PA LDR meeting 
January 9th, 2005, after Cal 10
Call to order at 11:24 by Tyler Abbott (NB Excelsior), Chair
also present: Susan Beck (Iguanas), Tom Bernhard (NB Excelsior), Tony
Coffey (Aggies), Cary Craig, Charles DesJardins (Tamalpa), Robert Gormley
(Tamalpa), Hollis Lenderking (BAUR), Kristian Petersen (RCR), Don Porteous
(Tamalpa), Frank Ruona (Tamalpa), Cheryl Shwe (Impalas), Lloyd Stephenson
(NB Excelsior), Lorna Thomson (Impalas), Doug Thurston (FFSac), Thom
Trimble (Pacific Striders), Kim Woody (WVTC)
Minutes of prior meeting, November 2004, approved
No committee reports (Ultra report given later)
No news yet on awards banquet
Motion to shift agenda to contemplate team protests at this time approved
Appeal of XMAS Relay scoring by WVTC open and master men (they claimed to
have submitted scoresheets) approved, 6-3
Appeal of Xmas Relays scoring by RCR open men approved (they are scored
with 3 man team, one man ran twice)
Appeals of XC Champs. team scoring by Wolfpack and GVH open men approved
7-4 (allows them to be scored; no scoresheet filed because team results
posted at race)
Motion: Travel funds of $250 each gender, for open athletes leading Long
road series after Across the Bay 12k approved, to be used for Twin Cities
Marathon 10/2. Travel allotment of $250 for female winner of Jamba Juice
5K approved, to be used for Tufts Health Plan 10K for Women 10/11. Travel
allotment of $250 for male winner of Heritage Oaks Bank 10K approved, to
be used for Senior Bowl 10K 11/5.
Motion: Porteous version of Trimble proposal for team prize money approved
unanimously, after unanimous approval of amendment by Abbott (for 3.0
races only, shifting money from masters--$5 1st/$20 2d--back to open--$25
1st). See note 1 and prior minutes.
Motion: Drop one race in Long series for individual year end scoring,
Motion amending prior motion from November, tentative approval of CIM, to
require a bid by January 31, passed unanimously.
Motion (Trimble): Limit road GP to 12 races; automatically postponed to
next meeting. Much discussion of reasons to limit schedule and ways to do
Motion: Author of motion to amend sections 16.2 and 16.4 of the LDR Guide
(both in regard to comp entries), along with person seconding motion,
agreed to separate the motion into two separate motions.
Motion: New version of 16.2 of LDR Guide, automatically postponed to next
meeting. See note 2.
Motion: New version of 16.4 of Guide, amended from agenda listing;
automatically postponed to next meeting. See note 3. (Secretary's note:
section 16.4 was amended on another subject in November, so this would not
be the complete section.)
Motion: New section, 16.5, of Guide, relay comps, automatically postponed
to next meeting. See note 4.
Established LDR Executive committee membership: Mens, womens, and masters
chairs; XC and ultra chairs; secretary; bid coordinator; and current
appointees Tony Coffey, Irene Herman, Doug Thurston, Barb Wismer, and Mark
Endorsed last minute Aggie bid for 2006 Fall National XC with very little
information but with a vote of confidence in the race organizers.
Ultra Subcommitte Report, postponed with unanimous consent from earlier in
the agenda:
Approved 2005 Ultra GP schedule submitted by Ultra chair Lenderking (see
Approved Beverly Abbs for using ultra travel funds for a 100k road race
Feb. 19.
Motions: Amend LDR Guide, section 12 or 18, to limit team members in a
relay event to running only one leg for that team, and to limit team
members in a relay event to run on only one team (e.g. age group) at that
Adjourn at approx. 1:30 PM, next meeting March 20 after the Across the Bay
Submitted by Lloyd Stephenson, Acting Secretary
1. For 1.0 race (REQUIRED): Open 225/125/50; Masters 120/65, Senior 60,
Supersenior 30.
For 1.5 (RECOMMENDED): Open 300/175/100; Masters 160/80; Senior 70;
Supersenior 40.
For 2.0 (RECOMMENDED): Open 400/250/125/75; Masters 250/120/60; Senior
90/40; Supersenior 40.
For 3.0 (RECOMMENDED): Open 600/325/175/100; Masters 320/160/100; Senior
110/60; Supersenior 50.
2. New Rule 16.2: Comp entries will be given to the top 15 open runners,
regardless of age. The top 10 masters not included in the open comps
will also receive comps. The top 5 seniors, not included in the masters
and open, will receive comps. The top 3 super-seniors, not included in
open/master/senior comps will receive comps. The top veteran not included
in the open/masters/seniors/super-seniors comps will receive a comp.
3. New Rule 16.4: In the Road grand prix, in order to be eligible for
comped entries, an athlete must have competed in
at least 51% of the races in the series on which the comps are based. If a
runner is ineligible for failing to meet this requirement, the next
eligible runner shall receive the comped entries.
4. 16.5: In relay events, there are no individual comps, but teams that
received money in the prior year's grand prix shall receive complimentary