May 11, 2003 Meeting held in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, after Zippy 5k Those present: Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair (Hoy's Excelsior); Susan Beck, women's LDR chair (Hoy's Excelsior); Irene Herman, PA Membership Committee chair (Impalas); Lloyd Stephenson, (Hoy's Excelsior); Tony Coffee (Aggies); Cheryl Kruse Shwe (Impalas); Molly Sear (Iquanas); Dan Preston (Empire); Frank Ruona (Tamalpa); Amy Sonstein (Tamalpa); Phil Phythian (Tamalpa); Ann Hardham (Tamalpa); Tim Wason (Hoy's Excelsior) Meeting called to order at 11:08 a.m. Minutes from the March 23, 2002, meeting after Across the Bay 12K were unanimously approved. SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTS Cross-Country - A motion was made to approve the schedule, with the PA championship held on either November 16th or 23rd,, depending on which date is not taken by Regional Championships in San Diego. [The regional championships will be held November 15 (at a 4-mile course on Morley Field in Balboa Park, women 8:30 men 9:15), so the PA Championships will be November 23.] Ultra - none Volunteers - A X-C co-chair is still needed. The Communications committee needs a member. For Board of Athletics representatives, 4 women and 1 man are needed. Tony Coffee accepted an appointment to the Board. For LDR chairs, the nominations are Tyler Abbott, men's chair, Lloyd Stephenson, Masters chair, and Christine Brighton, Women's chair. Ms. Brighton's nomination is subject to confirmation from her. [After the meeting, at which she was not present, she declined the nomination.] A motion was made and unanimously approved to close nominations. TRAVEL FUNDS There was a discussion of the method used to select a female runner for the Tufts 10K because of the change of date of the selection race, the Jamba Juice 5K. The committee had previously decided to send the winner of Jamba Juice, or whoever places highest and can go. No change made to this approach. SPONSORSHIP/ WEB ADVERTISING - No report. CROSS COUNTRY REGIONALS - No discussion. SCORING CHANGES The committee discussed and voted on various changes proposed by the Scoring Task Force. 1. ROAD RACING 3.0 Maximum: A motion was made that the maximum number of points for a road race be 3.0. The motion was defeated by a vote of 1-9. Lowering points for 30K distance and above to 1.5 points: No motion was made. Increasing Cost of points above 2.0 to $2,600 per 0.5 point: A motion was made and defeated, 1-4, with 5 abstentions. One point higher rule: A motion was made that no race can be more than 1.0 points higher than the next highest race. The motion passed 6-4. Change point weighting for older age groups (due to smaller amounts of prize money received by these groups): no motion was made. 2. CROSS COUNTRY Bonus for running all races: A motion was made that one extra point be awarded to runners competing in all races. The motion was withdrawn. Bonus for running more than 6 races: A motion was made to award one point per race beyond 6 races. The motion was withdrawn. Point Weighting for Races: A motion was made that the maximum number of points be 1.5. The motion was approved by a vote of 7-2. Extra Half Point for Separate Masters Men's Race - No motion was made. Race Entry Fees- A motion was made that for every $5 in pre-registration fee above $10, the race must have an additional $250 in prize money over the minimum of $500. The motion was withdrawn. BUDGET REQUEST The LDR budget request was distributed to the committee. The request netted $33,650 and is the same as for this year, except for the following: $20,000 has been requested for the Road Grand Prix, up from $15,000; $1,000 has been requested for performance of the year, up from $0. A motion was made to approve the request, and was passed unanimously. ANNUAL BANQUET Mark Winitz of West Valley Joggers & Striders said he would explore whether his club would be willing to host the banquet. Tamalpa was suggested as a possible backup. [West Valley Joggers & Striders have since declined to host.] SCORESHEET SUBMISSIONS A motion was made and unanimously approved to let the scorer send reminder emails to clubs that have not submitted scoresheets by the deadline. The scorer will not be required to send such emails. Similarly, when the scorer does send such emails out, it cannot be guaranteed that all full teams will be notified. Furthermore, it was decided not to attempt to automate the scoresheet (making no submission required) at this time. PRIZE MONEY BREAKDOWN PROPOSAL A proposal was made that the prize money breakdown starting in 2004 be changed as follows. A vote will be taken at the Humboldt meeting. For open teams, the breakdown for a 1.0 point race is currently $275 for first, and $125 for second. It has been proposed that it be changed to $200 for first, $125 for second, and $75 for third. For masters teams, the breakdown is currently $150 for first and $50 for second. It has been proposed that it be changed to $125 for first, and $75 for second. For seniors, teams currently get $50 for first place and the top individual gets $75. It has been proposed that the first-place team gets $75 and the top individual gets $50. TEAM USA MONTEREY BAY Mark Winitz gave a report on the Team Monterey Training Camp. It will have a July 15 starting date and the coach will be Bob Sevene. Meeting adjourned at 12:22.