Minutes from Clarksburg Meeting
LDR Committee meeting November 14th, 2004 at Clarksburg
Call to order at 1:10 PM by Tyler Abbott, Chair (N B Excelsior)
Also present Marie Appel (Impalas), Tony Coffey (Aggies), Cary Craig
(GVH), Charles DesJardins (Tamalpa), Michael Dove (WNLR), Suzanne Franco
(Impalas), Robert Gormley (Tamalpa), Dan Preston (Empire), Don Porteous
(Tamalpa), Lloyd Stephenson (NB Excelsior)
Minutes of Oct. 16 approved
Doug Thurston answered questions on Shriners 2005 raised at prior meeting.
Will use 2004 course, but schedule women's race somewhat later to avoid
any overlap with men on course. He also observed that the road and XC
schedules are full and have developed some conflicts he would like to
avoid. Motion to accept Shriner's on the 2005 schedule approved
Hannaford has resigned as XC co-chair, Craig will arrange schedule with
advice from Hannaford and others. Porteous agreed to be new XC co-chair.
Awards Banquet: Fleet Feet may to offer to do banquet, with financial help
from Pacific Striders [Note: since the meeting, Fleet Feet has declined.
No one had volunteered as of press time.]
No volunteers for 2 Board of Athletics spots for women's LDR. Stephenson
appointed acting Secretary.
Travel: Ryan Hayes used LDR travel award for US 10k Champ. at Mobile this
month, set PR.
Motion to send PA XC GP champs and winners of PA XC champ. race to Winter
National XC champ. with remaining travel funds. This is four people, two
men and two women. Passed.
Passed unanimously tabled motion from October meeting, to allow a comp
entry recipient to decline entries remaining for that year and therefore
enable next eligible GP participant to use them. Add to LDR Guide 16.4:
"In addition, an athlete who would otherwise be comped may choose to
decline the complimentary entries. In this case also the next eligible
runner shall receive the comped entries."
Tabled rule change, to rename steering committee executive committee, add
powers, and allow email voting, passed unanimously (with language to be
formalized after the meeting--see note 1 for final language).
Discussion of schedule. Big Sur 5K and Zippy have now submitted formal bid
packages (Big Sur had in fact done it the day before the Humboldt
meeting). Motion made to make Heritage Oaks Bank 10K 1.0 point
individual/3.0 point team (instead of 2.0/2.0) but not seconded. Motion
made to approve Cal 10 on the schedule.
Motion made to postpone Cal 10 vote until after a change in agenda to
discuss rules changes. Passed, 7-3.
Motion made to have email vote directly after this meeting to drop one
long race in GP scoring. Motion passed 7-3.
With Cal 10 motion now on the floor, amendment moved to add Cal 10 only if
the above email vote to drop one long race in GP scoring passes. Amendment
rejected 4-6. Cal 10 added to 2005 schedule per original bid (no feedback
since last meeting) 6-4.
Requirement of email vote to drop one long race now reversed 5-2.
Request by GP bidder to change date of LSI 10k from April 3 refused,
except for April 2. [Bid has since been withdrawn.]
Motion to approve CIM bid in advance if it is similar to last three CIM
appearances in GP, passed.
Tabled rule change on race prize money distribution from Trimble amended
with Porteous idea to add super senior money (see note 2, which includes
revisions made by Porteous after suggestions made at the meeting), 9-1.
Overall proposal, to change prize money specifications for single point
races and recommendations for races 1.5 and higher, tabled.
meeting adjourned 3:44 PM
note 1: 
3.6 The LDR Committee has an Executive Committee composed of the
(a) The three PA/USATF LDR Chairs (open men, open women, masters).
(b) Subcommittee Chairs as designated by the LDR Committee.
(c) Two PA/USATF athletes representing one each open and masters, who
are selected by the PA/USATF Athlete's Committee annually. In the event
that the Athlete's Committee does not select these representatives, the
LDR Committee shall appoint them.
(d) Other appointees (temporary or permanent) designated by the LDR
3.7 The LDR Executive Committee examines and organizes current LDR
and makes recommendations to the LDR Committee proper in order to make LDR
meetings more productive and efficient.
3.8 The LDR Executive Committee shall also have the right to determine
matters which would otherwise
be determined by the LDR Committee but which arise between LDR Committee
meetings and whose resolution in the judgment of the LDR chairs cannot
await the next LDR Committee meeting. If in the determination of the
LDR chairs such a matter is of too great an import to be adjudicated by
the LDR Executive Committee, they may request that clubs vote by email.
Such a vote, sent to all the official club contacts and to the LDR egroup,
if existing at the time, and in which each
club has the maximum number of votes to which it is entitled, has the same
force and effect as if it were made at an LDR meeting. Clubs must have at
least ten days to respond to any such email vote.
note 2:
Proposed required (1.0 point) and recommended (above 1.0 point) prize
money breakdowns
1.0 point race
Current: Open: 225/125/50; Masters 125/75; Senior 75
Trimble proposal: Same
Porteous Proposed amendment: Open 225/125/50; Masters 120/65, Senior
60, Supersenior 30.
Current: Open 325/175/75; Masters 200/75; Seniors 75
Trimble proposal: Open 300/175/100; Masters 175/100; Seniors 75
Porteous Proposed amendment: Open 300/175/100; Masters 160/80; Senior 70;
Supersenior 40.
Current: Open 500/200/100/50; Masters 300/100/50; Seniors 100/50
Trimble proposal: Open 400/250/125/75; Masters 250/125/75; Senior
Porteous proposed amendment: Open 400/250/125/75; Masters 250/120/60;
Senior 90/40; Supersenior 40.
Current: Open 650/300/175/75; Masters 350/175/100; Seniors 125/50
Trimble proposal: Open 575/325/175/100; Masters 325/200/100; Seniors
Porteous proposed amendment: Open 575/325/175/100; Masters 325/180/100;
Senior 110/60; Supersenior 50.
note 3:
Tentative 2005 Road Grand Prix Schedule (after Clarksburg meeting)
01/09 California 10-Mile Stockton 1.0 Long $2500
03/05 NorCal John Frank Memorial 10-Mile Redding 1.0 Long $2500
03/20 Emerald Nuts Across the Bay 12K San Francisco 1.5 Long $4500
04/17 Hewlett-Packard 10K Cupertino 2.0 Short $5500
04/24 News Channel 46 5K (Big Sur) Carmel 1.0 Short $2500
05/08 Zippy 5K San Francisco 1.0 Short $2500
05/30 Pacific Sun 10K Marin 1.0 Short $2500
06/25 Shriners 8K Sacramento 1.0 Short $2500
07/10 Fleet Feet Davis Mile Davis 1.0 Short $2500
09/18 Jamba Juice 5K San Francisco 2.0 Short $5500
09/25 Heritage Oaks Bank 10K Paso Robles 2.0 Short $5000
10/16 Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon Weott 1.5 Long $2500
11/13 Clarksburg Country Run 30K Clarksburg 2.0 Long $2650
? 12/?? California International Marathon Folsom 2.0? Long $2500? [CIM
board to decide the week after Cal 10 mtg]
12/11? Christmas Relays San Francisco ?.? N/A $2500
Submitted by Lloyd Stephenson, acting Secretary
The very simple LDR Secretary duties:
It's easy! Attend the 4 or 5 LDR Committee meetings (which traditionally
follow a Road Grand Prix event) and take minutes. The meetings have become
very well-organized and usually take less than an hour. The minutes should
a) date and location of the meeting
b) attendees list (hand out a paper and pen for attendees to record names,
clubs, e-mails)
c) the time it starts
d) motions that are presented and whether they are passed or not passed
e) the time the meeting adjourns
Please note that you need not include extensive reports of the discussions
the purpose of the minutes is to have the basics on record. Type up the
minutes and e-mail to Tyler for a cross check. Before the next meeting
Tyler will e-mail the minutes and an agenda to Cynci Calvin who will send
out to the LDR list and to web master Dan Preston for posting on the web