Benbow (Humboldt County)

Please respond with questions and comments to your LDR Chairs.
        Men: Tyler Abbott, [email protected]; 415/563-6355
        Masters: Tony Fong, [email protected]; 510/865-4605
        Women: Sue Beck, [email protected]; 415/824-3045

        PA/USATF Board Meeting - LDR Reps, please try to attend.
        Wednesday, November 14, 2001, 7:30 PM
        WALNUT CREEK at the Heather Farms Garden Center located at 1540

        Don't forget the annual LDR Banquet--late January/early February!

LDR Committee Meeting Minutes
Saturday Oct. 20, 2001
the day before the Humboldt Half Marathon
Time: 3:00 p.m
Where: Benbow State Park

Those present:
Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Hoy's Excelsior; Sue Beck, women's LDR
chair, Hoy's Excelsior; Hollis Lenderking, ultra subcommittee co-chair,
BAUR; Cynci Calvin, PA Communications Committee chair, LDR Secretary,
Chips; Irene Herman, PA Membership Committee chair, Impalas; Ed Parrot,
Road GP Scorer, WVTC , Chris Phipps, Hoy's Excelsior; Mark Winitz, WVJS;
Frank Ruona, Tamalpa; Jane Baldwin, Tamalpa; Greg Jewett, Tamalpa; Carol
Keller, Impalas; Dan Shore, Hoy's Excelsior; Lloyd Stephenson, Hoy's
Excelsior; Don Paul, Hoy's Excelsior; Chris Evans, Hoy's Excelsior;
Christine Jegan, Hoy's Excelsior; Kim Fanady, Hoy's Excelsior; Jen Major,
Hoy's Excelsior; Kathryn Krieger, Hoy's Excelsior; Katy Hollbacher, adidas

Meeting called to order at 3:13 p.m.

Minutes from the May 28, 2001 meeting following the Zippy 5K were
unanimously approved.

There was extensive discussion about the final part of Proposal 6 of
the OOAA Subcommittee concerning guidelines for allowing OOAAs to compete
on PA LDR teams and in PA LDR events. Proposal 6 had been approved at the
March Houlihan's meeting and amended at the May Zippy meeting. The final
part of
Proposal 6 mandated a vote at the current meeting on a motion to recommend
to the Membership Committee that OOAAs be evaluated for membership in the
PA on a case-by-case basis. This motion, as amended, is reproduced at the
end of these minutes (see Appendix A).

Carol Keller moved an amendment to this motion, which, after being
"friendly amended" itself, added the following to the beginning of the

"In all PA/USATF LDR Grand Prix events, no scoring team may consist of a
majority of non-resident members (members who live outside the PA
boundaries). Displacers are not included in this definition of scoring
team. The LDR chairs shall determine the actual language to be used.

"In addition, the LDR Committee shall vote at the May 2002 LDR meeting on
whether to adopt the following policies and recommendations regarding
non-resident membership."

This amendment passed unanimously (one abstention), then the main motion
(again, as shown at the end of these minutes) passed with one "no" vote
and one abstention. [Note: There was no discussion of effective date at
the meeting, but the LDR chairs believe it was understood that this would
be effective January 1, 2002.]

Southern California and Central California USATF Association OOAAS are
unable to register on-line with the Pacific Association because the online
system automatically assigns their association based on their zip code.
They cannot then become Pacific Association members unless they request
and receive an override from their association of residence. How to handle
these athletes resulted in the following motion that was unanimously
Effective July 15, 2002, to be eligible for scoring as individuals and on
teams in PA/USATF LDR events, runners from the Southern California and
Central California USATF Associations who have not been able to become PA
members because their resident association refuses to override their
membership association must be responsible for starting the appeals
process and must notify the LDR Committee chairs in writing about their
intentions to become PA/USATF members.

Karen Kelly-Day (co-race director of the Humbolt Half and Full marathons)
made a brief appearance to express the desire that the Humboldt Half
Marathon stay on the 2002 Road Grand prix circuit. The event is $300 short
of the $2,600 required.
Motion passed unanimously (required 2/3 majority) that the race would stay
on the circuit as a one point event (instead of the usual 1.5 points) for
$2,300 and the point value would be raised to 1.5 if the event could
produce the additional $300. [Note: Since the meeting, Humboldt has
informed us that the race has raised the necessary funds, so the race will
offer $2600/1.5 points.]

Motion passed unanimously to accept CIM if it makes a bid substantially
similar to the 2001 bid. A later motion, also passed unanimously, required
that this bid be received by no later than Dec. 31.

Motion passed unanimously to accept the 2002 Road Grand Prix as presented
by Sue Beck with the two exceptions noted above. [See Appendix B for the

Motion passed unanimously that any event point changes must be made 60 days
before the event. If point value changes are requested after that, they
must be approved by the LDR committee. [In particular, Houlihan's and
Zippy have both expressed an intent to raise their respective prize purses
and hence point values, sponsorship willing.]

At the Zippy meeting, the committee voted to increase the race prize purse
minimum from $2200 to $2600, $100 of which is reserved for development and
season-end awards.
Motion passed unanimously to accept the new standard (single-point)
mandatory prize money distribution as presented by Tyler. [See Appendix C.]

Races beyond single point have not historically had a standard prize money
breakdown. The breakdown has been left up to the race directors, but in
the past year several of the race directors have asked the LDR Committee
to supply the breakdown.
Motion passed unanimously to accept the standard prize money breakdown for
multiple point races as presented by Tyler, and to incorporate this
breakdown into our standard race contract (as a reference to the
breakdowns which will be posted on the web). These breakdowns will be in
place only until the Houlihan's meeting, at which they will be discussed
further. Note: Unlike single point races, multiple point races can offer
different breakdowns if presented to and approved by the LDR Committee.
[See Appendix D.]

The extant Cross-Country Grand Prix season-end prize money distribution,
approved at the 9/4/2000 meeting, reflects only $7,300 total, not the
$8,000 available this year.
Motion passed unanimously to accept the Cross-Country Grand Prix
season-end prize money distribution as presented by Tyler. [See Appendix

All prize money breakdowns will be posted on the web site.

Tyler reminded the committee that the 2001 Road Grand Prix has a purse of
$15,000, which still might be increased to $20,000.  At the September
Board of Athletics meeting, a new budget was approved which reflects a
$17,000 prize purse for 2002. In addition, it was noted that the
season-end prize purse breakdown in the LDR Guide adds up to slightly less
than $20,000.
Motion passed unanimously to accept a technical revision to the LDR Guide
indicating a $20,000 Road Grand Prix season-end prize purse, and to add
language stating that if the total prize purse is not $20,000, the prize
amounts will all be pro-rated accordingly. [See Appendix F.]

Road for 2002: $1,000 is available ($250 each for 2 men, 2 women).
Motion passed unanimously to allow the LDR Executive Committee to make a
recommendation to the LDR Committee after national championship event
selection has been made at the USATF national convention, with the
understanding that the LDR Committee may have to vote on this by email or
other means if one of the potential races is before or near Houlihan's.

XC - 3 men and 3 women are to be selected to compete in Vancouver in
Motion passed unanimously to select 1 of these (man and woman) by their
place in the final GP standings, 1 by their finish in the PA XC
championships, and have the XC Chairs set up a subcommittee to select the

May not "mix and match" B teams--no B team member may have finished higher
in the race than any A team member. [Note: an exception to this "No B team
member may have finished higher" rule may arise if a club's has more
non-resident runners than it can use on its A team under the 50% policy
approved above.]
Teams cannot generally make voluntary changes in their scoresheets during
the 10-day
protest/appeal period. [An exception to this might be, for instance, to
withdraw a runner who did not intend to run for the team at the event.]
Motion passed unanimously to require that race directors of Grand Prix
events provide race results in a standard format to be described by Ed
Parrot that includes age, club, city.
Team Captains must have team scores in by Wednesday evening following the
event. A 10 day protest/appeal window will follow a broadcast e-mail, sent
by the LDR secretary, announcing official posting of team scores.
It was discussed whether we still needed to include USATF # on race
applications. It was decided informally that we would continue to require
races to ask for USATF # on entry forms.

Motion passed unanimously  to approve the 2002 Ultra Grand Prix schedule
presented by Hollis Lenderking. See Appendix G.

2002 is a year in which to submit rule changes that will take effect in
2003. One item that will be discussed at 2002 meetings concerns changes in
road and XC point distributions; Ed Parrot will chair a subcommittee  -
contact him ([email protected]) if you are interested.
Ed Parrot also mentioned some team affiliation problems in this year's
scoring. It was noted that team affiliations must be proved to have existed
before the event in which the athlete competes. Also, runners who say they
do not want to score for a specific team must declare this before the
event. [Note: All such declarations of affiliation (or non-affiliation)
should be made to the PA office prior to its effective date.]

Meeting adjourned 5:51 p.m.

Next meeting TBA

APPENDIX A: Approved OOAA motion, as amended

In all PA/USATF LDR Grand Prix events, no scoring team may consist of a
majority of non-resident members (members who live outside the PA
boundaries). Displacers are not included in this definition of scoring
team. The LDR chairs shall determine the actual language to be used.

In addition, the LDR Committee shall vote at the May 2002 LDR meeting on
whether to adopt the following policies and recommendations regarding
non-resident membership.

    (a) Recommend to the Membership Committee that non-resident membership
be granted only to athletes who:
           (i) were once residents and members of the PA and who have
continued to
be members of the PA during their entire period of non-residency; OR
           (ii) petition to and receive permission from the Membership
Committee to allow them to become members. The petition process should
incorporate the following guidelines:
                    (1) Petitions should be considered in a timely
                    (2) A subcommittee or panel (Panel) should be
appointed by the Membership Committee to adjudicate these petitions. For
adjudicating the petitions of LDR athletes, the Panel should consist of a
majority of representatives from LDR. As an alternative, the Membership
Committee may delegate adjudication of petitions of LDR athletes to the
LDR Committee, which may in turn delegate this to a subcommittee or panel.
                    (3) The Panel should grant membership when it decides
that it would be in the best interests of the sport and of the athlete.
(Note: This is the criteria that an appeals board would use in the case of
the appeal of an athlete who has been denied membership.) It should create
its own standards for evaluating this criteria and for balancing the
potentially competing interests of the sport and of the athlete, and in
close cases should value the interests of the sport above the interests of
the athlete. When considering the best interest of the athlete, the Panel
should consider, among other factors, other competitive opportunities
available to the athlete. It should also consider the athlete's potential
to develop into an international-class athlete and, where that potential
exists, the role of the PA grand prixs in that development. When
considering the best interest of the sport, the Panel should consider,
among other factors, the effect of the athlete on grand prix individual
competition and especially team competition. It should also consider the
best interest of the sport in the context of the grand prix mission
statement. It is anticipated that most petitions will be approved. The
Panel should create a checklist of questions regarding the athlete's
circumstances against which the petition will be evaluated. Questions on
this list might include:
                            (a) Why do you want to join the PA?
                            (b) What competitive opportunities do you
currently have?
                            (c) Do you consider membership in the PA a key
part of your development into an athlete able to compete internationally?
                            (d) If you are planning to compete for a team,
how do you know the other members of this team?
                            (e) What are your PRs in the following
distances? (Question would list distances at which AADP has created
There might also be questions about recruitment and financial incentives.

    (b) Each year these policies are in place, evaluate whether to
continue this petition process at the LDR Committee's official annual
meeting (usually held at Humboldt in October).

APPENDIX B: 2002 Road Grand Prix schedule, as approved
Date, Event, Location, Prize, Points, Notes
Jan. 13, Cal 10, Stockton, $2,600, 1.0, $15 before Jan. 6; $20 late.
March 17, 50-Plus 8K, Stanford, $ ??, 1.0, 50+ age divisions only. $20
pre-reg;  $25 late.
March 24, Houlihans 12K, San Franciso, $4,000, 1.5, $27 pre-reg;  $35 late.
April 21, Compaq 10K, Cupertino, $5,500, 2.0, $20 pre-reg; $25 late.
April 28, News 46 5K, Big Sur, $2,600, 1.0, $25 entry. Plan to have Web
registration next year.
Will guarantee 500 entries for PA runners.
May 12, Hoys Zippy 5K, San Francisco, $2,600, 1.0, May increase prize money
to $3,900.
Separate races for men and women.
May 27, Pacific Sun 10K, Marin, $2,600, 1.0, $25 pre-reg; $28 late.
Memorial Day (Monday).
June 22 , Shriners 8K, Sacramento, $2,600, 1.0, $20 pre-reg; $25 late.
July 7, Capitol Mile, Sacramento, $2,600, 1.0, Can be flexible on date to
maximize PA; Participation. $15 pre-reg; $18 late.
Sept. 29, Heritage Oaks Bank 10K, Paso Robles, $10,400, 4.0, Substantial
additional prize money (at least $10,000?)
for all runners. Double dipping allowed All entry fees donated to local
non-profits.  Race director  aware of problems with mile markers and timing
in 2001 race; says won't recur.
October 20, Humboldt Half Marathon, Weott, $2,600, 1.5. (received the extra
$300 after the Oct. 20 LDR meeting).
Nov. 10, Clarksburg 30K, Clarksburg, $2,750, 2.0, Addition $1,500 in course
record bonuses offered., , , $30 pre-reg; $40 late.,
Dec. 1, Cal. Int'l Marathon, Sacramento, $6,500, 2.5, $6,500
Dec. 8, Christmas Relays, San Francisco, $2,600, 1.0, $80 per team.

APPENDIX C: Standard (mandatory) prize money distribution, single point
races, Road Grand Prix

Open (m/w): 200 / 100 / 50, team 275 / 125
Master (m/w): 125 / 50, team 150 / 50
Senior (m/w): 75, team 50

APPENDIX D: Standard (voluntary) prize money distributions, multiple point
races, Road Grand Prix

1.5 Point Races
Open (m/w): 250/150/75/50, team 400/200
Master (m/w): 175/75, team 225/75
Senior (m/w): 125, team 75

2.0 Point Races
Open (m/w): 350/200/100/50, team 500/200/100
Master (m/w): 200/100/50, team 250/100/50
Senior (m/w): 125/25, team 100

2.5 Point Races
Open (m/w): 450/200/100/75/50, team 600/250/150
Master (m/w): 250/100/75, team 300/125/75
Senior (m/w): 125/50, team 125
Super Senior (m/w): 25

3.0 Point Races
Open (m/w): 500/250/150/100/50, team 650/300/175/75
Master (m/w): 300/125/75/25, team 350/150/100
Senior (m/w): 150/50, team 125/25
Super Senior (m/w): 25

3.5 Point Races
Open (m/w): 575/275/150/100/75/50, team 725/350/225/100
Master (m/w): 350/150/75/25, team 400/175/125
Senior (m/w): 175/50, team 125/50
Super Senior (m/w): 50

4.0 Point Races
Open (m/w): 650/325/175/125/75/50, team 800/400/250/100/50
Master (m/w): 375/150/100/50/25, team 475/200/125
Senior (m/w): 175/75, team 150/50
Super Senior (m/w): 50

APPENDIX E: Season-end prize money distribution, Cross-Country Grand Prix

Open (m/w): 625/375/200/150/100/50, team 600/400/300/200
Master (m/w): 175/100/75/50, team 250/125
Senior (m/w): 75/25, team 125

APPENDIX F: Season-end prize money distribution, Road Grand Prix

Open short (m/w): 750/500/375/250/200/150/100/75/60/40
Open long (m/w): 750/500/375/250/200/150/100/75/60/40
Open team (m/w): 750/500/250
Master (m/w): 600/400/200/125/60, team 500/300/100
Senior (m/w): 250/150/100/75/40, team 250
Super Senior (m/w): 150/100/50
Veteran (m/w): 50

APPENDIX G: 2002 Ultra Grand Prix schedule, as approved
Question mark indicates exact date of event is uncertain.

Feb.9, Jed Smith 50K (1.0), Sacramento, road, Ron Peck, 916/344-1376
Mar.9, Way Too Cool 50K (1.0), Cool, trail, Greg Soderlund, 916-638-1161,
http://www.run100s.com/snu, [email protected]
Apr. 6, American River 50-Miler (1.6), Sacramento to Auburn, road/trail,
Greg Soderlund, 916-638-1161
http://www.run100s.com/snu, [email protected]
Apr. 20, Ruth Anderson 100K (2.0) & 50M, (1.6), San Francisco, road, Steve
Jaber, 415/388-3904, (fax)415/388-6308
May 4, MiWok 100K (2.0), Marin Headlands, trail,  John Medinger,
415/894-1336, [email protected]
May 11, Popolizio Quicksilver 50-Miler (1.6), 50K (1.0), San Jose, trail,
Janice O'Grady & Tom O'Connll, (H)408/358-3603, (W/janice) 408/279-5393,
[email protected]
May 18, Silver State 50K (1.0), Reno, trail, Tom Gallagher,
(W)775/687-3997, (H)775/324-5310
June 29, Western States 100 Miler (3.3), Squaw Valley to Auburn, trail,
Greg Soderlund, 916/638-1161, http://www.ws100.com
?July 13 or 20, Jim Skophammer 12/24 hr. Run, (1.0), Castro Valley, track,
Brian Horvitz
Aug. 4, Skyline 50K (1.0), Castro Valley, trail, Mary Weston,
510/430-1591, [email protected]
Aug. 24, GG Headlands 50K (1.0), Marin Headlands, trail, Guy Palmer,
415/389-9606, [email protected]
Sept. 14, Rio del Lago 100M (3.3), Granite Bay, trail, and Sierra Nevada
Double Marathon (1.7), Granite Bay, trail, Helen & Norm Klein,
916/859-0821, 916/638-0857
?Oct. 12 or 19,  Dick Collins Firetrails 50-Miler (1.6), San Jose, trail,
Ann Trason & Carl Andersen, 510/525-0337
Nov. 9, Helen Klein 50 Miler (1.6), road, and 50K (1.0), road, Sacramento,
Helen & Norm Klein, 916/859-0821, 916/638-0857
Nov. 30, Quadruple Dipsea (1.0), Mill Valley, trail, John Medinger,
415/894-1336, [email protected]