LDR Committee Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2008
after the Emerald Nuts Across the Bay12K
On the benches above the west-end of the post-race lawn, Aquatic Park, San

Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Lloyd Stephenson, master's LDR chair, Jin
Daikoku, New Balance Excelsior; Katie Wasilenko, Irene Herman, Impalas;
Tony Coffey, Aggies; Don Porteous, cross-country co-chair, Ken
Grebenstein, Phil Phythian, Tim O'Rourke, Tamalpa; Mark Winitz, WVJ&S.

Minutes from Banana Chase 5K meeting 9/16/2007 approved unanimously.



Hollis Lenderking, who was unable to be present at this meeting, had sent
an email wondering whether we should rename/repurpose our Ultra
Subcommittee as a MUT (Mountain Ultra Trail) subcommittee, to be more in
line with USATF nationally. A motion was made to rename the Ultra
Subcommittee the MUT Subcommittee, which was then automatically postponed
to our next meeting in line with our operating rules. Some discussion

Hollis had asked in particular whether the 2007 ultra runner of the year
award should be open to a Mountain runner (in this case, Chris Lundy). A
motion was made, seconded, and unanimously passed to refer this question
to the Ultra Subcommittee for them to determine.

Cross Country

Cross Country co-chair presented a tentative 2008 grand prix schedule. The
bid packets were not sent out in time, but the race directors were
contacted in order to allow them to express their interest. A motion was
made and unanimously approved to accept the following schedule, assuming
bids are received by the next meeting:

8/23/08 Empire
9/6 Golden Gate Park
9/13 UC Santa Cruz
9/27 Garin Park
10/11 or 10/4 Presidio [this will likely be 10/4 since San Jose Rock N
Roll Half Marathon is not on the road circuit]
10/25 Shoreline
11/1 Tamalpa
11/23 PA Champs

This should be posted on the website as "tentative."

It was also noted that Fleet Feet Sacramento is debating whether to bid,
and should decide before our next meeting. [After the meeting Fleet Feet
informed us that they were not planning to bid.]

Sponsorship/Fundraising: No report


Women's LDR Chair: Barbara Frank had contacted the committee about the
position, but the current chairs had not connected with her yet. Katie
Wasilenko said she might consider it.

Board of Athletics positions: It was noted that we have some unfilled
Board of Athletics positions, especially representing women's LDR.
Everyone was encouraged to try to find people to fill these positions.

Road Grand Prix Bid Coordinator: Longstanding Road GP Bid Coordinator
Susan Beck has moved out of the state, so we are in great need of a new
person for this position. Everyone was encouraged to try to find someone
to fill this very important position.

Sanction Monitor: There was a discussion that several of our grand prix
etc. races over the past few years have lacked a sanction. We are looking
for someone who could make sure all grand prix races are sanctioned.

Other current volunteers: Don Porteous expressed that he was happy to
continue as cross country co-chair. No further discussion.

LDR Banquet

A motion was made that, being it's so far into 2008 already, the "LDR
Banquet" be presented as a very informal (pizza?) picnic/awards ceremony
after Zippy. This was approved unanimously. New Balance Excelsior will be
the host, assuming they accept. It was recommended that financing come
from the clubs/donations instead of, say, $10 from each individual. Awards
and the awards program would be created as they usually are.

2008 Road Grand Prix Schedule

San Jose Rock N Roll Half Marathon. After determining that the race
start/corral issue should not be a problem, Abbott read an email from the
race where they suggested that, while they had not decided absolutely,
they believed they would be able to issue a limited number (350?) of race
day pickup "tickets" at $30 each. A motion was made and unanimously
approved that we would approve the Rock N Roll Half Marathon for the
circuit only if they allowed something like one person team pickup or a PA
member desk at the start. It was expressed that we could provide
volunteers to do anything they wanted us to do to enable this to happen.
[In post-meeting discussions with Rock N Roll they declined to make such
provisions, so the race will not be on the 2008 road circuit. BTW, they
did however offer discounts to PA members--using code USATFPA between 4/1
and 9/28 gives $10 off individual entries, plus we get one comp entry for
every 25 people signing up under that code.]

A motion was made that the race be for all age groups (as opposed to open
only). It was then moved that this be postponed until after resolution of
CIM's grand prix status, which latter motion was approved unanimously.

Humboldt Half Marathon. It was announced that this race was willing to be
for masters only, with the same prize money, thereby making it double
points. It was also decided by acclamation that, if Rock N Roll is not on
the grand prix, Humboldt will be for all age groups. [With Rock N Roll not
on the circuit, Humboldt will be for all age groups.]

CIM. The race does not wish to be on the grand prix for open runners, but
is almost certainly willing to bid for masters. A motion was made to
approve CIM for masters only, but it was not seconded. [This also has the
effect of making Christmas Relays double point.]

The previously postponed motion to make Rock n Roll open to all age groups
(as opposed to open only) was then defeated.

Mile. It was announced that the date of the mile had been moved from early
June to 7/12, as approved by the LDR Executive Committee.

Seagate Elite 5K. A motion was made and approved to make this race for
individuals only (possibly cutting the total PA prize money in half),
assuming this is acceptable to the race (since we have a contract with the
race stating otherwise). Mark Winitz, who's very involved with the race,
will take this to the race leadership and see if it's acceptable. If not,
we will re-address at the next meeting.


Travel Funding. Because we did not have information about which races
offered national AADP funding, it was moved and approved unanimously to
postpone this discussion to our next meeting.

Rae Day Registration. Road scorer Tom Bernhard was not able to be present,
but Tyler Abbott made a motion on his behalf that we do not attempt to
sign up participants on race day, but instead maintain a list of who
wishes to sign up before the race along with their club affiliation, and
require them to then sign up online later that day. Motion was defeated
1-7. Mark Winitz then made the following motion:

Effective 1/1/2009, runners will not score if they do race day paper
registrations, except during specific announced LDR Membership Drives.

Motion was seconded and automatically postponed to our next meeting. Some
discussion ensued.

Headphones. The committee was reminded that national rules prohibit the
use of headphones in sanctioned events. The referee for the race today
(Across the Bay 12K) decided to enforce the rule by recording bibs of
those who were wearing headphones and disqualifying them (listing them in
the results but with a "DQ" next to their name), but this turned out to be
practically not possible after about 70 minutes. It was also announced
that Dave Rhody has expressed concern about the effect of the ban on his
race entries.

Non-Resident Athletes. The committee was reminded that, eff. 1/1/2007,
non-resident athletes are allowed to join the PA but are only allowed to
score under certain circumstances, e.g., when a program like, for instance
the road grand prix, is not available to them, or if they are
grandfathered in (basically by being members for three years).

Rules Changes: No more were proposed.

Appeals: None outstanding.

Next Meeting: It was moved and unanimously approved that the next meeting
would follow the Marin Memorial Day 10K (since the time immediately after
Zippy will likely be taken up by the LDR banquet picnic).

Meeting adjourned 12:05.

Submitted by Lloyd Stephenson and Tyler Abbott, acting secretaries.

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