Golden Gate Park

PA/USATF LDR Committee Minutes from 5/28/01 Meeting

Please respond with questions and comments to your LDR Chairs.
        Men: Tyler Abbott, [email protected]; 415/563-6355
        Masters: Tony Fong, [email protected]; 510/865-4605
        Women: Susan Beck, [email protected], 415/824-3045

Monday (Memorial Day) May 28, 2001
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Meeting called to order at 11:05 am

Those present:
Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Hoy's Excelsior; Karin Kuffel, women's LDR
chair, EBS; : Hollis Lenderking, ultra subcommittee co-chair, BAUR; Chris
Phipps, Hoy's Excelsior; Susan Beck, Hoy's Excelsior; Michael Gama, Hoy's
Excelsior; Bill McMorran, Adidas Transports; Irene Herman, PA VP, PA
Membership Committee chair, Impalas; Dave Ahn, Reebok Aggies; Dan Preston,
PA Web Submaster, Empire; Mark Winitz, WVJS; Cynci Calvin, LDR secretary,
PA Communications Committee chair, Buffalo Chips; Tim Wason, Pamakids; Phil
Phythian, Tamalpa; Anne Hardham, Tamalpa; Frank Ruona, Tamalpa; James
Raybould (rep for Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee (BASOC) which is
working on a bid for the Olympic Games in 2012)

Minutes from the March 25, 2001 meeting following Houlihan's to Houlihan's
12K were unanimously approved.

Mark Winitz agreed to assist with having a referee present at each PA/USATF
road event. The referee need not be a certified USATF LDR official, but it
is recommended. Currently within the PA/LDR committee there are five USATF
certified LDR officials that we know about: Mark Winitz, Irene Herman,
Chuck DesJardins, James O'Donnell, and Kathi Berman. The clubs should
encourage their members to become certified. It is a four-hour class
followed by an open book test.

Motion passed to have the following prize money breakdown for the Heritage
Banks 10K and the California International Marathon:

Heritage Banks 10K
PA/USATF Prize Money = $6,600
PA  registered individuals are eligible for prize money as follows:
Open:* 1st=$450; 2nd=$250; 3rd=$150; 4th=$75; 5th=$50
Masters:* 1st=$250; 2nd=$125; 3rd=$50
Senior:* 1st=$125
Super Senior*= 1st =$50
Veteran*= 1st =$25
*For both men and women
PA registered teams are eligible for prize money as follows:
Open:* 1st=$600; 2nd=$250; 3rd=$125; 4th=$50
Master:* 1st=$350; 2nd=$125; 3rd=$50
Senior:* 1st=$100; 2nd=$50
*For both men and women

California International Marathon:
PA/USATF Prize Money = $5,500
PA registered individuals (still with the requirement announced before,
basically that they've already competed in the 2001 grand prix, plus no
double dipping with other prize money) are eligible for prize money as
Open:* 1st=$200; 2nd=$100; 3rd=$50
Masters:* 1st=$100; 2nd=$50
Senior:* 1st=$50
*For both men and women
PA registered teams are eligible for prize money as follows:
Open:* 1st=$600; 2nd=300; 3rd=$200; 4th=$100
Master:* 1st=$400; 2nd=$200; 3rd=$100
Senior:* 1st=$150; 2nd=$50
Super Senior:* 1st=$100
*For both men and women

Should each posting be reviewed? It was decided that the moderators
(principally Dan Preston) would do this. If  event advertising becomes too
frequent, more complete posting policies can be created. [Since the meeting
Dan Preston has discovered a way to change the named sender seen by the
list subscribers from the group itself to the actual poster of the message,
which should solve the auto-reply loop problem we experienced a while back,
so he has stopped reviewing all postings before they go out.]

A 2002 net budget of $35,300 was approved as it was presented by Tyler. A
copy of this may be obtained from him.
Motion was passed to increase the minimum Road Grand Grand Prix prize purse
offered by championship events from $2200 to $2600 in 2002. $100 from each
event will be set aside to fund athlete development. This would replace the
cumbersome policy of deducting
5% from each prize purse (which only amounts to less than $100 per event
because it only applies to individual prize earnings), and it provides more
direct prize money to athletes and clubs. The revised prize structure is to
be determined.

Nominations are open for LDR committee chairs. Must be sent to the PA
office by July 1 in order to be placed on the mailed-out ballot. Nominees
to date: Christine Brighton (women); Tyler Abbott (men); Tony Fong

LDR Committee Representatives
These are the LDR committee members who are eligible to vote at the Pacific
Association Board of Athletics meetings. The number of voting
representatvies is determined by the number of members we have in each of
the three categories: men, women, and masters.
The reps are:
Women-Christine Brighton, Carol keller, Karin Kuffel, Nancy Hobbs, Susan
Beck (plus one opening)
Men-Tyler Abbott, Hollis Lenderking, Chris Phipps, Mark Winitz, Todd Kelly,
Tim Wason
Masters-Tony Fong, Dave Ahn, Lloyd Stevenson, Chuck DesJardins, Ruth

National USATF Convention Reps
Mark Wnitz, Irene Herman, and Lloyd Stevenson (with Ruth Anderson as an

Background: Proposal 6 of the non-resident task force was accepted at the
March 25 meeting. There were two open issues in Proposal 6 that were
resolved at this May 28 meeting, as described below. Also, the committee
was reminded that part of Proposal 6 requires that the LDR Committee vote
on whether to recommend consideration of non-resident athlete membership on
a case-by-case basis at the meeting before Humboldt, on October 20.

1)  The "optional language" sentence in the mission statement's Section 3
concerning awareness and self-regulation among clubs for participation of
OOAAs  was discussed. A motion was passed (9-yes, 5-no) to include the
"Optional Lanquage" as the last sentence of Section 3, which now reads:
3 - Encourage self-awareness, self-regulation, and courteous peer pressure
among clubs to preserve the intent and purpose of the Grand Prix (as
agreedupon by all and stated in the mission statement)-and to direct the
clubs to"self-monitor and police" any flagrant disregard of purpose. It is
commonly understood that a team scoring without a majority of scoring team
members being resident will generally constitute such a disregard.

2) A motion to accept the following Pacific Association USA Track & Field
Long Distance Running Grand Prix Mission Statement was passed.

The following mission statement applies to all of the Grand Prix circuits
that are organized by the Pacific Association Long Distance Running
Committee and its subcommittees (road running, cross country, and ultra
distances). In their entirety, these  circuits are referred to as the
"Pacific Association Long Distance Running Grand Prix Program."

The mission of the Pacific Association Long Distance Running Grand Prix
Program is:

(1) To develop sub-elite and emerging elite athletes, and to provide them
with an opportunity to rise to national and world-class levels, and to
ultimately be successful in international competition, including the
Olympic Games; and

(2) To offer an organized competitive program in which ANY Pacific
Association individual member or Pacific Association member club may
compete and rise to the level of their own potential and best efforts; and

(3) To offer an organized competitive program in which Pacific Association
member clubs may compete against each other in the spirit of good
sportsmanship; and

 (4) To offer an opportunity for local USATF sanctioned and certified
distance running events to support the above stated goals, and be valued
partners of the association's long distance running program, by
participating as Pacific Association Grand Prix Championship and/or Grand
Prix Circuit events.

The national office has brochures available at a nominal cost for regional
associations to use for promotion. A small part of the brochure is
available to customize. Irene Herman suggested that we order them and also
insert a flyer specific to LDR activities and benefits. Will find out if
the PA as a group is ordering them.

Because no female was sent to Carlsbad this year, as previously decided,
$250 is available to send one female athlete to a developmental event. The
committee voted to send an athlete to the NY City Marathon, the 2001 USATF
national marathon championship. Approved to have the LDR chairs select the
athlete from among candidates who must send the chairs their best 1/2
marathon and up times and their most recent marathon time. Athletes should
submit their requests by July 1st. [After the meeting it was discovered
that there may be national AADP funding to send someone to the New Haven
20K national championship in September, so the above decision is being
reconsidered. A broadcast e-mail notice will be sent with details.]

Frank Ruona asked that the Zippy 5K and Pacific Sun 10K attempt toschedule
themselves on non-conflicting dates in 2002. Pacific Sun willlikely want to
bid for a PA championship.

Tim Wason will investigate the cost of a tent and banner that could beused
at each GP event.

James Raybould of the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee (BASOC)
explained how the organization is seeking selection of the Bay
Area as the U.S. candidate for the Olympic Games in 2012. The U.S.
candidate city will be chosen among eight bidders in Fall, 2002, followed
by IAAF selection of the site among international bidders in 2005. BASOC is
seeking volunteer assistance and ideas. Contact:
[email protected]

Meeting adjourned, 12:30 p.m.