Meeting held at Clarksburg after the Clarksburg 30K
Please respond with questions and comments to your LDR Chairs.
         Women: Susan Beck, [email protected]; 415/824-3045
         Men: Tyler Abbott, [email protected]; 415/563-6355
         Masters: Tony Fong, [email protected]; 510/865-4605

Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair (Hoy's Excelsior); Susan
Beck, women's LDR chair (Hoy's Excelsior); Irene Herman, PA Membership
Committee chair (Impalas); Lloyd Stephenson, (Hoy's Excelsior); Tony
Coffee (Aggies); Diana Fitzpatrick (Impalas); Martina Lauchenco Jones
(Iquanas); Tim Keenan (EBS/WVTC); Jeff Teeters (East Bay Striders); Thom
Trimble (East Bay Striders); Richard McCann (GVH); Charles de Jardin
(Tamalpa); Ed Parrot (WVTC)

Meeting called to order at 1:27 p.m.

Minutes from the October 19, 2002, meeting before Humboldt were
unanimously approved, with one change: for the 2003 Grand Prix Schedule,
the date was added for the Jamba Juice 5K (September 14).

Subcommittee Reports

    Ultra -- none

    Cross-Country -- none

    Scoring Task Force -- Report postponed to "Rules Changes" discussion in

LDR Banquet update:
Dan Preston says three clubs--GVH, Empire, and Buffalo Chips--will host.
Plan to have banquet in late January; date to be announced soon. [Date is
January 25th, starting at 5:00 pm; banquet will be held at Sudwerks
Brewpub in Davis. Reserve by Jan. 16! Check www.pausatf.org for more details.]

Several Board of Athletics reps still needed. Dan Preston agreed to serve
as one. Cross country chair also needed.

2003 Road Grand Prix Update
1. Doug Thurston reported that he's looking to move the Fleet Feet Mile to
Davis on July 13. Stills needs confirmation from sponsor.
Motion to accept race in Davis on July 13th, assuming sponsorship is
confirmed: Approved unanimously

2. Galena Markets 5K.
Motion to approve race on June 1 (instead of June 8 date initially
9 yes, 3 abstain. [Note: After the meeting, race withdraw bid. It may bid
again in the future.]

3. CIM � Motion that the California International Marathon not encouraged
to bid for the 2003 G.P. schedule to avoid conflict for runners planning
to run the Olympic trials in 2004.
7 yes, 1 no, 3 abstain.

4. Discussion of long-range (multi-year) plan for CIM: Tabled unanimously.


Scoring Task Force Recommendations


A motion was made and unanimously approved to limit initial discussion to
open divisions and masters men. The four scoring options, which may be
seen at http://www.pausatf.org/data/scoringtaskforce/FOUROPTIONS.html,
received the following votes:
Option 1 - 0
Option 2 - 1
Option 3 - 1
Option 4 - 9

Option 4 passes, starting in 2003 (roads only).

Women Masters and Men Seniors.
A motion was made and approved unanimously to use Option 4 (above) to
score these two groups effective 2003 (roads only).

Women Senior, Men Super Senior
A motion was made and approved unanimously to score these groups 25 deep.
A motion was made to score these groups by using every other point value
in Option 4, then dividing by 2 and rounding up.
A motion was made to amend this motion by eliminating the step of dividing
by 2. 6 No, 4 yes.
The original motion was approved: 5 yes, 3 no, 4 abstain.

Women Super Senior, Men and Women Veteran
A motion was made and approved unanimously to keep the same scoring system
as currently in use (scoring 10 deep).


A motion was made and passed unanimously that every A Team gets at least
one point.

A motion was made and passed unanimously that B teams be eligible for
prize money after all A teams.

A motion was made and passed unanimously that the above change be applied
retroactively to pay unclaimed team money from the Heritage Oaks Bank 10K
to the Adidas Transport B team.

A motion was made to require senior men's teams to have 4 runners to
score. A three person team could score only after all 4-men teams have
A motion was made to amend the above motion by eliminating the option of
scoring 3 men. 6 no, 1 yes, 3 abstain. Motion fails.
A vote on the original motion; 8 yes, 0 no, 3 abstain

A motion was made to implement the following drop down rule: an older
athlete may �drop down� to younger age groups for the purpose of team
scoring in the Grand Prix series event. To be eligible, the athlete and
the club teams must meet the following criteria: I) if no team has been
scored for the athlete�s age group, then the athlete is eligible to score
for a team in a younger age group. II) if a team scores for the athlete�s
age group, then the younger age group team must select scoring athletes in
the following order: 1) all athletes in the younger category are scored in
priority over athletes in an older category with a scoring team; and 2)
after criterion 1) is met the slowest athlete on the next older scoring
team can be scored on the younger team, up to the point that the older
team has sufficient athletes to have a complete team (e.g. 3 athletes for
a senior team).
OR the athlete and club team must declare at least one hour prior to race
time which older athletes will compete on the younger team. The older
athlete also must wear a designating division letter on the back of his or
her uniform (M for masters, S for seniors, etc.)
The motion failed: 1 yes; 9 no.

A motion was made to reconsider the proposal to allow athletes to score in
multiple age groups for team scoring, as long as they meet the minimum age
for the group. (This proposal was considered at the Zippy meeting and
A motion to table this proposal was approved unanimously.

A motion was made to table this discussion since we cannot make any
changes until the 2004 Grand Prix. Approved unanimously.

A motion was made that a runner must score in at least 25% of the races
per series to be eligible for comp entries the next year, regardless of
their standing at year end. Approved unanimously. [Unless there is
objection, it will be interpreted by the chairs that, in case a runner is
ineligible for comp entries due to this change, the comp list will be
extended to the first runner in the standings not on the list.]

A motion was made that a person who enters separate open and masters
cross-country races on the same day, with separate entry forms, may score
on either a masters team or an open team, but not both. The athlete may
score individually in both divisions. Approved (vote not recorded).

A motion was made that changes to PA LDR rules may be made at any time. A
motion to table this motion was approved unanimously.

A motion was made to give individual Grand Prix points to the top 4 P.A.
finishers in this year's Shoreline X-C women's race regardless of the
outcome of any protest that might be filed, and to attempt to effect a
fair division of prize money, ideally with extra prize money from the
race. (The top runners were led off course by the lead bicyclist.)
Approved: 8 yes, 4 no.

A motion was made to grant these four runners a specific set of points in
the case that they are disqualified. A motion to table this motion was
approved unanimously. [Note: Due to no protest being filed, and hence no
disqualifications being made, further details are omitted here.]