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About the PA/USATF Foundation

About The Pacific Association USATF Foundation
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  • Purpose: To receive, acquire, hold, manage, administer, and expend property and funds for charitable purposes, including, but not limited to promoting and improving the sport of track and field, cross country running, long distance running, and race walking.
  • Additional Purpose: To promote the goals of the Pacific Association USATF as an independent entity through the use of a non-profit Foundation.
  • The PA USATF Foundation was incorporated in March 14, 2011 as a 501(c) (3) and is a separate non-profit organization from the PA USATF, who maintains its own 501 (c) (3).
  • The Foundation will, in the beginning, utilize one way transfers of funding from the Pacific Association USATF.
  • The Foundation will, as it develops, utilize one way transfers of funding from the Pacific Association USATF but will expand and utilize funding sources by means of other avenues
  • The Foundation will be governed by a Board of Directors, presently with 5 directors.
  • The Foundation has a set of adopted by-laws and operating procedures by which business of the Foundation is organized and conducted.
  • The Board of Directors will have three elected offices: President/CEO, Treasurer, and Secretary. The remaining Directors will be advisory in capacity and will share part of the workload of the Foundation’s activities.
  • The Foundation has no employees or paid positions within its organization.
  • The Director’s term of office is two years and upon term expiration, may be re-elected for an additional two years, if the Director so desires. No more than 3 directors’ terms will expire in a given year.
  • Meetings are of two kinds. Regularly scheduled meetings which will occur on the 3rd Monday of the months of March, June, September, and December. The other type of meeting will be comprised of Special Meetings convened on an “as needed” basis. The meetings are held by teleconference.
  • A Foundation Director will attend the PA USATF Board of Athletics meetings in September and in March. These meetings are held throughout the greater metropolitan areas of Sacramento and San Francisco.
  • The Board of Directors oversee five types of grants:
          1. Olympic Athlete Training Grants – operational
          2. Coaches Educational Grants – operational
          3. Officials Training Grants – will soon become operational
          4. Club/Program/Committee Grants – will soon become operational
          5. General Grant- will soon become operational
  • The Board of Directors’ other activities include the development and maintenance of:
        1. A Donation and Marketing Plan (Click here to learn more)
        2. A Promotional and Informational Brochure
        3. A Foundation Webpage (this is currently located on the PA/USATF website)
  • The Foundation will not conduct events or activities for fund raising which would require a general liability insurance plan unless amended by the Board of Directors.

Revised August 26, 2014