Benbow State Park
Saturday, Oct. 18, 2003

Those present: Tyler Abbott, Men's LDR Chair (Hoy's Excelsior); Lloyd
Stephenson, Masters LDR Chair (Hoy's Excelsior); Cynci Calvin, PA & LDR
Secretary (Buffalo Chips); Cary Craig (Buffalo Chips); Susan Beck, grand
prix bid coordinator (Hoy's Excelsior); Irene Herman, PA Membership
Committee chair (Impalas); Elmo Shropshire (Tamalpa); Mike Dziedzic
(Tamalpa); Mike Lotter (Tamalpa); Phil Phythian (Tamalpa); Bernie
Hollander(Tamalpa); Sam Hirabayahsi (Tamalpa); Mike Gama (Hoy's
Excelsior); Jim Gorman (Hoy's Excelsior); Les Ong (Hoy's Excelsior); Tom
Bernhard (Hoy's Excelsior); Matt Regan (Hoy's Excelsior); Bob Darling
(Hoy's Excelsior); Hollis Lenderking (Bay Area Ultra Runners).

Meeting called to order at 3:20 p.m.

**Minutes from the May 11 meeting following the Zippy 5K were unanimously
approved with the correction that Mark Winitz (West Valley Joggers &
Striders) was present.

Cross Country
The regional championships will be held November 15 (at a 4-mile course on
Morley Field in Balboa Park, women 8:30 men 9:15), so the PA Championships
will be November 23.

2004 Schedule: still has some questionable events (Firetrails, Headlands,
Quad Dipsea)
Number of participants stable although lots of late entries.
Travel fund issue: There's no national level 100K selector or championship
for selecting world 100K
participants so athletes are unable to apply for PA/USATF travel funds.
Because of this, ultra travel funds are likely to remain unspent this year.

Tamalpa and Irene Herman will work together on this.

2004 budget was approved as requested except that the road grand prix
purse was again reduced from $20,000 to $15,000, with the stipulation that
the first $5,000 of unbudgeted income from LDR sources would be used to
increase the purse up to $20,000, and the $1,000 Performance of the Year
money was not budgeted.
In 2003 the same deal was in place with respect to the grand prix purse
and the funds came in, so the purse will be $20,000.

** Julie Fingar unanimously approved as Women's LDR Chair
** Cary Craig unanimously approved as X-C co-chair.
The Communications committee needs a member.
For Board of Athletics representatives, Julie Fingar & Karin Kuffel were
appointed to vacant positions on the Board. Two more women are still

To be voted on at the next meeting: Any rule change made for the Road
Grand Prix that does not conflict with XC guidelines would automatically
apply to XC.
**Unanimously passed: Cross country rules will reflect the three changes
made to road team scoring last year: (1) Senior men's teams consist of
four athletes, not three, though three person teams may score after all
four person teams; (2) If there are not enough A teams to collect all the
team prize money at a race, the money may go to the top B team(s); (3) All
teams present at a race receive a minimum of one point.
**Unanimously passed (after an ammendment vote was passed 6 to 4 changing
the proposal for open from $200/$125/$75 to $225/$125/$50): that the
standard ($2500) Road Grand Prix prize money breakdown will be, for open
teams, $225/125/50 instead of $275/125; for master teams, $125/75 instead
of $150/50; and for seniors, $50 individual/$75 team instead of $75
individual/$50 team.

** 2004 schedule approved as submitted (with CIM/Christmas Relays point
value on a spearate vote) approved with 5 in favor, 3 against and 2
abstentions (see Appendix A). Note that the Fleet Feet Mile and the
Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon were both approved on either of two dates,
with the request that the races let us know the final dates before the end
of the year.
** Unaninmously passed to ask Cal 10 RD to move Cal 10 date up to a
mutually-agreed upon date in Feb. in 2005.
** Unanimously approved to accept CIM & lower the Christmas Relays point
value to 1.0 if the CIM date
stays on December 5.

# of PA entrants were significantly down, and race Director Mitch Massey
requsted feedback from us regarding this and the race in general. The
following suggestions were given (no votes were taken):
   - poor shirt
   - registration confusion
   - needs better publicity
   - SLO annexation in limbo (that official annexation would help)
   - make results easier to read
   - have masters race first
   - shorten awards ceremony, make it sooner
   - improve web site - include travel routes and places to stay, and make
easier to use

Now has 3 events on GP road circuit, all double point.
Wants better access to and particpation in publicity efforts for elite
athletes (press, interviews, bios, award ceremonies).
**Unanimously approved to assign an elite athlete coordinator. (Mark
Winitz, not present, was mentioned as a possibility.)
**Unanimously approved that all comped athletes must put (or update) their
bio on the PA web site before Feb. 15 of the year in which they are comped
or they will be removed from the comp list until they do so.
Lloyd Stevenson agreed to contact Dave Rhody about race day logistics for
each RhodyCo race.

Chis Lundy was assisted with her travel to the Tufts 5K 10/13.
Cristian Hesch will be assisted with his travel to the Senior Bowl 10K in
Mobile, since Peter Gilmore declined the funds based on his running the
Chicago Marathon.
** Unanimously approved to use the 2003 system for awarding cross country
travel funds in
2004: male/female winners of both the grand prix and the PA championships.

If any are pending, they will be discussed at the Clarksburg meeting.

XC prize purse: make $1000 the minimum (1 point); $1500 is awarded 1.5
For events longer than 25K, open men's & women's and men's masters will
require 5 members instead of 3.

Start encouraging 2004 PA/USATF membership registrations.

Meeting adjourned 4:48 p.m.

Pending CIM bid and two date confirmations

1/11 Cal 10 $2,600 1 point
3/6 NorCal John Frank Memorial 10 Mile $3,900 1.5 points
3/21 Across the Bay 12K $5,500 2 points
4/18 Hewlett Packard 10K $5,500 2 points
4/25 News 46 (Big Sur) 5K $2,600 1 point
5/9 Zippy 5K $2,600 1 point
5/31 Pacific Sun 10K $2,600 1point
6/19 Shriners 8K $2,600 1 point
7/11 OR 7/18 Fleet Feet Mile (Davis) $2,600 1 point
9/19 Jamba Juice 5K $5,500 2 points
9/26 Heritage Oaks Bank 10K $7,800 3 points
10/17 OR 10/10 Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon $2,600 1.5 points
11/7 Clarksburg 30K $2,600 2 points
12/12 Christmas Relays $2,600 (points subject to CIM bid)