San Francisco (post-Across the Bay 12K)

Sunday, March 23, 2003
San Francisco, following the Across the Bay 12K
Those present: Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Hoy's Excelsior; Susan
Beck, women's LDR chair, Hoy's Excelsior; Tony Fong, masters LDR
chair, WVTC; Hollis Lenderking, Ultra Chair, Bay Area Ultra Runners;
Michelle Hannaford, XC chair, Impala; Cynci Calvin, LDR secretary,
Chips; Irene Herman, PA Membership Committee chair, Impalas; Karen
Ribble, Impalas; Lloyd Stephenson, Hoy's Excelsior; Bob Darling,
Hoy's Excelsior; Martina Lauchenco Jones, Iguanas; Molly Sear,
Iguanas; Dan Preston, PA web master, Empire; Mark Winitz, WVJS.
Meeting called to order at 10:35 a.m.
Minutes from Cal 10 Meeting approved.
Cross Country Grand Prix
Bids are out; schedule basically same as last year
All to be approved at the Zippy 5K meeting.
Ultra Grand Prix
Gary Wang is replacing David Kim as the Ultra Grand Prix Scorer
Two new events: Ohlone Wilderness 50K (May 18) and the Whiskeytown
50K (Oct. 25)
Potential glitch is travel fund assignment due to no national 100K
selector event; world 100K championship is in November in Taiwan.
Road Grand Prix
Fleet Feet Mile is in Davis on July 13.
Unanimously approved: At race director request, Jamba Juice 5K kept on
road GP after move from Sept. 14 to Sept. 21.
Need XC Co-Chair
Need Pacific Association Board of Athletics LDR Committee representatives
Scoring changes for 2002
1) Point weighting of races: Proposals below from the Scoring Task Force
were presented to the LDR Committee. Need to be reviewed by clubs. Vote to
be taken at Zippy 5K meeting.
(a) Make the maximum number of points for the road 3 points.
(b) Lower the minimum point value for the 30K-Marathon to 1.5 points (from
2.0) - anything 20K or longer will be minimum 1.5 points.
(c) Leave the prize $ cost of points the same up to 2 points, but require
that to go from 2 to 2.5 points, the race must come up with an additional
$2600 and to go from 2.5 to 3 points, the race come up with an additional
$5200 (above the 2.5 point figure).
(d) Allow the highest point race to be no more than 1 point higher than
the next highest point race.
2) Unanimously approved to table issue of point weighting for older age
XC Scoring Task Force (see attached XC Task Force Report for detailed
information and be prepared to vote at the Zippy meeting on the issues
that were tabled or just proposed).
1a) Unanimously approved to make individual scoring the same as recently
approved for the roads.
1b) Number of races scored to be kept generally the same but some
flexibility allowed (the actual rule won't change). Task Force proposals
concerning number of races to score 2-4 were addressed as described below.
2) PA Championship
a) Unanimously approved to score "5 + 1" for championship, both teams and
individuals--runners still score in their best, say, six races, but one of
the races used must be the championships. In other words, runners score
their championship points (which could be zero if they don't run or don't
place well enough) plus, say, their top five other races.
b) Unanimously approved to delete the current extra point rule, whereby
the championship receives one extra point.
3) Two options for a bonus for running more than the maximum number of
scored races were proposed: (i) give a small bonus (points) to every
runner who completes all 10 races, either only in the proper age division
or in that plus all younger divisions; (ii) give one point to every runner
for every race they complete.
a) By a vote of 8 to 6 a motion to table was defeated.
b) LDR chair brought up point of order regarding the propriety of the vote
to postpone the vote to the Zippy 5K meeting.
c) It is recommended that club members e-mail XC Chair Michelle Hannaford
([email protected]) with suggestions and comments.
4) Recommendations for 2003
Tyler made a proposal to consider a third option "C" to the
recommendations that number of races to score might be different for
teams and individuals.
5) Point Weighting for Races
(A) was unanimously approved that the minimum prize money for each race be
$500 except the championship which will have a minimum of $1,000.
(B), (C), and (D) (6) proposed for vote at Zippy meeting:
(B) Basic point weighting is based on prize money, 1 point for $500 and
1.5 points for $1000.
(C) The four men's masters divisions receive an additional half point at
races with a separate masters race (there was some sentiment to apply this
to women's divisions as well).
(D) For every $5 increase in pre-registration fee above $10, the race must
have an additional $250 in prize money over the minimum of $500 (pre-entry
fees of $11-15 must have at least $750 in prize money, $16-20 must have
$1000, etc.).
Passed unanimously to grant a male runner with the best 1/2 marathon time
since October 2002 $100 from national AADP to assist with travel to the
Hospital Hill Half Marathon on June 7, 2003. Runners are to submit their
1/2 marathon times. [Note: Shortly after the meeting it was found that
these national AADP funds were no longer available, so the announcement
was never made.]
Web Sponsors
Board of Athletics approved LDR Committee to investigate having some
web sponsors for LDR pages on web.
Feasibility Task Force: LDR chairs, Webmasters, Cynci Calvin, and Mark
New Business
LDR Chairs: need nominations to be submitted by Zippy 5K Meeting
Nominated to date: Men's - Tyler Abbott (Hoy's Excelsior); Masters - Lloyd
Stephenson (Hoy's Excelsior)
XC Regional Championships
Need to clear up whether Southern California or San Diego USATF
Associations want to have Western Regional XC Championship.
Denied: Farm Team, Silver State and Buffalo Chips appeals to allow scoring
of deliquently submitted teams.
Team Monterey Update
Presented by Mark Winitz.
Suggested to send LDR broadcast e-mail updates.