Meeting held at the Buchanan St. Bar & Grill, San Francisco following Houlihan's 12K
Those present: Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Hoy's Excelsior; Susan
Beck, women's LDR chair,  Hoy's Excelsior; Tony Fong, masters LDR
chair, EBS/WVTC; Todd Kelly, XC Subcommittee Chair, WVTC; Hollis
Lenderking, Ultra subcommittee Co-chair, BAUR; Dan Preston,  Co-web
master, Empire; Cynci Calvin, PA Communications Committee chair, LDR
Secretary, Chips; Irene Herman, PA Membership Committee chair,
Impalas; Michelle Hannaford, Impalas; Carol Keller, Impalas; Frank
Ruona, Tamalpa; Pat Carr, Tamalpa; Mary Fagan, Tamalpa; Lloyd
Stephenson, Hoy's Excelsior; Christine Brighton, Hoy's Excelsior;
Christopher Phipps, Hoy's Excelsior; Tim Wason, Pamakids; Dave Ahn,
Reebok Aggies; Jacob Michaels, WVTC; Sean Nixon, WVTC; Mark Winitz,

Meeting called to order at 11:34 a.m.

Minutes from the Jan. 13, 2002 meeting following Cal 10 were
unanimously approved.

        Ultra Subcommittee: no report
        Cross Country Subcommittee:Tamalpa Challenge date changed to
11/02 and Cross Country Championships date changed to 11/24. Prize
money to be announced with bid forms due on May 1st. More details
forthcoming May 12 at the Zippy 5K meeting. Motion passed unanimously
to approve 2002 schedule. Prize money amount cannot change after the
May 12 Zippy 5K meeting.

        Date changed to Sunday April 7 with no host hour beginning at 5:30 p.m.
        Need club to come forward to host the 2003 LDR banquet.

o In the Cross Country Grand Prix, guidelines stipulate that a team
or an individual must compete in the Cross Country Championships in
order to receive year-end prize money. Unanimously approved that the WVTC
will be allowed to receive prize money even though a complete team did
not finish the 2002 XC Championships, after it was claimed that a full
team started the race.
o Motion unanimously passed to approve prize money for Todd Rose,
although he did not compete in the XC Championships due to a cast on his

o Unanimously approved to include the recommendations for athlete
conduct concerning comp entries for the Ulta Grand Prix comped
athletes. "Comped athletes must pre-register by the latest
pre-registration date published by the race or the entry must be
postmarked 2 weeks prior to the race date. No race day comp entries."

o After extensive discussion, motion was unanimously passed to table
a motion that the PA XC Championships will always be one point
highter than other XC Grand prix events. Other XC rule changes
concerning point values and prize money will be discussed at the
Zippy 5K meeting.

o Postponed to Zippy Meeting - a rule change concerning team scoring (19.3):
"Athletes may drop down to score for more than one age-division team 
in a grand prix event. An athlete of an older age group may score for 
his or her own age group and for younger age groups."

o Unanimously passed to define the "long/short" Road Grand Prix
sections to short = 10K or shorter; long - anything with a distance
longer than 10K.

o Club reps should talk to their members about having the
"Short/Long" Road Grand Prix sections for masters and older divisions.

o Prize money for 2001: $1500 presented to Road Grand Prix by
Shooting Star media, Inc. Approved to put $1,000 into 2001 year-end
awards and $500 into 2001  performance of the year awards.

o Complimentary entries: motion passed with one opposed to change
16.2 so athletes who earned a comp entry in an age division younger
than their actual age division would be able to receive that comp
Old 16.2: For purposes of complimentary entries, only runners in the
listed age category may place. For instance, a master runner might
place 8th in the open category, and receive money because of it, but
the athlete would not displace an open runner from receiving
complimentary entries. Thus, in this situation, the 16th place
finisher in the open division of the Road Grand Prix would receive
complimentary entries.
New 16.2: For purposes of complimentary entries, runners first
receive complimentary entries in their proper age category and may
not be counted as receiving complimentary entries in more than one
age category. For instance, a master runner might place 8th in the
open category, and receive money because of it, but the athlete would
not displace an open runner from receiving complimentary entries if
that runner were already receiving complimentary entries in the
masters age division. Thus, in this situation, the 16th place
finisher in the open division of the Road Grand Prix would receive
complimentary entries.

o Not passed: Amendment to the 16.2 change that would exclude masters
and older from receiving open comp entries.

o Postponed to the Zippy meeting:  Road Grand Prix rule change to
allow, at the discretion of the LDR Committee, non-proportional
allocation of race point values above 1.0 between individuals and
teams. (i.e. a race with an overall scoring of 2.0 points may be
allocated 1.0 individual and 3.0 team).

o Postponed to the Zippy meeting: Rule change in Road Grand prix to
allow "best of" scoring with points - individuals could score points in a
total of one less that the number of events held in each Road Grand

o Unanimously passed: a change in the Section 8 guideline concerning
the XC Championships: "All award winners must be PA/USATF members.
Prize money is awarded to PA/USATF members only." This eliminates
"Competition in the PA/USATF championships is mandatory in order to
collect season-end XC Grand Prix prize money."

o A report from the Scoring Task Force regarding possible scoring changes
for both Road and XC will be presented at the Zippy 5K meeting.

o Todd Kelly will look into streamlining XC prize money awards at each XC

o Unanimously passed to allow Christmas Realys to be removed from
2002 Road Grand Prix schedule.
o California International Marathon prize money still at $2600.
o Team USA Monterey Bay report from Mark Winitz
April 12th, date of the Montery Bay Half Marathon, will be the
kick-off for the project.
Web site: www.ccsumb/TeamUSA.edu
o Discussion about top three men not being present at Houlihan's
awards ceremony. Should there be a policy to ensure presence of award
winners at these ceremonies? Withold prize money? Send out e-mail
announcement before event? Discourage race directors from having
award ceremonies?

Meeting adjourned 1:21 p.m.