Meeting was called to order at 10:00 by Deborah Sample.

Introductions were made by each attendee.

Attendees:  Joanne Slaton-Camargo, Debra Harvey Vice Chair, Nadine Davis Secretary, Leon Wimbley Treasurer, Deborah Sample Track Chair, Tony Williams Membership, Maria Castillo Officials Chair, Maura  Kent Communications Chair, Darrell Hampton High School Chair, Kenneth Block Field Chair, Beck Klein Race-walk Chair, Lee Webb Multi Event Chair, Dolton Simmons, Stan Harvey, Sam Burns, Robert Stone, Ed Hollshwandner, Heather Honegger, Jim Vanden Hevvel, Elizabeth Weiss, Kim Hines Tyrenda Beautty, Aliya Dibrell, Otis Campbell, Art Klein, Mark Morrison, Laura Morrison, Roosevelt Kent, J Elliot Williams, Adarian Barr, Carl Bryant, Mildred Williams, Alexander Hill, Chioke Robinson,  Anthony Camargo, Amber Simmons

Maura Kent went over the agenda for the 1st half of the meeting, explaining how to do an Affinity Diagram.  At that time each attendee submitted areas of opportunity to the board for the Youth T&F competitions.  Then a break was called.    

Meeting was called back to order at 11:15 by Deborah Sample.

Once the meeting was called back to order the entire group reviewed the top areas of opportunities to determine which 2-4 issues the group wants to work on and was broke up into 4 groups to work on the 4 topics of concern. 

1.    Communications

2.    Field Events

3.    Scheduling

4.    Pre Meet and Meet Problems

We broke for lunch from 12:00 until 1:00

Groups reconvene at 1:08 p.m. to continue to come together with action plans.

Groups 1-2 presented their action plans to address the area of opportunities

Group 1 area of opportunity was Communications speaker was Mark Morrison.  Group 2 action of opportunity was Field Events speaker was Becky Klein for action plans see attached.

Break was then called at 3:05 by Deborah Sample

Meeting was called back to order at 3:25 by Deborah Sample

Group 3-4 presented their action plans to address the area of opportunities.  Group 3 area of opportunity was Scheduling speaker was Becky Klein.  Group 4 area of opportunity was Pre-Meet- Meet Management speaker was Kim Hines.   For action plans see attached.

Open session to address any other issues that the groups or attendees would like to discuss at that time.  Some issues that were address at that time are as followed:

1)    Stop cheating

2)    How the board will be at more meets

3)    End of the year picnic in August for PAUSAT&F

4)    Relay declarations

5)    Retreat style for next year’s meeting

6)    What work and what did not work

Meet was adjourned at 6:05 pm by Debra Harvey

#  #  #