Meeting held at San Joaquin Co. Hospital in Stockton following California 10-Miler
Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Hoy's Excelsior; Susan Beck, women's LDR
chair,  Hoy's Excelsior; Tony Fong, masters LDR chair, EBS/WVTC; Cynci
Calvin, PA Communications Committee chair, LDR Secretary, Chips; Irene
Herman, PA Membership Committee chair, Impalas; Ed Parrot, Road GP Scorer,
WVTC; Frank Ruona, Tamalpa; Michelle Hannaford, Impalas; Lloyd Stephenson,
Hoy's Excelsior; Doug Thurston, Chips; Charles DesJardins, Tamalpa; Jacob
Michaels, WVTC; Mauricio Maia, EBS/WVTC; Aaron Pierson, WVTC.

Meeting called to order at 11:28 a.m.

Minutes from the Oct. 20, 2001 meeting held at Benbow State Park were
unanimously approved.

Ultra Grand Prix 2001 prize money breakdown and 2002 schedule changes
unanimously approved.  These are attached at the end of the minutes.

Unanimously approved to accept CIM for the 2002 Road Grand Prix schedule
with a December 8, 2002 date and $2600 in prize money.

Unanimously approved to accept Christmas Relays date of December 22 for
the 2002 Road Grand Prix schedule. (note: the USATF XC Winter Nationals are
being held on December 14 at Sierra College in Rocklin).

2002 Travel Funds
WOMEN - the following were unanimously approved:
Short distance: the PA has  $250 in travel funds and the national
AADP can also provide assistance to a selected athlete from our
Association. The PA will provide $250 to the woman who receives the
most combined grand prix points at our two Spring 10Ks (Compaq 4/22
and Pacific Sun 5/27) to compete in the Tufts 10K (Oct. 14).
          Travel Funds 2002
                  Providence - Sept.
                  Senior Bowl Mobile

Long distance: provide $250 in travel funds to a women to compete in
a marathon in which they would hope to achieve a marathon trials
standard. Those interested in receiving this travel assistance need
to submit a resume to an appointed committee (to be determined). As
part of the selection process, the committee will strongly consider
whether the applicant has already qualified for the  marathon trials.
Resumes are to be received by the committee by the end of February,
2002 [Note: This deadline has since been extended to the end of
March, 2002].

MEN - the following were unanimously approved:
Short section: Provide $250 in travel funds to the winner of the
Heritage Oaks Bank 10K to compete in the Senior Bowl National 10K
Championship in Mobile Alabama Nov. 2. National AADP will also
provide assistance. Select the leader of the short GP after the Fleet
Feet Capitol Mile to compete in the Providence 5K National
Championship Sept. 15. leader of the short GP after
Long Section: same as for women above.

New Business
Rule Interpretations
a) Does the requirement to compete in the XC Championships in order
to be able to receive year-end prize money apply to teams? The
consensus was Yes, but a 2/3 vote could override. An exception for
the WVTC open women did not achieve 2/3 vote.

b) OOAA (Out of Association Athletes) - if an athlete moves out of
the PA boundaries during the year, should that athlete be allowed to
continue to compete as a PA athlete in the PA's Grand Prix events?
Consensus: Yes.

c) Pre-entry for comped runners in Grand Prix events - Passed that
section 16.3 of the LDR Guidelines be changed to: "Comped athletes
must pre-register by the latest pre-registration date published by
the race or the entry must be postmarked 2 weeks prior to the race
date. No race day comp entries."

d) "Comps only available to those in proper age group>" Unanimously
passed to allow Shirley Matson, Myra Rhodes and Kathleen Atkins to
receive comp entries in different age group categories. Issue will be
considered for a rule change.

e) "Development Fund" - clarification that $50 per multiple of $1300
of prize money offered will be set aside for the athlete development fund.

f) Rhody event prize money breakdown issue: Rhody wants same prize
money breakdown as last year, so he will throw in the extra
developmental money on top, in effect increasing the prize purse.

g) Clarksburg prize money adjusted to 2nd open = $100 and 3d master = $25.

LDR Banquet Update - maybe the end of February.

Potential Shoreline XC protest never materialized.

New award - passed with one opposed that there will be a new annual
award (male/female) for best single performance using the Purdy-Gardner Tables.

Race Day Sign-ups - The LDR Committee will endeavor to send an e-mail
broadcast encouraging pre-race PA/USATF membership registration before
each Grand Prix event.

Charles DesJardins announced that there are plans to have an LDR
referee and a 3-member jury of appeals for each LDR Grand Prix event.

Crystal Springs XC was not scored correctly, resulting in some
changes in overall standings. There were no objections to updating
the standings accordingly.

Meeting adjourned 1:10 pm.

Prize Money Awarded to Division Winners of 2000/2001 PA/USATF Ultra Grand
                         # Scored  % of Total      # Awards/Group  Splits
Open (29 & under)       7        4%               1/$50           $50
Open Senior (30-39)     39       20%              3/$225
Master                  58       30%              5/$290
Senior                  59       30%              5/$290
Super Senior            25       13%              2/$125          $75/50
Veteran                 7        4%               1/$50           $50
Open (29 & under)       5        6%               1/$50           $50
Open Senior (30-39)     14       16%              2/$175          $100/75
Master                  34      38%               6/$350
Senior                  24      27%               4/$270
Super Senior            11      12%               2/$125          $75/50
Veteran                  1       1%               0
The first place age division winners also receive 50% off of their entry
fees for the 2002 Grand prix events, except for Western States.

2002 PA/USATF Ultra Grand Prix Schedule
Feb.9   Jed Smith 50K (1.0), N. Sacramento, mixed road, Ron Peck,
Mar.9   Way Too Cool 50K (1.0), Cool, trail, Greg Soderlund,
916/638-1161,www.run100s.com/snu, [email protected]
Apr. 6  Montrail/Patagonia American River 50-Miler (1.6), Sacramento to
Auburn, road/trail, Greg Soderlund, info above.
Apr. 20 Ruth Anderson 100K (2.0) & 50M (1.6), 50K (1.0) (unufied 
entry format) San Francisco, road, Steve Jaber, 415/388-3904, 
(fax)415/388-6308, [email protected]; www.run100s.com
May 4   MiWok 100K (2.0), Marin Headlands, trail, John Medinger,
415/894-1336, www.runs100s.com/miwok, [email protected]
May 11  Popolizio Quicksilver 50-Miler (1.6), 50K (1.0), San Jose, trail,
Janice O'Grady, Tom O'Connll (H)408/358-3603, (W/Janice) 408/279-5393,
[email protected], www.quicksilver-running.com
May 18  Silver State 50K (1.0), Reno, trail, Tom Gallagher,
(W)775/687-3997, (H)775/324-5310, [email protected]
May 19  (Sunday event!) Ohlone Wilderness 50K (1.0), Fremont to Del Valle
Regional Park, trail, Rob Byrne, 925/998-0850(cell), 
[email protected], www.abovethefog.net/ohlone50k.
June 29 Western States 100 Miler (3.3), Squaw Valley to Auburn, trail,
Greg Soderlund, 916/638-1161, www.ws100.com (no entry discount)
July 20 Jim Skophammer 12 Hour Run, (1.0), San Mateo, track, Brian
Horvitz 650/592-9519(H), [email protected]; and Dave Combs 
650/960-3604(H), [email protected]
Aug. 4  (Sunday event!) Skyline 50K (1.0), Castro Valley, trail, Carola
Laue  510/247-9774, [email protected]
Aug. 24 GG Headlands 50K (1.0), Marin Headlands, trail, Guy Palmer,
415/389-9606 (H), 415/518-1551(cell), [email protected]
Sept. 14  Rio del Lago 100M (3.3), Granite Bay, trail, Helen & Norm
Klein, 916/859-0821, 916/638-0857
Sept. 14  Sierra Nevada Double Marathon (1.7), Granite Bay, trail,
Helen & Norm Klein, 916/859-0821, 916/638-0857
Oct. 12 Dick Collins Firetrails 50-Miler (1.6), Castro Valley, trail, Ann
Trason & Carl Andersen, 510/525-0337, [email protected]
Nov. 9  Helen Klein 50 Miler (1.6), Sacramento, road, Helen & Norm Klein,
916/859-0821, 916/638-0857
Nov. 9  Helen Klein  50K (1.0), Sacramento, road, Helen & Norm Klein,
916/859-0821, 916/638-0857
Nov. 30 Quadruple Dipsea (1.0), Mill Valley, trail, John Medinger,
415/894-1336, [email protected]

Notes:  All events Saturday except as indicated.