Stockton, CA

Meeting called to order at 11:16 am

Those present:
Tyler Abbott, men's LDR chair, Hoy's Excelsior; Karin Kuffel, women's LDR chair. EBS; Tony Fong, masters LDR chair, WVTC; Cynci Calvin, secretary, Chips; Jacob Michaels, XC co-chair, WVTC; Todd Kelly, XC co-chair, WVTC;Dan Nelson, WVTC; Sean Nixon, WVTC; Aaron Pierson, WVTC; Sarah Raitter, WVTC; Bill Raitter, WVTC; Doug Thurston, Chips; Cary Craig, Chips; Phil Phythian, Tamalpa; Kathryn Krieger, Hoy's Excelsior; Dan Shore, Hoy's Excelsior; Donnell Borash, Hoy's Excelsior; Chris Lundstrom, Hoy's Excelsior; Chris Phipps, Hoy's Excelsior; Susan Beck, Hoy's Excelsior; Malinda Walker, Hoy's Excelsior; Andy Chan, Hoy's Excelsior; Brian Richter, Hoy's Excelsior; Bill McMorran, Adidas Transports; Ben Turman, Adidas Transports; Kevin Selby, Adidas Transports; Irene Herman, PA VP, Impalas; Anna Lee, Impalas; Christine Brighton, Impalas; Dave Ahn, Reebok Aggies; E.J. Bohn, Empire; Ken Brown, Empire; Jerry Lyman, Empire; Dan Preston, PA Web Submaster, Empire; Walt VanZant, WVJS; Mark Winitz, WVJS; Todd Hayes, WVJS.

PA/USATF LDR Combined Minutes from two brief LDR meetings at Clarksburg on Nov. 12 and at Golden Gate Park on Nov. 18 were unanimously approved.

It was moved to approve the Christmas Relays for the December 9th date.
* Amendment to motion made by Ben Turman to offer comp entries for top teams from the preceding year's Road Grand Prix. Wording corrected by Jacob Michaels to read "any teams who were money winners" in the preceding year's Road Grand Prix would receive comp entries. Amendment approved unanimously.
* Chris Brighton moved to amend the above amended motion by changing the point value of the Christmas Relays to one point. Jacob Michaels commented that prize money would stay the same. Amendment was passed (16 yes votes; 2 no votes).

* Motion to include the Christmas Relays in the 2001 Road Grand Prix Circuit with comp. entries (to Y2K Road Grand Prix money-winning teams) and one point value was passed with 2 dissenting votes.

Discussion about a broader e-mail service to LDR members:
Mark Winitz had asked Cynci Calvin about the possibility of broadcast e-mailing the LDR list potentially useful information other than PA/LDR business. Cynci was concerned that the LDR e-mail list should be used only for important LDR business (minutes, meeting notices, emergency schedule changes, etc.). Mark described to her a free e-mail service called "eGroup" that would provide a discussion group forum, broadcast e-mails, etc. but that members could select to be on it or not. Would need a volunteer to institute the service and moderate it. As there seemed to be no downside to creating such a voluntary list, Tyler Abbott asked if anyone would be interested in doing this and Dan Preston volunteered. He will talk to Mark about setting it up.

Discussion about Out of Association Athlete participation in Pacific Association Grand Prix events.

Background: the National USATF rules allow a runner from one association to compete in any other association (used to be neighboring associations only) with the approval of both associations. The Pacific Association requires that these athletes be members of the Pacific Association.

Currently several PA clubs have athletes who are out-of-association (live out of the Pacific Association boundaries), and in the middle of last year, the LDR Committee discussed some of the potential problems that might occur. Mostly due to the issue's complexity, the lack of serious complaints, and the lack of a specific plan to resolve the issue, the reps tabled discussion for one year to see how the issue progressed. At the cross-country championships, one club noticed that an out-of-association athlete influenced the team results and felt that the issue should be addressed in a more timely fashion.
* Chris Phipps moved to take the issue off the table and reopen discusssion. Irene Herman seconded and the motion was passed unanimously. (Motion required a two-third vote for approval.) Discussion continued for about an hour about the pros and cons, without any motions being proposed.
* Phil Phrygian moved that a committee be formed to put a proposal together to address the issue by the time of the next meeting (at Houlihan's). Seconded by Cynci Calvin. Several people commented that they wanted the issue to be resolved today.
* Ben Turman made a motion to table Phil's motion. Ben's motion was defeated with 6 yes votes to 10 no votes.
* Phil's motion was passed with 11 yes votes and 5 no votes.

The LDR chairs will select the committee. The following people asked to be considered to serve on the committee:

Irene Herman
Chris Phipps
Dan Preston
Dan Nelson
Mark Winitz
Dave Ahn
Todd Rose
Brian Richter

When they come up with a proposal, it will be e-mailed (snail-mailed to non e-mail reps) to all reps prior to the Houlihan's meeting, where a vote on it will be made.

Meeting adjourned, 12:45 p.m.

The next LDR meeting is scheduled after the Houlihan's to Houlihan's 12K on March 25, exact location TBA.