Pacific Association USATF BOA Meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 2008


Meeting called to order @ 7:53 pm


Attendees:  Tyler Abbott (Men’s LDR Chair); Stephanie Brown-Trafton (Athlete’s Chair); Cynci Calvin (Com Com Chair); Maria Castillo (Youth Officials Chair); Jerry Colman (President); Dick Connors (Officials); Shirley Connors (Officials); Dan Davidson (Awards Chair); Nadine Davis (Youth Secretary); Darrell Hampton (VP, Youth HS Chair); Debra Harvey (Youth VC); Irene Herman (Membership); Al Hernandez (Open Men T&F Chair/Coaches); Ed Hicks (Officials); Maura Kent (Secretary, Youth Com Com Chair); George Kleeman (Past President); Art Klein (RW Chair); Becky Klein (Youth RW Chair); Rachel Longfors (athlete); John Mansoor (ED); John Murray (Official); Bob Podkaimer (Officials); Dolton Simmons (Youth Coach); Bob Shor (Youth XC Chair); Lloyd Stephenson (Treasurer; Masters LDR Chair); Phil Watkins (Equipment Chair);


January 29, 2008 meeting minutes documented by Cynci Calvin approved unanimously by BOAs.


Treasurer Report – final 2007 numbers

  • No major changes
  • $1,790 left over in the general fund for youth
  • Line item 5 – interest income won’t be as large this year due to continued loss of value in the American dollar
  • MOTION:  Unanimously approved to have Tyler Abbot work with John to understand how to use the application the budget is stored


  • Youth #1 (presented by Maria Castillo)
    • Two clubs have submitted 3 grievances between themselves; each building upon the last.  All have been thrown out; one club has received additional training about operating a youth club, adherence to policies and both clubs are put on notice that they will be closely watched to ensure they follow all PA/USATF policies and procedures
  • Youth #2 (presented by Becky Klein)
    • Coach charged with inappropriate behavior / rough housing with female athletes
    • Placed on probation for 18 months; Condition of returning to coaching and probation lifting requires (1) attend & pass college class on sociology of coaching youth athletes; (2) must locate a seasoned T&F mentor that will attend all practices / competitions with existing coach (mentor must be approved by PA/USATF BODs); (3) coach cannot be alone with any youth athletes on his team during probation period
    • ACTION:  BOAs asked Becky to rewrite corrective action plan including steps above
  • LDR #1
    • New grievance presented at meeting to Tyler Abbot who needs to locate 3 members of LDR who do not know either of the individuals named in the grievance
  • PA BOA #1
    • John Mansoor presented 3-pages of detailed highlights of a variety of ethical and policy violations that have been occurring for several years at USATF National
    • MOTION:  John to proceed & officially document grievance and present to USATF National
      • Unanimously approved
      • Sub-committee pulled together to review & prepare documentation:  John Mansoor, Stephanie Brown-Trafton, Lloyd Stephenson, Tyler Abbott, John Murray, Al Hernandez, Bob Podkaimer
      • Once filed the national office has 30-days to convene a committee to address both sets of issues
    • MOTION:  Allocate $25K out of reserve funds to pay legal fees
      • Unanimously approved
      • Before using these reserve funds the PA/USATF office is expected to exhaust use of pro bono legal services from members of the association
  • Other
    • MOTION:  Increase amount it costs to file a grievance from $50 to $150
      • Unanimously approved

Communications (Cynci Calvin)

  • Mark Winitz opted not to renew contract; therefore, he will not oversee web master postings; he is willing to continue writing individual pieces such as event high lights or press releases
  • Thom Trimble continues to roll out new website redesign
  • ACTION:  Cynci to send out to all Committee Chairs a list of which volunteer webmaster (include contact information) is assigned to which web section

2008 Golden West Meet (Saturday, June 7)

  • Proceeding well;  deal with ADIDAS & Folsom HS for a 3-year contract; this is the 49-year anniversary of the meet

2008 100 Mile Trail Championships

  • Awarded to Tahoe Rim

2008 Western Regional NCAA Cross Country Championships

  • Stanford will be hosting

2009 Junior Olympic Cross Country Meet

  • Awarded to PA; will be held in Reno area
  • Jim Vanden-Huevel who led this effort in securing the bid died unexpectedly on Monday leaving a family behind
  • Our condolences to the family

2009-2011 CIF HS Track & Field Championship

  • Sac City submitted bid to host this meet

2009-2011 NCAA Cross Country Championship

  • Stanford trying to secure this meet

2010 Junior Olympic T&F Championship bid

  • Bid due July; event is last week in July; concern about staffing / running event with the US Master T&F meet occurring earlier in the month and using the same set of resources

2010 US Masters T&F Championships

  • Will be held first week in July

2010-2012 CIF Cross Country Championships

  • Bid occurs in June; PA will bid only if Fresno does not put forth an appropriate bid.  Three possible locations (Folsom development area; Granite Park or El Dorado Hills golf course); San Diego is expected to bid for the same meet

2011 World Masters T&F Championships

  • All is progressing fine with the Sacramento Sports Commission attending the World Indoor Masters T&F meet this week

New Business

  • Mike Hammerquist expressed a concern that during June & July the PA/USATF office is overwhelmed with administrative duties and consideration should be given to hiring a PA office staff person
  • ACTION:  Place on May agenda for consideration

Old Business

  • Elite athlete grant (training grant) analysis has been completed of all potential applicants
  • Seven applied and $7,500 was available; decision to grant all 7 applicants a grant of $1,000 each
  • MOTION:  unanimously passed to approve grant of $1,000 each for the 7 applicants
  • ACTION:  Jerry Colman to provide list of grant winners to Cynci Calvin so she can write and post a press release on this topic
  • ACTION:  Jerry Colman to contact each applicant for a picture that can be posted online with the grant winner press release

Committee Reports

  • Youth (Maria Castillo)
    • Three sanctioned outdoor youth T&F meets have been held
    • New youth e-mail addresses have been created and loaded onto the PA/USATF youth contact list (please update your distribution lists accordingly)
    • PAC meet will be moved from Oakmont HS to Rocklin HS because Rocklin HS will be able to host ALL field events on the infield.  Yeah!
    • Jerry Colman has stepped up as Meet Referee for both JO qualifier meets hosted by PA this summer
    • New youth landing page has been launched – thanks to new youth webmaster volunteer, Kat Powell
  • Membership (Irene Herman)



29 January 2008

18 March 2008










Level 1



Level 2



Level 3


















Adult Athletes



Race Walking






Youth (3-18 year olds)



Race Walking






Disabled Athletes




  • Athletes (Stephanie Brown–Trafton)
    • Thanks for approving grant!
  • Open T&F (Al Hernandez)
    • May 25 set for T&F Open Championships; check PA website for details
  • Awards (Dan Davidson)
    • In late May Dan will be seeking nominees
    • Jerry Colman asked Dan to take over Hall of Fame for 2008
      • George Kleeman will provide mentor for the next year

Proposed By-Law Changes to Version 14 3-22-07

ACTION:  To be submitted at May, 2008 Meeting with final approval in September:



It shall:

(1)  Develop criteria for awarding annually to deserving individuals and/or organizations a token of permanent recognition of their outstanding service to, or prowess in, the sport of Athletics.

(2) Develop and maintain critera for awarding membership in the Pacific Association Hall of Fame.(3)Select the recipients and arrange for the presentation of such awards as may be authorized by the Board of Athletics.() Maintain a permanent record of all awards made on behalf of this Association.


This change moves the Hall of Fame responsibilities from an appointed committee to the Awards Committee.

Submitted at March, 2008 Meeting and will have final approval in May.


  • LDR (Tyler Abbott)
    • 19-20 women will be representing PA at Boston next week for the women’s Olympic marathon trials
  • Officials (Dick Connors / George Kleeman)
    • Concerned that the Sr. Games waited until the last minute to contact PA to provide officials
    • ACTION:  Send list of concerns to Art Klein who will submit them to the Sr. Games Committee
    • This event was not hosted or sponsored by PA/USATF and opinions of how well it worked or didn’t work shouldn’t be representative of members of this association


Handouts available at the meeting

  • Minutes from last meeting
  • Membership update
  • Budget
  • Proposed grievance outline


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 pm