team; Peter Tapia, medical rep.; George Rehmet,
Pamakids; Toni Miller, Marge Dunlap, Sue MacDonald, Chuck MacDonald,
SWEAT; Tom O‚Reilly, Dave Covey, Tim O‚Rourke, Ken Grebenstein, Frank
Ruona, Tamalpa; Bill Dunn, WVJ&S.

Meeting called to order at 9:41 am.

Minutes from Across the Bay Meeting 3/16/2008 approved unanimously.


Ultra: No report

Cross Country

Bid packages did not go out until shortly before this meeting. Following
motion passed unanimously: The tentative schedule published in the Across
the Bay minutes is accepted as permanent, with Presidio being on 10/4 and
UCSC being on either 9/13 (if Banana Chase withdraws from the road grand
prix) or 9/20 (otherwise), as long as bid packages are received within a
reasonable amont of time.

Sponsorship/Fundraising: No report


Women's LDR chair

Katie Wasilenko of the Impalas ([email protected]) was nominated for the
position of acting Women‚s LDR chair (until bi-annual elections next year)
and unanimously elected to this position.

Board of Athletics positions

We have several vacant women‚s LDR positions on the Board of Athletics.
The following two runners were elected to these positions:

Katie Wasilenko ([email protected])
Toni Miller of SWEAT ([email protected])

Sanction Monitor: No nominees

Convention Reps

Mark Winitz (men‚s LDR), Lloyd Stephenson (masters LDR), and Irene Herman
(women‚s LDR) were unanimously elected as the LDR delegates to the next
USATF Annual Meeting (Reno).

Road Bid Coordinator

Katie Wasilenko agreed to fill this position this year, along with women‚s
LDR chair.

Other current volunteers

It was mentioned we need an LDR secretary. No nominees.


Tamalpa has agreed to host the 2009 LDR Banquet.

2008 Road Grand Prix schedule

Rock N Roll Half: We were not able to find away around expo packet pickup
for all entrants other than the limited $30 pickup fee, so the San Jose
Rock N Roll Half will not be on the 2008 grand prix.

Humboldt Half: With Rock N Roll Half off, Humboldt becomes 1.5 points for
all age groups.

Seagate Elite 5K: The race was willing to be a double point race for open
individuals only at $2650. A motion was made and unanimously approved to
grant the race triple points if they are willing to put forth $5300.

Banana Chase 5K (and future Rhody events), headphones: There was
discussion (no action) of the fact that Dave Rhody has said he will pull
his races (starting with the 2008 Banana Chase 5K) from the road grand
prix if we continue to enforce the headphone ban as we did at Across the
Bay (at which many runners were disqualified until the officials could no
longer keep up with the volume of headphone runners˜at about seventy
minutes). It was noted that this is not really our issue, but rather one
of the officials. Many points of this multi-faceted issue were discussed.

Banana Chase: Due to permitting issues, the race has been forced to move
its date from 9/21 to 9/14. A motion was made and unanimously approved to
accept this change on the grand prix. (And if Banana Chase remains on the
2008 grand prix, the UCSC cross country meet will be moved from 9/13 to

Fairness of 2008 changes. The athlete who had expressed concerns about the
fairness of changing the 2008 road grand prix schedule after it had become
effective (especially in the context of „best of‰ scoring) was not able to
come to the meeting, so this issue was not discussed in depth.


Two rules changes were proposed at the last meeting, to be voted on here.

Rules change 1: The Ultra Subcommittee shall be renamed the MUT
Subcommittee. Given that the Ultra chair was not in attendance, it was
unanimously approved to postpone this to the next meeting.

Rules change 2: Effective 1/1/2009, runners will not score that race if
they do race day paper registrations, except during specific announced LDR
Membership Drives. This was amended with unanimous approval to „Effective
1/1/2009, runners will not score if they do race day paper PA membership
applications, except during specific announced LDR Membership Drives‰ and
unanimously approved.


All votes in this section were unanimous. In most cases the selection
criteria was voted on separately from the funded race, but they are
presented here as one motion. Note: „be sent to‰ means „reimbursed up to
$250 to go to.‰

The female winner of the Marin Memorial Day 10K will be sent to the Tufts
Health Plan 10K in Boston on 10/5.
The male winner of the Shriners 8K will be sent to the CVS/Downtown 5K in
Providence on 9/21.
The male and female winners of the Humboldt Half will be sent to the
Houston Half on 1/18/2009.
The male and female winners of both the cross country grand prix and the
PA Championships will be sent to Winter Cross Nationals in February.


Year-end award (not money) depth

The SWEAT team members in attendance expressed their disappointment that
they did not receive any award (e.g., certificate) for their
(money-winning) grand prix performances, as had been our prior practice.
It was discussed that few people ever picked these up, and the problem was
mainly time to create the certificates and time to distribute them. It was
suggested that we might develop an automated online way to create your own
certificate. The SWEAT members said they would look into it.

LDR Budget

The following budget request was unanimously approved:
Road GP prize money, net $1400
XC race fees $800
LDR Banquet (awards) $1000
Road GP $20,000 (likely $15,000 unless we have similar
LDR-related income, mainly B2B insurance fee)
XC GP $8,000
Ultra GP $3,000
Road travel funds $1000
XC travel funds $1000
Ultra travel funds $1000

Non-resident athletes: No discussion.

Rules Changes (new): None.

Grievance: There is one outstanding LDR grievance, but there was no
discussion on it.


Suzanne Segesta, Zippy & Big Sur: Long-time PA member Ms. Segesta
claims to have joined the PA with a paper application at Zippy. The
application has not been found. This being a membership issue, Irene
Herman membership chair found her claim credible and told Ms. Segesta that
if she joins online immediately, her membership will be backdated to Zippy.

Lindsay Gardina, Zippy: Ms. Gardina joined the PA under her maiden
name. She informed the PA that she had been missed in the results (she was
third woman overall, which would mean she‚d receive prize money) after the
expiration of the 10-day appeal period. No motion was made to approve her
appeal to score at Zippy.

Other New Business

George Rehmet announced that Pamakids is hosting the annual national RRCA
Convention in San Francisco 3/26-29/09.

It was moved and seconded that CIM be accepted on the 2008 road grand prix
for masters only (for which the race has said that it would be willing to
bid). The committee considered two points of order. First, CIM as a
masters only race had been discussed at the last meeting. However, since
there was no vote (it died for lack of a second), it was determined that
it was proper to move its adoption now. The second point of order was that
this was a material change to the grand prix and should not be adopted
without notice to the PA (it was not in the agenda), but this point of
order was withdrawn. While the committee did consider other options, such
as leaving it up to the executive committee, meeting again at Shriner‚s,
and having an overall club email vote, in the end the motion was voted
upon and defeated, 2-7, with two abstentions.

Meeting adjourned at 10:58.

Submitted by Lloyd Stephenson and Tyler Abbott, acting secretaries.

#  #  #