PA LDR Meeting March 18th, 2007 Aquatic Park, SF Tyler Abbott, Men's LDR chair, Tom Bernhard, Les Ong, Lloyd Stephenson, Masters LDR chair,
Tim Wason, Excelsior; Jodi Dailey, Katherine Wasilenko, Impalas; Ken Grebenstein, Sam Hirabayashi, Don Porteus, Cross-Country subcommittee chair,
Frank Ruona, Tamalpa; Tony Coffey, Aggies; Hollis Lenderking, Ultra subcommittee chair, BAUR; Doug Thurston, Fleet Feet.

Call to order at 10:09

Minutes of 9/17/06 approved

Ultra report:
National championships in our Association : 50k Trail again to be held in Marin at Headlands 50, August 26th, and 100 mile Trail at South Lake Tahoe July 21st. A new race organized by Chris Lunday, the Mt. Tam Trophy Challenge, will be on July 15th. This will serve as a selection race for the World Mountain Running Championships. Request for travel funds for Devon Crosby Helms to attend USATF 100k road championship approved unanimously.

XC schedule:
Approved Empire 8/25, GGP 9/8, Garin 9/29, Presidio 10/6, Fleet Feet 11/3, Assoc. championship 11/18. Presidio, and proposed races Shoreline and Tamalpa, are instructed to amend their payout schedule to total $1500. Santa Cruz race 9/1 approved subject to bid receipt before Zippy. Tamalpa race, probably for 10/27, postponed. Shoreline and Tamalpa both bid for 10/27, and were requested to discuss with each other how to resolve the conflict.

Rules (LDR Guide):
Reviewed the new national rule on non-resident athletes, which we now automatically incorporate into our own rules:
New national rule:
In Long Distance Running, an athlete who is a non-resident member of an Association is eligible to compete for a team in that Association only if the athlete:
(a) resides in an adjoining Association, or
(b) neither the Association of residence nor any Association adjoining the Association of residence provides team competition in the relevant category (e.g., age group, distance, discipline).
Note: An athlete with historical membership (at least 3 continuous USATF membership years) in a club is eligible ot compete for that club.
Approved the following change to single point race prize money:
Increase single point prize money from $2500 to $2550 (plus $100 athlete development), offer $25 to first place veteran individual (only), m/f.
This change did not contemplate any change in recommended multi-point race breakdowns.
Approved the following change to the division structure: Add new category Super Veterans, for runners age 80 and older. No prize money at races or in grand prix. First place (short/long) receives comp entries the following year.
The first rule (non-resident athletes) is effective 1/1/07, the others 1/1/08.

2007 GP: At the September meeting, CIM was approved assuming it submitted a bid not materially different from the 2006 bid. The race director did not want to bid for open men, since the men's Olympic marathon trials is approximately a month before CIM in 2007. The race director had expressed a willingness to bid for masters (40+), however. CIM was approved again, as a race for either masters (all 40+) only or masters plus open women, with the committee's preference being the latter. [After the meeting the race director agreed to bid for open women and all masters.]

Travel funds: $1000 available, $500/gender. Motion to distribute all funds equally to association qualifiers for marathon trials, approved.

Presidio XC 2006: Exec. Comm. has set a $250 penalty for course monitoring deficiencies. The race director has requested that the race be allowed to pay most or all of this amount to the affected athletes, with any extra money going to the PA, though no specific breakdown was presented. Motion to allow the race to do this was approved, subject to LDR Executive Committee approval of the specific breakdown.

Website: Jeff Teeters will be asked to assist, particularly on the bios section.

Adjourned 11:28

Lloyd Stephenson, Acting Secretary